January 31, 2008

A First Taste of “Super” Thursday

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Lets see what happens when you have a 6-hours break in school… The day started like this.

@6:05 Started a horrible day… I woke up, washed up, and checked soccer results. Knowing Cristiano Ronaldo scored twice in a mauling of Portsmouth started my day in ecstasy (just trying to comfort myself). And I decided to bring laptop to ease the 6-hours pain.

@8:15 Slowly, I reached my ma1505 lecture late. But that wasn’t a point of major concern. In fact, whatever he went through today was still pretty much a walk in the park. I was so bored, I took finance out to do.

@9:33 Susan asked if I will be in school from 12:30 to 14:00. Great… Thats a candidate for a lunch partner. Quite sian coz she doing her law group meeting… and mine can only be held 2mr thanks to a wonderful collection of timetables. For the unknowing, I have no lessons on Friday, and in fact, 4 of my group members have nothing on Friday.

@9:48 Shiok ah! Lecture finally ended. Wasn’t much cause for celebration though. Decided to go to biz school.

@10:05 Saw jh, dom & ruisong when I reached the biz bus-stop. Hohum. Hmmz, so jh & dom are eating around this time. Next time I can join them to spare my solo horror of trying to tackle canteen with laptop. Okok, their lessons are super long today as well, but it is a different kind of problem to mine… Anyway, they having lessons at 11 again, so I need to find somewhere to rot again.

@10:55 Situate myself conveniently somewhere outside LT17. Let me try to recall the many many many people that were passers-by at my temporary abode in this intermediate period… Melissa, Wee Boon, Bixia, Ke Wei, Angela, Yvette, Jesmine, Sze Ying, Kah Hwee, Shi Xian, Long Kuan, Joyce, Jessica. Dunno if I missed anyone in my busy period burying my heads in the mp3s, and chatting with Ken.

@12:10 Susan finished her group meeting and so she, Min Yao & Samantha also dropped by my little temporary abode. Interesting, found out that Min Yao taking gek1505 this sem! Hahaha… congrats to him though for getting the module for 1 bid pt.

@12:50 Susan & I started making our way to Mac beside Technoedge. She ate the new fortune burger, then later realised, and started pulling out all the onions. Then we shared the fries loh, coz got the standard ones and the curly ones. End up… I think she nvr eat alot… I also cannot finish. Bahz. Oh wait… did I mention I hardly found a reason to eat anything other than McSpicy? Actually even that is not spicy…

@13:55 Susan had to go for her lesson. So poor me who still have even more time to waste… went to find jh & dom again, this time at The Deck. Shortly after, went to COM1 to waste more miserable time. Then… something happened… So crap. COM1 needs to install vpn to access the wireless network… and I don’t feel like doing so. Dom recommend another method which was supposed to work… but we met with some technical difficulties. Wanted to pull my hair… In the time to come, only did 3 more sub-questions for ma1505.

@15:35 Saw Mr Yong outside COM1 ! My ex-bsp1005 tutor. hahahaha. omg he still remember me. It’s hard to avoid being on high profile for being the “designated answerer for tough questions thrown to the group”… Oh well, he still exudes the aura as funny as before πŸ™‚

@15:42 Started making my way towards FoS (having missed an A2 bus already)… Reached the tutorial venue about 10 minutes late. Then… basically is students ask questions then the tutor go through. At this magical moment in time, let me inform you that the tutor is indeed my lecturer… That makes dsc2006 the only exception (thankfully!). But this ma1505 tutorial ain’t exactly good. Okok maybe it is my fault. I have nothing to ask lah… kaoz… how? Waste time? Shit… anyway, because I’m damn tired, I dozed off alot, and yes… slept for close to half the tutorial. Dunno if he noticed me, hope he doesn’t. And if he did, what might he think of this yaya dude doing in his class. Unfortunately, he do take attendance… if not I might decide on some plans on future Thursdays.

@16:50 School ended! On 75 back home… damn crap. This little malay psch boy, really just slept like that, without any sense of awareness or what… I mean, no matter how tired you are, it is hard to tilt your head like 90 degrees… and basically lean on my triceps for the entire trip right… (I wouldn’t have minded so much if it’s a pretty lady haha!) Jokes aside, considering its a little kid, I don’t really mind. But what really annoyed me was eventually I dunno whether its a caretaker or what (was a chinese), called that boy up to alight. And she didn’t even managed an apology. What happened to that basic form of courtesy? So I don’t blame the boy, I just feel sorry for the adult who do not even understand a basic form of interpersonal interaction between civilized people.

(p.s. If anyone noticed something peculiar about the above post, kudos to you!)


January 30, 2008

My Proud Work

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Hmm… Did something for nus biz o-week 08/09, codenamed BATTALIA. hohum. So just thought to put it up here. Nice? haha


And I also drew my trademark picture. In case you still dunno… its something like this.

