June 23, 2011

Big Fat Update

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I have been away from this blog for quite long, considering that most of the time spent in this interim period is in my cozy room. I guess it is due time for an update before flying to a foreign land. Those of you who know me probably have an idea of where I’m going, otherwise there should be some updates after the vacation. Perhaps I shall write about it in Chinese just so someone can brush up their skills, or give up trying.

I had just collected my graduation gown, along with it multiple bags of pretty useless stuffs and promotions for plaques and graduation photos. To be fair, most of those random scraps of papers will never find a way into my use-list. They are more appropriate to serve as wonderful bone carriers for the fantastic stuffs that I will be eating. As commencement draws near, I can’t help but reminisce about some of the issues long past.

In the past month gone, I went for group outings a couple of times (typical me), most of which are with the same concentrated bunch of cool guys. Well, we had the traditional semester-ly food hunt, which was quite disappointing this time. I’m not going to name it, but it is a western style restaurant with 3 outlets in Singapore. Portions were decent, which kind of little for us. After all, we had buy 3 get 3 free for 5 persons. I find the price quite expensive even with the promotions on hand, and it would be outrageous otherwise.

Zong helped me to get a new computer at a very good price, without the all-important graphic cards yet. Should be able to get one for better value when the need arise (read Diablo 3). But otherwise, it is very powerful right now. 8 gig ram ftw. What can I do with it now? Not much idea. Don’t really have anything to test the capability of this new monster yet. Time will tell.

Met up with another group of friends for dinner buffet at 2D1N Soju Bang, a Korean outlet serving delicious marinated meat. It is very very good for the price, $22 nett (I went on a weekday). Not sure if its more expensive during the weekends, but it might not, considering the epic queue already in place everyday. That would be one of the three bad things to point out, which we neutralized by being among the first to turn up. Second of which, despite being fabulous for meat, it didn’t have much variety otherwise. I feel fat eating too much of those. Finally, expect to smell like BBQ roast pork upon leaving. I believe we spent a good three hours there, so the smell is quite obvious. Nonetheless, do try it for yourselves if this is new to you.

What more to say? I have an interview offer now, scheduled 1 day after getting to know of it, and 1 day before flying. How great. But I shall put in my best effort now, minus a maximum of 2 proper DotA games. Here goes.

p.s. I should stop updating the movies and dramas I watched because it is pretty pointless at this stage of life.


May 30, 2011

End of a Phase

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I have unofficially graduated from Uni. Woooha. It is the end of a phase when I’m watching dramas while people are desperately mugging for grades. Sometimes, I do wonder if it would be ideal if I can stay in uni for a much much longer amount of time, like getting several degrees. Unfortunately, no capital to fulfill that, so there is that unnerving charge to the working world, where even more people show their ugliness yet again. Booya I’m so pessimistic. I do hope I can transform people, but much of the state of the world, in fact people, suggests to me that I can’t. So lets just do what I can righty.

When I reflect over the course of my uni degree, I can’t help but smirk (and lament) over my overly nonchalant attitude over revisions. I put in much more effort for projects… WTH, why am I helping other people to pull their grades? But it is over and who can I blame? I got off to a blasting start in the first semester and everything just go downhill from there, with a bit of plateauing and small climbs, but still generally downhill. It is down to the “that is the worst I can do” attitude. Man I need to change this………

Over this past month, I tried to chiong some dramas but apparently my endurance for drama marathons have decreased (so is my appetite for buffet). I’m getting old! I think there is no way I will ever clear my backlog as things stand, unless I take a sudden distaste to new dramas and movies coming out. I still try my best to watch only quality / highly rated shows, but don’t ask me why the odd preference for Chinese dramas and English movies. Latest trophies as follow:

Inside Man (2006)
Election (1999)

洪武三十二 (2011)
女拳 (2011)
宫  锁心玉 (2010)
惊艳一枪 (2005)

April 28, 2011

My Life is Back!

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The most terrible thing (probably) in my first (if ever any future ones) university phase is finally over. Yes the thing they call FYP. Gone are the days of sleepless nights and growling stomachs while trying to go through the report “just one last time“. But to be fair,  quite a few things were left undone till the last minute. Time to change this attitude man! But given the magnitude and scope of the project, I must say that I was impressed everything were pulled off at the last minute. I think I shouldn’t talk about this thing here anymore, need to distance myself from it, the horror.

Right, now I dunno what to say anymore. Has pretty much lost contact with much of the world for quite some time. Oh well, time to catch up. Come to think of that, I did spent quite a substantial amount of time during this period watching dramas still, right before exams and the CP rush, all the way from the time I last posted. It is like self pwn, wtf I said I have no time. Don’t mind me.

Share with you what I have watched recently. Dramas are again more or less restricted to chinese ones. Can’t say all of them are great, but I like to think I typically have good tastes. But my most recent choices mean that I haven’t move out of the range I typically watch yet.

