February 29, 2008

Just Another Redundant Entry

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I am back!
Out of the miserable state.
In fighting form now.


I didn’t quite start doing the things of utmost importance first. That would be mugging for midterms. Instead… I went to start watching a drama series… Oh no… Crap… I need salvation. Final weekend for me to start… considering fna test is on Monday. Hurhur, wish me good luck 🙂


February 26, 2008


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Today was miserable. I was sick, running a fever, something which don’t happen often. It’s a bad fever, unlike the common ones when I could still sit in front of the com when it was just a matter of increased body heat. The symptoms were so powerful that I felt it yesterday. Now it explained why I was so restless yesterday… And I slept very very early last night.

Today I struggled to get off the bed. I knew something was wrong. I was lethargic. I was disoriented. I had no appetite. I forced two slices of bread down my throat, without even bothering about spreading peanut butter. In fact, doing that might be worse. I could felt the remnants of the taste of breads in my throat… There was a nauseous feeling. I almost vomited.

I couldn’t quite get off the bed. My mum realized I was abnormal when she came home. I couldn’t even finish 1/5th of a packet lunch. The cruelty of it was, I didn’t feel hungry… I managed to visit a doctor after “lunch”. The doctor said I have fever, accompanied by tension and stress… and I have low blood count. What irony… I remembered visiting the same doctor back when I was conscripted, telling him I have symptoms of low blood count. He dismissed it as rubbish, and now he is telling me otherwise. Does he even remember me? I doubt so… the number of times I go to the doctor in a year can be counted on one hand, maybe half. In fact, I still believe that I naturally recover from most illness in half a day. I think my immune system rocks. But today was an exception…

I had porridge for dinner… half a bowl to be exact. And I did not touch the side dishes much. What a joke… that was hardly filling for breakfast… But I didn’t want to eat anymore. I was struggling… with law reports, with the knowledge that so many assignments await my attention. Nobody bothered, nobody cared. In fact, probably nobody knew.  But I cannot back down… I’m pushing myself still to deliver… Destiny is in my hands. I will recover in time. No… I must recover in time.

Why god, has thou cursed me with the perfectionist personality?

February 25, 2008

Group “Outing”

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Hic, today went to Bugis with my legal group for bonding cum project session. Specifically, we spent the bulk of our time in the National Library. Oh yea… someone commented that our group should be officially named The Sidetrackers. We took a really long time to re-tackle the questions. Hahaha… so tired… and hungry. Found out today that Melissa is a glutton too 😛 ćƒäžé„±çš„… pity whoever is gonna ć…»ć„č in future 😀

Lolz… that was how (un)productive we were lah. We talked about music, food, movie, drama, NAPFA, wedding!@$!!%!, holiday, and many many many other topics. They just slipped off my mind at the moment cos… yea there were just too many occasions we diverted away from the work on hand! But my mind wasn’t quite functioning like it should lah… aided in no small part by the fact that it registered today as a school holiday…

This was also the group that told me I have ćŒçœŒçšź. Hurhur… I don’t take note of such things. In fact, I hardly look myself in the mirror. When I do, I admire the biceps I built up from NPCC, which is amazingly still there! I would have expected it to just slowly go away since I really really is super slack on exercise right now

Sidetracking now 😀 I haven’t been to Bugis Junction for such a long time, I didn’t even know where the new food court is. So today had a chance to visit it. The food there is nice! But the price isn’t quite so friendly on the wallet. Haha, no choice, its good food in downtown area, can’t ask for more.

Ok… since I have such a strong desire to score, I should be looking to edit the report soon, into something better 🙂

February 23, 2008


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Something not quite pleasant happened yesterday, if you locals know anything about what happened in NUS. The monumental collapse of a tower crane just outside biz school resulted (unfortunately) in the death of 3 construction workers. I didn’t quite know about it coz I was in front of the com (at home) isolated from any sort of news at that moment. But apparently Gary was around in school just then and he said there were obvious and sudden tremors and heard crashing noise. Then soon after the “viewing gallery” (railings between LT16/17) was suddenly swarmed full of curious and shocked students. haiz…

Another thing, was supposed to catch a movie yesterday (but actually I kinda felt that movie wasn’t worth catching at the cinema), but then the initiator didn’t sort of arranged the time and all… hahaha. And I heard from another source that she was apparently running a fever… Best to stay at home then. Thus, I made an unexpected decision to turn up for evening make-up lecture. While the class was complaining previously, the actual turnout was quite impressive… Hurhur, my class is so hardworking! At least I won’t clog up on webcast backlogs, which will take a mammoth effort from me to clear (I’m always distracted from work in front of the pc).

