January 20, 2008


Posted in Blog, Tech at 8:39 pm by ryushin

Ok, for those of you fellow bloggers using wordpress as well, you will no doubt know about this wonderful spam filtering service, only that it isn’t that wonderful…

To date, I have noticed some normal comments being marked as spam, most notably from my dearest friend Mr jh. But now, a comment from another person has been unsuccessfully identified as spam… much to my frustration. I’m not sure what criteria they use… but time and again, the “spam” is of the same content as a “valid” comment that eventually got through. So, I really dunno.

For all you kind people who leave messages on my blog, don’t worry if you do not see your comment appear. I will de-spam any decent comments, probably within 2 days 😀



  1. jh said,

    well the Akismet on my blog doesnt really prevent sensible comments from being posted, but somehow a lot of spam bots visit my blog. Sighx…. 1434 and counting… zzz….

  2. ryushin said,

    Right… thanks for sharing that. Unfortunately, the above comment was marked as spam by Akismet, as an example for everyone. I have no idea coz I did not specify any keywords to be blacklisted…

  3. ignorantsoup said,

    Hmm my akismet got block only rarely decent comments. Some comments they block we also cannot retrieve..Those are really classified as spam. Though some viagra adds manage to add themselves in the list for me to check if it is spam..

    i tink Akismet is weird on ur blog..most of the time things get blocked is those with links..haha

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