Source Code (2011)
Rabbit Hole (2010)
The Experiment (2010)
Donnie Brasco (1997)

鱼跃在花见 (2011)
女娲传说之灵珠 (2011)
唐琅探案 (2010)
孙子大传 (2010)
包青天之七侠五义 (2010)
杨门女将之女儿当自强 (2004)

February 2, 2011

Freakalicious Long Time

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Felt like eons since I last posted. Of course that is some serious exaggeration over there but it does seems that way. As far as the last semester of my Bachelor Degree goes, I say there are some good and bad. Taking 3 modules, 2 of which at this point is really easy for me, probably will be for the whole semester. We’ll take 1 step at a time and see. The bonus is that I’m taking it with one of my best-est buddy, one of few whom I can talk all sorts of nonsense and intelligent issues with. Makes all the horrible 8-am lessons a lil’ bit alleviated. Oh well, something nasty happened in my 3rd module. Maybe not nasty, but something which I definitely do not take pleasure in. Why does this kind of irritating shit happens to me almost every semester. On top of those 3 modules, I actually have my final year project, which is the real deal that’s taking the piss out of me. Terrible terrible stuffs over there that stumped us.

Anyway, I am not mugging too hard btw in case all of you who dunno are wondering why I MIA so long. The usual suspects are games, dramas, movies. Particularly a game is taking a hellavu lots of time outta me. Lemme go thru them quickly. Lets start with the watchables first. Given the long period since my absence, I must say that the list below is shorter than what I would expect, or some people would expect. Mostly it is populated with good shows because well, I have taste 😀 Looking at the list, oh manz, I must have really missed out quite a number of good shows down the road that I had to catch up on, and still plenty more to go.

诱情转驳 (2010)
大丫鬟 (2010)

苏乞儿 (2010)
Zombieland (2009)
Ghost Rider (2007)
The Lookout (2007)
Million Dollar Baby (2004)
28 Days Later (2002)
City of God (2002)
A Beautiful Mind (2001)
The Patriot (2000)
阿虎 (2000)
Face Off (1997)
Heat (1995)

But alas a certain Dragon Age is putting me off from dramas and movies for time aplenty. Game of the Year 2009, of one of the, anyway. Totally hooked now, and still barely a third through the original game, with expansion to follow. I have already decided to use the easier difficulties to breeze thru the game for the plot now rather than use a mod to give the enemies an obscene amount of life. People who enjoy rpgs should definitely try it if you have not. Particularly to get the feel since Dragon Age 2 is coming out in a little over a month’s time! I’ll leave the Guild Wars ramblings to next time I guess, there will be a chance.

P.S. spent quite some money recently catching up with various groups of friends and having decent food. But I shudn’t go into detail bcos it doesn’t exactly captures interest, and I wanna post this before midnight. You know, this will be my final post before the new Lunar Year kicks in. My resolution is to…

December 21, 2010

One More Sem!

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In a world when we all say 1 more game, 1 more ep, today is the time for me to say 1 more sem. Gonna be graduating soon. In fact I felt very slack this sem except for 1 module, which was absolutely taxing on my soul. And it didn’t do as bad as I imagined would appear on my results slip. Hoorah for that! Not sure if it was lenient marking or there was some other factors out there, but I’m still glad, in fact its not my worst module. The worst for me this sem is something which I didn’t bother to read everything. In fact everything is an overstatement. Only God knows if i had managed to eyeball through 20% of the readings. But a pass is a pass, and a solid pass at that.

What did come expected to me was possibly the easiest module in my uni life, a level 3k module, interestingly. I think the lecturer might consider enhancing the module, at least I feedback that idea 😀 I just hoped that I can shift the little + sign to the grade of another module if there ever was such a thing.

Didn’t spend much this hols, perhaps partially due to the hefty group project I’m still involved in, and a renewed interest in DotA. I hate projects really, especially these kind of large ones.

As a little update to what I’ve watched, pathetically little, thanks to aforementioned game and project. Again I spammed chinese dramas.

读心神探 (2010)
巾帼枭雄2 之 义海豪情 (2010)
刑警 (2010)

November 27, 2010

Return of the Blogger

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I am quite pissed… I blogged a decently long piece of text here and published it, and due to some retarded error the content were lost. I’m not amused, and I don’t feel like repeating the whole thing again. So in summary, I had been indulging in games / dramas with a little bit of time spent in exam revision.

I encountered the easiest exam in my uni life, and probably my toughest (even though it is open book) also in the same semester.

Will probably cut down on time spent here for more leisure, but will continue updated what I’ve watched.

孔子 (2010)

胜者为王 (2010)
公主嫁到 (2010)
流星蝴蝶剑 (2010)

October 14, 2010

At Long Last

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A couple of things finally came to an end recently, with much delight. There is great relief in the completion of a not-so-friendly project that my group didn’t really handle too well, but at least its over, and all that is left for the module is to mug very very hard for the finals. On that note, I really need to work hard for some other modules too before I face the music…

Now secondly, I finally in sooooo many months went out with my jc clique for movie and lunch. Watched Detective Dee, and I wasn’t disappointed. Not sure about the rest, but the entire feel of the show is solid. Heard from some friends that Chen Zhen on the other hand wasn’t nice. Oh well, think I can give it a miss then. Oh yea I think I’m a bit suaku… but I also patronized Carl’s Jr for the first time. I am really thrifty or stingy depending on how you see it.

Finally, like duh so finally, being a business student in NUS, I saw felicia chin in person for the first time. Ok now that the ‘excitement’ is over, its time to treat her just like any other student.

Have not watched too much stuffs recently thanks to projects and assignments. Need to enjoy more!!!

强剑 (2007)

狄仁杰之通天帝国 (2010)



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