November 29, 2007

Brief Exam Interlude

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A couple of days to catch my breath now before tackling the Marketing paper. Not really rest time though… coz I haven even started revising it. Today was a little bit of morale booster. The Econs paper was much easier than anticipated. No creative questions, standard models, fair share of calculation. Made a careless mistake doing an Oligopoly question, wondering why the answer is so funny. Fumbled around, stare at the next few subparts, which follow up from the question, so cannot skip… Frantically look at the time, lecturer said 15mins left… 1 wrong subpart and 2 unfinished subparts. Crap… Took a little look around and curse the coldness of the hall. But it comes pouring in (the Eureka) and I rushed through… and finished the paper! Answers correct I believe, it coincides with what I knew. So I’m a happy man again. hahahaha. The time spent watching a movie yesterday didn’t go down in shambles! But I think I did a roughly 1.5 hours reflip of the textbook after that for good measure.

1 more paper to go then! Only sad thing is its probably my worst paper this term. MCQ questions wrong will get negative marks… wtf… Expected marks per MCQ with 5 options based on pure randomess = -0.2 so there is always the risk factor. Thanks everyone for the encouragement in this period, but I really really 在乎 the results for those modules I expect to score in… So will wallow in misery if I don’t get the A.

(wow… I usually forget a paper soon after I leave the exam hall. But I still even remember the answers for DSC! I think I know where alot of my credits will go :D)


November 28, 2007

A Day to Forget…

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First thing first… the story of The Blue Compass. (not upcoming movie The Golden Compass) And anyway, its the one used to draw pretty circles, not to find directions ya… Was supposed to borrow it from Joy, since mine was like loose already after hibernating for over 4 years… yea yea the radius of the circle keeps getting bigger… Monday… DSC exam, never took it from her, and she forgot… so The Blue Compass lay dormant in her bag.

Come Tuesday, i asked to borrow from Susan… since her 姐夫 live in the same block as me, and will go to her house to pick up her niece. The original plan was to pass over the compass to her 姐夫 and me going to a perfect stranger to retrieve the compass. So what happened next? Joy called some time later regarding econs question… and so I 顺口 ask the compass leh? The reply was something along the line of sorry, it was in her bag. When she is going home, she will drop by and pass it to me. So… according to my logical reasoning and deduction, this implies that the compass is with her, and since she will definitely pass by around my area without a private transport, it made sense.

Alas that was not to be… Lucky I confirmed again as night falls. And so it seemed the compass is with her bro at home. Enforced walking for me… since the feeder bus has a horrendous frequency. Time spent: roughly 20min. And to think that when her bro wished me good luck for the exams, I replied in a somewhat arrogant manner that I don’t need luck… Perhaps thats a sign of bad things to come… (Btw I know him personally so it’s not like me being haughty in front of a stranger) Anyway… 早知道 borrow Susan’s one can settle in 2min. In the end… because… the compass is not used. End of movie story.

Both exams today… was like so friggin’ difficult compared to the normal standard observed in lecture/tutorial. And especially Stats, people who do the past year papers said that those were so much simpler compared to the horrendous monster we faced today. Hopes of a distant 5.0 creeps further away from me. Seriously need help from Mr. Bell to continue holding me in his right hand.

古人有云   骄兵必败
傲视轻敌   孤注一掷
力战群书   绝望收场
前程何奔   唯有抉择
参透天道   破碎虚空

November 27, 2007

Uni Exam – Round 1 – Fight!

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Allrighty, English + 1 core module exam outta the way. That leaves 4 more… bummer… Quite alot left. Interestingly, both papers I sat for seemed relatively easy. For English, the entire theme of the paper was like… something we just did for marketing, so all the points are there, hohum. Plus, it was one of few rare times I actually bothered to draft an outline for my essay… So anyway that was pretty ok, and I only want to pass English, since no modular credits -> does not affect CAP.

Now now, for DSC2003. I think maybe DSC is ideal for me bah? The paper was so easy. I think I might make a careless mistake in a particular subquestion… but generally its been a long time since I can say I’m 100% confident that this question that question blah blah I’m correct (should be lah… confirm chop verified twice).

So that leaves GEK1505, ST1131A, BSP1005B and MKT1003. For maths… going through 16 boring webcasts in 2 days is not funny… + never go for tutorials here there means I’m staring at the tutorials figuring out too (quite fast). In any case, its an open book exam (I didn’t buy the not so useful textbook), so I expect lots of people to have something to fall back on. Hope I can still get my A for a module I practically never really attended in the entire semester. Having exam on the same day is stats… bummer… entire day of maths, but its ok, thats my strength mah. But almost everyone else is doing some kind of past year papers for stats, except me of course. Over-confidence? Shrugs, again, I will ritually convince myself I’m going to get the A.