Finally… as deadlines get tighter and I don’t want to be in the “dead-line”, I should start doing my work. And I first aim to finish accounting, specifically the online assignments. BUT, the server was crappy and ain’t cooperative. In fact, yes now, it is lagging so badly I found time to blog about this post while waiting. It is not my fault that when I decide to be studious and the assignment refuse to play along right 😀 (excuses!!) These are exactly just 1 type of procrastination that keeps me from concentrating on work at home, and even elsewhere if I bring laptop along.

February 20, 2008

Nonsensical Post Redux

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Haiz… more deadlines coming. So sad… and some rather mute projects to be done. Especially don’t like mno project. And actually, om project ain’t very fun also, hafta read loads of journals and summarize… yay… Then details for fna project will be out on Friday. And legal have so many presentations to do!… damn… I love Maths ><  okok… I enjoy slack modules.

Ok, now about something different. I found someone who shared my birthday! Like finally… hurhurhur. She’s a new friend from my mno tutorial group apparently. +-1 day also have le, now I shall be on a quest to find a friend whose birthday falls 2 days away from mine! Hurhur, thats quite lame sia?

February 19, 2008

Nonsensical Post

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As the days go on… I accumulated more Sleep Time Payable to 摹慬. And I realized I’ve become more reluctant to start doing tutorials (as compared to last semester). That is not a very great indication of my efforts… considering the midterms is coming in just 2 weeks! Gasp…

And while dsc teaches us about robust optimization, another module choose to have a make-up lecture at such a suboptimal time. Nothing against the module, but evening lectures… people get restless, and Friday is my free day! With or without concession travel, I don’t think I will wish to turn up, augmented by the fact that yes, there is a webcast! Not sure about the turnout the previous make-up managed to achieve, but I think even less people have lessons on Fridays compared to Thursdays, not to mention that it really felt like it should merge into the weekend. So what’s the plan to be on Friday? Gonna catch movie! We are so slack right? 😀 mass pon lecture.

Today Catherine Tay’s lecture is still as funny as ever. In fact, I think some of her jokes / super corny examples are just so hilarious. lolz. It makes it not painful to go for her lectures 🙂 Seriously when you get a not so good lecturer for law, it will be like so dry and boring.

Hmm… Chipz informed me I’m on the Dean’s List for Semester 1, Academic Year 2007/2008. Kewl… But that’s where the stress starts coming in… I actually know a number of people on that list… lets see… fun ruey, genevieve, geraldine, long kwan, matilda, wee boon, liang yuan, robin… ok… Haiz, but I dread the modules this semester. Mehz, hope I can maintain it bah.

February 17, 2008

Glory Glory Man Utd!

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Ok, this post came a lil’ tad late. Hohum, but I don’t care! Yesterday’s match alleviated some of the putrid feeling of the past week, when I just couldn’t bear to visit any soccer sites at all. But now it is all nice and dandy again. The real Man Utd had stood up to be counted when it mattered. Could I believe it? It’s not everyday that you get to trounce Arsenal 4-0. And saying that, Arsenal were lucky to ship only 4 goals.

Just like how Man Utd had no excuses for the derby humiliation last week, Arsenal found no excuses, and indeed… found no answer to the play Man Utd played. It was a pathetic performance from the Gunners. And yet Man Utd did this without Tevez, Giggs, Ronaldo. Why can’t they play like this every week hur? In any case, it has been a long time since Man Utd had a close to world class substitutes bench. With the unpolished gem in Nani, and the seemingly jackpot that is Anderson, the future looks bright indeed. Now, if only there is more forward firepower and future talent… I want Karim Benzema, who happens to ply his trade in Man Utd’s next opponent now, Olympique Lyon. More on that if the opportunity arises, I need to panic over my tutorials now 😩

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