But it was on some stupid brown paper… (the small watered down version I did for that purpose…) And the committee head says its good to have it on black paper with silver pen, and ask if I mind redrawing… DUH, of course I do, I have no time. And believe me that when I say… This kind of picture looks best black & white with the appropriate shading strength. Silver pen? It will totally spoil the aura of the picture… What say you?

January 29, 2008


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ζœ‰ζ—Άε€™ζ„Ÿεˆ°εΏƒη°ζ„ε†·γ€‚γ€‚γ€‚ ζœ‰ζ—Άε€™δΈηŸ₯ζ‰€εšηš„ζ˜―ε¦ε€ΌεΎ—γ€‚γ€‚γ€‚

I don’t know how other people feel about the easiness of being a project group leader… Is requesting for something simple so difficult for people to respond appropriately? Not a single female has seen me flare up, and I don’t want to. Fact in itself, I’ve been very tolerant towards the fairer gender. So what is the problem in informing me of timetable schedules asap. Its not like I’m telling people to do anything extra.

ζˆ‘δΈηŸ₯道。。。 ζˆ‘ηœŸηš„δΈηŸ₯道。。。

Is it very difficult to be aware of deadlines? I don’t know what other people think… but I’ve been through stages like going through 1000 weapon serial numbers within an hour with precision. The point is, know what you have to do at what time. I don’t know if less acquainted people think I’m unfriendly, fierce, anti-social, or what-nots. But being in my group is very simple actually… I know not everyone are equally proficient in the academics. I only demand attitude, punctuality, and responsibility…

εΎˆιšΎεŠžεˆ°ε—γ€‚γ€‚γ€‚ ζˆ‘ι”™δΊ†ε—γ€‚γ€‚γ€‚

Here I am, despite many nights sleeping for lesser than 6 hours, trying to facilitate things amidst the many other commitments I have. What do I get when I spend a disproportionately larger amount of time on projects? What do I get when I help people in their school work? Are people really more busy than me? It’s so funny that Melissa said I have the looks… What look? The look of a leader… Doesn’t sound convincing.

ζˆ‘ηœŸηš„εΎˆζƒ³θ‹¦η¬‘γ€‚γ€‚γ€‚ ζˆ‘δΈηŸ₯道θ―₯θ―΄δ»€δΉˆγ€‚γ€‚γ€‚

Does a natural leader face these problems? I don’t know. There are many forms of “leadership”. I can easily turn facilitation into authority, but that is an unpleasant environment to work in. Mind you… if you know where I come through from in secondary school, you will understand absolute discipline is no stranger to me.

ζˆ‘εΎˆζƒ³ζ”ΎεΌƒγ€‚γ€‚γ€‚ ζˆ‘εΏƒη΅η„¦θ„†γ€‚γ€‚γ€‚

January 28, 2008


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Sian! What can I say man? ε€©θΏε¦‚ζ­€οΌŒδ½•εΏ…εΌΊζ±‚γ€‚γ€‚γ€‚Why am I always the group leader?… more on that later…

As with most Mondays beginning 2 weeks ago, it proves to be a really pathetic way to start an arduous day of 10 hours. Maths lecture = boring… Tried to salvage some useful time by finishing qn1 of tutorial 3… On hindsight, it’s good that I actually completed 2, because… well, more on that later πŸ˜€

MNO was as usual, not too good, not too bad. Oh, the videos rox. DSC2006, erhem… *cough* please do check through the slides for row alignment / coloured boxes that will come out badly once printed blah blah…

Now to get into the topic proper. So I had 2 tutorials today. BSP1004A tutorial tio jackpot! Catherine Tay is my tutor, hmm. She is good, but… heard rumours that her grading is quite strict… Then, we knew beforehand that she will randomly assign groups to us based on a numbering system. BUT… my clique went into the LT quite late lah… so… never cooperate with the rest of the pplz to sit tactically. End up all the group rojak lo, but its ok one, most are same class ppl anyway. Friendly ppl they are: melissa felicia yingying sherlyn shaofen & lee huan, whom I dunno. Year 2 transferee from engineering. Haha… Ken are you reading this?! Her reason cited: too hard. But I dunno lah, general trends seem to suggest (no offense here) males tend to do better in engineering. But wait… that wasn’t the main point. The main point is… yes that’s right (even though its a pretty lame reason), I’m group leader AGAIN! (why? coz only guy… dotz…) Then Catherine Tay still choose a class rep, say got class participation points. Sian… Sherlyn so enthu volunteer. I should have taken it up sia, hehe… phone on 24/7, check my mail everyday which my nus mail forward to. Never mind, keep low profile…

Okok… move on to the next tutorial… FNA1002. You know what? How many jackpots can a person tio in a day? Dr Chng (the lecturer) is my tutor… (sounds familiar?) He is good also, but again… heard rumours about his strict grading… (sounds familiar?) Okok at least no random assignment of groups here, phew. But the seats are permanent for this tutorial. Haha… again I knew beforehand, so we went to chop good seats early. Then form groups… small groups only. 3 ppl, so I do with joy and rachel. Guess who’s the group leader?