Now now… the morning right after that is Econs… so no time to rest. The good, I finished revision. The bad – its the usual kind of half-hearted book flipping. lolz, here’s hoping the answers will magically come out on the day itself. But Econs was the first thing I started on… Now like… going to forget already… CRAP! hafta reflip the book sometime… but got no time…

I’ll leave marketing for next time (the nagging of course) since there is a decent break before that paper. NUS dudes and dudettes, continue to jiayou. bummer… quite some ppl in NTU is holidaying already… Finally, good luck to myself (and good answers)

November 24, 2007


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虽然往往都不让周边的人发现,但经常还会有心灵焦脆的时候。就为了一些无法达成的痴梦… 是我缺乏了勇气,还是那时空的交叉点根本就是一个错误。心中无法泯灭的渴望蠢蠢欲动,不知何时才能得到解脱。每当看见那失败的情景,心里都会感到阵阵刺痛,超越了自己的失败。最后还是一场独角戏,没有完美的终结,只好继续等待另一个演员的出现。

November 22, 2007

Cool Nifty Records

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Ok, and so it goes that I was surfing youtube on a night so close to exams… I always get distracted ya… so… Anyway the theme for the day is how sick the Japanese can be. Just take a look at the records below.

We first welcome the calculator champion… and she can talk at the same time mind you. Putting her next to someone else with a normal speed is just… super niao…

Alright, after that blazing speed and hand-eye coordination, here is speed with godly precision. Another one who had possibly made alot of people out of jobs.

But this next one is gonna take the breath out of you… so take a deep breath… what! you meant he finished that?!? Look at the faces of sheer disbelief and shock… If the above can be trained, I dunno if this can be .

Lol at this next one, not for minors eh… ingenious way of stripping, and don’t worry, he covered the vital part. This one is just for laughs. hahaha

Next up… if you think standard dominoes are roxor… take a look at this… just brilliant.

And finally, not a jap, but I found this way too cool… master card builder. WOW I wished I had those talents… The entire structure was done without any adhesive holding it together mind you… Imagine the meticulous planning and positioning involved.

November 18, 2007

Not running the Muggaton yet

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Ok, here’s the story. It is supposed to be preparation time for exams. Hmm, but I have little mood to study. In fact, my revision is very scrappy… I’m always like that… dunno whether can maintain the grades… So, what have I been doing? The usual time-wasting on msn and forums… Plus, I’ve picked up Football Manager 2007 again. Its the kind of long hours addiction into the night… so yea… its diverting attention away from what I really needed to be doing.

When I look around my peers, most of them are engaged in at least a minimal level of muggerism. But of course, there are those who are as slack as me, notably I think, some people from my JC. hohumz. Then there are those half-hearted muggers who know they have to mug but barely managed to force themselves to. And there are also those who mug, but got nowhere because the wrong methods will not help. And finally yes, I also know some full-fledged muggers! No offense or anything, but this particular person seems to try psycho-ing me to mug?!? I dunno… Maybe company was needed… maybe… it was thought osmosis might occur! Whatever it is, hopefully this isn’t the kind of person who stick with you due to superior proficiency in the modules.

On to something more joyous. Haha, today spent like over $300 at Causeway Point. The only way I can be happy is, the money ain’t mine. Well, consider it Christmas gifts from my great dad 🙂  Come to think of it, I dunno now whether I can still be considered more thrifty than my bro… He don’t buy alot of things, but you know… comics and DS games and Wii games are not cheap, and anime also. Yup, I don’t indulge in such things, but I spend alot more in clothings apparel.

November 14, 2007

Awaiting Exams…

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All right, time to await for the exams. By this, I don’t mean anticipate or even more absurd, looking forward to. Rather, its a case of it will come sooner or later, and I have finally cleared all assignments and stuffs, leaving revision the only thing left before the exams. So… I guess I’m in a rather good position, considering that I just have to make sure I understand the concepts in 4 modules, and then focus fire everything I have on marketing… which is my worst module this semester I suppose. But considering how everyone else seem to have some difficulties with this module, plus the fact that the paper looks manageable when Prof Ang went through the exam format and some sample questions, could I be looking to achieve a ermz… respectable grade? 😀

To everyone else, pls also carry on the endeavor. The muggaton begins! (not like I’m truly mugging anyway… for those of you who knows how I “revise” for exams)

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