August 31, 2007

A Daunting Task

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Today, circumstances made me think much about the intricate issue of man management. I believe I have an obligation to rally the project group forward as a functional unit. And that’s where differences start to come in. I dunno if anyone has any kind of inferiority complex or undue stress for not having prior knowledge on the subject areas we are involved in, and that is definitely not a favourable thing to work with. Actually I do not look for high proficiency in these courses. Of more importance are positive attitudes. But of course it is such a delicate issue to tackle. In my impression the ladies are such different creatures from us and I simply cannot adopt the same style I use in controlling the men in army.

On my own side, I don’t know how much close friends feel I have changed. Maybe they think it is abnormal for me to “mug” so much. Actually I don’t really feel I’m mugging yet, but 1 thing certain is I have indeed been out of touch with what used to be my routine activities of online gaming, dramas and watching soccer. Perhaps I try too hard, perhaps not. Definitely I am setting myself the goal of honours year now and I hope that is not the cause of unease to the other members.

So sorry I’m not exactly in a clear state of mind now to write the above stuffs coherently. On a side note, I saw Navin today. Yet another psch mate. Think he is doing chemical engineering. Makes me wonder why I never ever see my bro in campus…


August 30, 2007

Random Mumblings

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If there is something I hate recently, it’s the rain every morning now. Really really irritates me when I try to get to school. BUT, i finally got my bus concession. Abuse of single stop trips to avoid rain and bus webbing starts 2mr 🙂

Anyway, some random observations/admissions about the og ppl I hang out more with. Gary is super kind loh. Everything you ask him will turn 1 big round into “ok lah” Like kena “bullied” alot. But then, he likes to associate anything with “always”. So if you are late once, he will declare you are always late. What’s the moral of the story? I’ll leave it to the individual.

Then Joy as mentioned before, has a weird sense of direction, and selective field of vision (aka bak jiu tia stamp). Actually quite normal lah, alot of ppl also liddat. Susan is the abit abnormal one lah. She gets very excited over trivial things, and got those kind of funny animated body movements one. Observe when you are around her, especially… when you make her laugh, keep laughing. Her face like very fast turn red sia. That one must see then got effect lah.

Ok… I dunno what more to blog today. Will be meeting final tutor for the semester 2mr. Wish me luck.

August 29, 2007


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Ok, this is supposed to be a flash game to kill time, but I ended up trying to push human limit. haha. My friends call me a sicko for playing it over and over again. Anyway, the objective is to guide a hopping rabbit upwards, try it and u will know. Can find it @ winterbells but don’t think anyone should attempt to beat my score. I have serious trouble getting close to my record even… which stands at 4.8 x 10^37. Good luck, and have fun.

August 28, 2007

3 Blind Mice

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Ok, so today I discovered how “blind” my og ppl in the same tutorial class are. Discounting the fact that Joy always never see me on the bus, lets think about the events that transpire today. Today, Susan (who is always late, as argued by Gary) wants to know where to alight if she take 963 to campus. But she missed the designated timing of the bus I told her, hah. (And the reason for that was known during lunch time bcos she went back to bed and lazed for 5 more min when she saw the rain in the morning) So never mind, I skipped the first bus that came to my stop. Guess what, Gary (who is at the stop after mine) exclaimed that Joy chased after the bus like <insert something here> and totally never saw him. So that was 1 incident.

Anyway on the bus, a couple of stops away, a familiar face seemed to board the bus. We (me and Susan sitting right at the back) saw Hidaya waved at Gary who was like half of the bus in front. Eventually when Hidaya made her way close to the back of the bus, in fact, she was the one standing at the end, still never see me and Susan! It was like only slightly more than 1 arm’s length away only… So we thought that she was being “dao” lah, plus she is those kind of super duper quiet person, and gives single word / short phrase responses one.

Ok, more to come you know. When we alight from the bus, Hidaya already walking alone upfront liao. Me Gary and Susan are like eh… Then after crossing the overhead bridge, Gary suddenly asked, Hidaya walked so fast ah, disappear liao. Me and Susan exchanged blank looks because… Hidaya was the 1st person in front of us with a maroon red sweater. Conclusion, Gary also “bak jiu tia stamp” (sorry for those who don’t understand hokkien).

Fast forward to the time we reached the tutorial room. Lo and behold, Joy was still not there. You know, she does have a little problem with direction and orientation (based on past observations). So end up she was one of the last to arrive, and admitted that she was trying to find the room and had went past without realising.

Actually I didn’t see Chip Ying and Ke Wei and eh… never notice who’s the last person, sitting at the bench outside LT 17 when I was rushing for my last tutorial of the day. But of cos I give the defence that they were at a blind spot from my field of vision along the path I took, plus I was in a hurry. haha. So there, we have 3 blind mice in the class. Joy Gary Hidaya.

