December 31, 2007

A New Year has Come

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Time seems to have passed so fast when you look back at it. Its yet the end of another calendar year. Thinking back, nothing much happened for the first half of the year. After regaining civilian freedom, I slacked most of the months through, indulging in what I missed out on, dramas, games and the likes. Anyway, jh did asked me along for some job agencies thingie, but then, it was still with a half-hearted attempt. ABN AMRO approached me, but it didn’t come out to anything, and I was kinda sian anyway, since I was doing clerk work during my NSF stint in a department where about 15% knows how to use the com efficiently, and ermz… it was at HQ Brigade level. (Those of you who dunno can ask from your guy friends how friggin’ big that is πŸ˜› ) Thus I continued slacking most of the time away.

But as the wheel of time churns on, the impending start of university life approached. Well, the orientation was quite ok. Even though my OG ain’t exactly very enthusiastic, but at least there were interaction here and there, and the turnout was *ahem* decent *ahem* throughout. Will require lotsa effort to stay in touch though. Anyway, there were uncertainties when the academics starting coming in. After all, I had a more than 2.5 years of hiatus from school life. (Besides, I wanted to believe osmosis happened during NS when I started to become more stupid!) As it all turns out later, it was an unwarranted worry. I even started coaching people in 3 modules! But then I don’t think I did a good job. It wasn’t easy making everyone see the things I saw, some of which were glaringly obvious to me, others from experience garnered through long hours in JC. So apologies for not being able to push all your grades up.

Well, at least I’m glad that I mostly got to know people who don’t only talk to you when they desperately need help or want to know something from you. I do not consider those friends. Those are leeches. Anyway, much of my 1st semester was spent with the core business group of Gary, Joy & Susan. There’s also Swee Yoke & Hidaya, but erm they are less (what word should I use??) interactive. Seniors from my OG, Xueling and Chip happened to take some modules I’m taking too. So still had the chance to see them quite often. And also had lunch with Mr Wei Xiang to commemorate his birthday, at arts canteen… whoops… paiseh leh, everyone got no time, haha.

Now, aside from that, English class was always going to be boring, so I didn’t get to know the classmates well. (The cause & effect may be reversed… shrugs). But but but but but… I dunno for what fine reason 1 day, before the midterms, Jessica suddenly asked whether I have the habit of studying in school. On hindsight, I didn’t know whether I replied the right thing. I said I don’t study, not even at home, cos it seemed like she was finding someone to study with her. But soon she came to know about my little exploits, and somehow became yet another student. (And then she starts to borrow almost every tutorial, or at least wanted to) Shrugs, I find her abit overzealous and competitive.

Now now, moving away from her, there are a couple people who I’ve only talked to more quite recently, most notably Pei Huang & Felicia. Hmm, still never really talk with alot of others. I dunno, does grades turn people off? At least someone did tell me before so stressed talking to you cos you so smart… -.-” Er, I don’t ζ‘†ζžΆε­ one ok πŸ™‚ Anyway, thats just the beginning of my Uni life, and I cannot begin to imagine how much more difficulties I have to tread through.

So what big thing happened on the final day of the year? Nothing much actually, attended my dad’s annual company dinner with my dad (okok not my dad’s company… his boss) at ι˜ΏδΈ€ι²ι±Ό. Haha, save on 1 dinner, + good food, so don’t waste. Lobster sashimi, roast pork, shark fins, abalone with mushroom, steamed garoupa, kailan in soy sauce, lobster meat noodles, and some almond dessert. But I’m still hungry now! omg… It never changes…

Lastly, I don’t think I will set any new year resolutions for myself. Bcos I never fail to give up! Thats me, unfortunately, haha. All the best to everyone in the coming year. For all expected foreseen circumstances, jh still remain my best-est buddy.


December 29, 2007

Mini Reunion with Mark

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Today had an outing with my special circle of NJ dudes. Its a chance to meet Mark once in a hols kind of thing from his vacation back from the States. Anyway, he didn’t really eat alot of western food over there, and we sort of decided on going to PS for lunch at Manhattan Fish Market. Zong, Mark and Dom shared a Fishermen’s Seafood Platter I think. Me, Ken and jh shared a Seafood Platter for 2, and a Flaming Prawn Platter for 1. Not bad! Then we had a mix of fried fillet and grilled fish. And they actually flamed the prawns in front of you. Dunno if jh ate alot, (I was busy eating my own share πŸ˜€ ) but our side finished the food first, and I still had time to “steal” the rice and fries over from the other guys. Haha, Mark already gave up eating… The food actually tasted not bad, with a fairly large portion I believe, except that ermz… it ain’t exactly enough for us! At least I believe jh is trying to leave food for the rest of us guys too, haha!

Then of course after paying the bills that went slightly over 100 bucks, it became a problem of 6 guys figuring out what to do… Wasted time at ZoneX since it was raining. Most of us did not play actually. We just watch jh pwn the com in Arcana Heart. And then jh pwn Mark twice in KoF (didn’t take note which version) jh has the audacity to pick all 3 random… and still look away at times, or purposely let Mark kill 1 of his chars… But oh well… this is jh… we hardly get to see the 3rd char come out. However, I must still say he is still not the pro-est KoF friend I have. Mr Kazuya regularly 一打三 while being 3 random as well… even against players who think they are good. For good measure… his best game is Counter-Strike… jaw gaping rifle head-shots at long range with zero cross-hair… 1 of the pride of Singapore in the gaming arena ok… don’t play play.