DSC2006 and MNO1001 got group projects anot? … I forgotten again le, nvr bothered with the course outline. Sighz…Β  Then my group doing a question for BSP1004A in the next tutorial, and presenting FNA1002 the week after… Dotz… So thats why I’m glad to complete other commitments. Maths rox! But I think tutorials will be a bore. Till then…

January 27, 2008

A Random Post

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Haven’t been blogging for the past weekend, haha. Hiding at home mostly, but no… I wasn’t doing tutorials. In fact, I had better start doing some time after this post. In all honesty, I’ve been playing game, 幻想三国志贰, as mentioned some posts back. And I completed it! Woohoo, just in time to receive the tutorials that will come my way now? haha. The storyline is the game is just so earth-shattering. At the end of the day, I dunno whether I should feel η©Ίθ™š or εœ†ζ»‘ at the way the entire thing end. Haiz… can’t help but shed a couple drops of tears…

Okok, on other news. Went to IMM today and erm buy some clothes. Its always nice to go out with daddy when purchasing stuffs πŸ˜€ Oh yea, saw bryan wong and quan yi feng filming the Giant variety show thingie down there. Didn’t bother to stay and watch though, haha. Money also not I win.

All right, I better quickly start doing my tutorials now…

January 24, 2008

A Tale of Buses

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Sian, nothing to blog actually, so just talk something lame about buses today. Left school with Swee Yoke yesterday. And had to chase 189 at Kent Ridge Terminal. But its ok, heh, she actually can run quite fast. Ok it so happens that when we reached Clementi, when crossing the overhead bridges to the other side, we saw 184 turning into the street… Thanks man… So what did we do? Chase after the bus again. On the bus… Swee Yoke commented that an old granny and a lady carrying a child might have thought I snatched something from Swee Yoke -.- okok, thinking back, it did seemed like she was chasing after me.

Never mind about that, today also sian… Went for 2 hours lecture, hoping, really HOPING that he would be able to complete more materials. But, it was really really really slow… and sighz, shouldn’t have gone for the lecture. Going home, I probably had the fastest 963 trip in my life, ever. Early last sem I found out it took something like close to an hour to go sch at a somewhat peak time. And today, it took about like 25 minutes to get me back home. Gah. Whatever, need to start thinking about my tutorials now.

January 22, 2008

Trying to Love the Law

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Lalala… almost late for lecture today… like for once in a semester. Its not exactly my fault ok… I still left home on time. But I couldn’t really squeeze onto the stupid 151 today… ok maybe I could, but I didn’t bother. Anyway Felicia was down there too and didn’t try to board, so just ι™ͺε₯Ήε’―. But the next bus took forever to come… long enough for us to spot Joy appear at the bus stop… miraculously. Hah, she skipped her ss lecture, but I knew from Gary afterwards there is webcasts for that. No… I’m not telling any of you what module is that πŸ˜› Okok back to topic… anyway Joy’s sister was there too -.- apparently to crash our lecture.

Somehow or another, the decision to take cab came about. Oh well… i guess 4 people sharing ain’t that bad. (Read the following lame sentence at your own expense…) Ok so we saw an invitation to treat from a cab for hire, and so we offered to make a deal for his service in bringing us to our destination, and he accepted it to form a binding contract, with our eventual executory consideration amounting to $1.50 per person. (okok I know that’s lame… but was just trying to apply what I learnt πŸ˜€ but I dunno whether its correct)

Anyway on the cab… when the driver was about to make a wrong turn (he thought we were going to NUS High School -.-“), I kindly alerted him to the gasp of shock from Joy exclaiming “Ah, you know the route eh…” Sorry I was dumbfounded… I’m guessing (almost) everyone who had been to the nus for 1 whole semester should have a pretty good idea of the route to the school… Maybe, just maybe, she is really a θ·―η—΄ πŸ˜€

Susan’s English module start today le… Super sian one, I know coz… well… you can guess if you dunno why… Bleahz. Finished 1.4 maths tutorial in advance le ahaha, omg I don’t think I will do that for other modules πŸ˜€ But there is a level of difficulty lah, just hope the other people do worse than me, whoops sorry for that. Hafta be ethnocentric in regards to grades.

Should I switch my fna tutorial class lol? Lemme check who are in my class first… But seriously considering to change it to something on Thursday, in between which I have 6 hours break dividing my only 2 lessons for the day… But then again, I don’t think alot of people will want a Monday 4-6 slot… bleahz.

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