August 27, 2007

1st win of season…

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Ok, if you have not figured out which team I support in the EPL, you are a bit slow, hah. Anyway, they had only just registered the first win of the season proper, which was a tad disappointing, given the expectations brewed over the summer. With the pathetic start to the campaign, coupled by misfortunes to Rooney and Ronaldo, the team looked in pretty bad form. Even though they had been dominating games, draws and losses occurred time after time… Nani spared their blushes yesterday with a superbly taken goal. I still couldn’t bear to look at the EPL table… Could it be the curse of the Community Shield?

August 26, 2007

My Lazy Bones…

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I woke up at 10.30AM today, which is like the latest ever time I woke up in recent weeks. omg my lazy bones just revived themselves… Anyway, I tried to take a look at my marketing assignment, took out my textbook, scan through a few pages, and feel a sense of boredom. I wasted alot of time on youtube.

Check out what happens when you put lego, robotics and computing together.

August 25, 2007

Outing Day

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Ok so today I had my first FOW OG outing. The turnout was ok lah, can’t ask for too much on a Sat afternoon right? Anyway we already planned to go Sakura at Orchard, so I tried to sleep late, and skip breakfast of course. But then, I think I went to sleep at around 1am lah, which isn’t late by my standard. haha. I met up with Alan before going to the meeting point. I can return him money for a meal like how many weeks ago. Don’t like to owe people money.

On the bus right, got some unknown private number call me sia… Turned out to be a marketing research on handphone. Wah, I already sian of my marketing assignment liao loh… When we finally reached Somerset, we actually turned out to be the last arrival lah, cos the person we wait for somemore didn’t turn up. Not our fault ok, we missed the first bus cos it was like so crowded, and we don’t wanna squeeze onto the bus like sardines lah.

Then of course its makan time. $26 bucks you know, must eat enough. Xueling was trying to capture candid shots of some people loh, aiyo. Must careful around her leh. Then halfway eating, my phone rang again. Another unknown number sia, but this time is hp number. I picked up the call kena stunned. Sitting opposite the aisle someone waved to me, then I realised Thiru called me. Just a few days ago only I said shouldn’t meet any NS friends, but fate had something else in mind lo. Thiru was with Moby and Zanc, and a bunch of unknown people, who are the junior signallers in my unit, hah. They still serving full time, sad sia. I ORD like 9 months already, feel like damn long lo, dunno they still stuck inside.

Okok, back to the food, generally its ok lah. But there was some commotion about the “gui lin gao” and some “red bean kueh” or something liddat. And the cakes hoh, so sweet ok. Like too creamy. Cos I ate alot of things, then I ate 1 cake suddenly feel like vomit out sia. So fattening. So I went walk walk abit and tried to digest the food lo. I think it works, haha, but still too bloated to attempt a 4th sweep at the food. 1 thing must mention, all their various types of chilli and sauce, not spicy to me one. Haha. And the unit official photographer, Mr Moby, had the honour to help us take a group photo.

Then after that most of us still got no planned activities immediately, so must find something to do. Come out just to eat abit waste right? But we super indecisive one, after some crapping decided to check out movie screening time. But then also quite hard to watch movie lah, different people watch different movie already, and hafta accommodate timing. So end up we go play pool at cineleisure. (All the friends I know their og outing end up go play pool lo). I never touch cue stick for like more than 3 years sia, all skills (if I ever had any :D) rusty already. Then Susan like so good lo. Ok lah, most people the skill level around same. Rusty, beginners, and never play before. Then Chip Ying I think is really 1st time play lah. Then abit reserved in hitting the shot also. Not like me 1st time play really malu you know. I will have those kind of flying long balls one. Anyway, throughout the close to 2 hours session, still cannot find back my touch lo, haiz.

When I reach home, saw the new plasma tv in the living room already, but haven’t set up and config. Then mum said we are going out to eat. Bah, I could still feel my lunch in my stomach leh. But ok, can still eat one, contrary to what my size suggests. 😛 Went to Jurong Town Hall the hawker centre there. Everytime we go there is eat stingray one, but then today like alot of ppl + I’m can’t eat alot, so we order other things. The fried hokkien mee, aiyo, not nice one, kena cheated. And again, the chilli not enough lah. I wanna mix the chilli into the mee until red colour one leh.

So that’s the main gist of my day. For my own reference, people who went for outing are Weixiang, Chip Ying, Xueling, Alan, Susan, Mei Peng, Angela, Yvette and of cos me.

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