Oh no, better get back to the outing before I digress too far. Rain stopped, we walked to Meridien looking to play pool. But somehow… no tables leh, and only managed to locate 1 shop… the rest ε€’ι—­ le meh…? And so Mark suggested to us one of his fave activities, to go Cineleisure play XBox360. Comeon man… he chose Halo3. Most of us have no experience of the game lah. The movement is not easy, kinda 不习惯 with a controller with shooters. I guess I become accustomed to the WASD and mouse combi le. Not surprisingly, Mark making most of the kills. Oh well, I did have some after I spent some time looking for cool looking badass weapons. I admit for a shooter, this one is loaded with a really huge arsenal of varied weapons. And running over your opponents in a vehicle ain’t a bad idea too. Changed game to Dead or Alive 4 halfway thru, and to be honest, I also don’t have much experience with it. (Same goes for a few of us) Despite trying my best to learn proper moves, it appears that button mashing seems to be the way forward for us. Ok… jh, Mark and Dom seems to be the better players in this… jh just can play any fighting games can’t he…

Oh well, busy Mark had another outing, so its the official end of our outing. Me and Ken went to Wisma with Zong to attack the SE service center. Saw my 四叔 and his wife along the way, haha. And I also thought I saw Geraldine at Wisma, shrugs, could be wrong though, just a brief glance at a crowded area with a partially side view. The idiotic thing is makaning dinner. Really pissed off at people who purposely take their own sweet time after finishing the food. This is the friggin’ crowded city area ffs. Damn damn dammit, once again I hope I have the power to smite such inconsiderate people. Glad I decided to take train with Ken home. At least there’s someone to talk to along the way. Haha… First train came pretty soon, and the next 2 I had effectively a zero waiting time πŸ˜€ Even if I took the cheaper bus route, wonder what are the chances of having a seat, which we surprisingly got on the train quite early on.

So today marks the end of Mark(s), at the very least until the next vacation I believe. Just for info, construction worker earns 200USD an hour?!@#! omg… What kind of special construction is that… I also want sia… Or better still, be the foreman, which I believe should earn more right?

December 26, 2007

Boxing Day Gift (or not?)

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This is a different Christmas for me, waiting not for the presents, but rather, the results for NUS Sem1, at around 10am this morning. In regards to the supremely high initial target I set for myself, I didn’t quite meet it. On the other hand, I exceeded the satisfied benchmark for myself, and its still a very good result generally, so I’m quite delighted. The only shortcoming is not being able to get what I should have for the module I am most confident in… (people who know me can access the protected nus page on the contents with the password)

In any case, with the all important theme of the day being that, there were unsurprisingly more MSN windows flashing today. Some peers did not quite meet up to expectations, and this is a sad hollow day for them. I didn’t know what to do. Ultimately, no amount of consolation will work if the person do not climb out of the quagmire him/her-self. It is important to realize that this is a game with no reset and continue button, and that life goes on. I’m glad for all the support and kind words in my own time of doom and gloom, and now this is the time when the rest of you must rise again.

December 25, 2007

Merry Christmas!

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A joyous Christmas to anyone who visits this space πŸ˜€ May the upcoming new year bring new blessings upon you.

December 23, 2007

A Disdain of Life

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Had a rather unpleasant dinner today… How idiotic and irresponsible some people are. Went to have dinner with grandma, at this coffee house. Can’t they bloody see which are are smoking prohibited… The stall guy quickly relocate us to another table when we started grumbling. Guess what… some idiotic guy on the adjacent table whipped out his own cigarette. The desperate stall dude tried to appease us and get another seat. All in vain though, all in vain. Dad showed great displeasure and stood up and walked off.Β  And so we went to another coffee house. A little while after, 1 dude at the adjacent table starting smoking… again. Lucky this time 2 big fans were strategically placed that diverted the smoke away from our table.

I really really wanted to smite these idiotic guys to oblivion. There is a frigging reason why there is an exclusive smoking area. Dammit. What has this world degenerated into. Inconsiderate people who doesn’t give a damn about whats going on around them. It makes me respect the guys in my NS unit who know when to do what, people including gangster type, people who have a dragon tattoo sprawled across his back.

Unfortunately, I know that an Utopia do not exist, a dream world I long to await for… never to be a reality… The grief of a mortal man…

December 22, 2007

A New Discovery

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OMG! Super surprised. Swee Yoke watches ζ΅£θŠ±ζ΄—ε‰‘ε½•οΌEven my guy friends no one really watches lo. And its kinda interesting how we draw many different things from the same show. Haha, I think gender has a big influence here, probably augmented by personality too. Some things are common, while others hold many different perspectives, often blurring the line between right and wrong. Unfortunately, this show have not yet reach the kind of thought-provoking stage (maybe coz I watch quite a number of such complicated stuffs le). But still a relatively enjoyable show up till now.

Reminds me of the whatever research jh point out to me about the different trend in results and study strategies between genders in NUS. hahaha! This really shows the different way we look at things πŸ˜€ Anyway, I’m really really slow for this drama… still left 6 eps to go. Jiayou to myself.

December 20, 2007

Brooding… 6 more days

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I finally did something productive today! Something useful like cleaning my room and throwing the unwanted rubbishes and banishing semester 1 papers into a corner of a cabinet where they will hopefully never see the light of the day again! (Until I decide to either cast “bury” or “incinerate” on them that is) Worse comes to worst, they will be my makeshift “mouse-pads”. Though its quite some papers, it can’t be compared to the mountain accumulated during the good old JC days, hehe.

I don’t know why, but I’ve always disliked Christmas. It leads to the start of another terrible year defined by academic work (mostly up till now), plus I don’t celebrate Christmas anyway. This year, its particularly bad because its like waiting for semester 1 results to come out on Boxing Day (when other people are happily opening their presents). The holidays seem to be so exceedingly short. I cannot even clear 3 drama series now… (okok! I admit πŸ˜€ I am too involved in Guild Wars)

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