May 31, 2008

The Big D-Day

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Well… what do we have here? So it turned out my JC clique decided to brood over our results in Swensens yesterday, all the way at Marina Square no doubt. But it is ok… I have a direct bus. Why Swensens? God knows, maybe as a sweetener to soften the blow of our exam results? And in any case, Ken alerted us (izzit him?) to the 1-for-1 ice cream thingie, so I guess the cost is quite reasonable.

D-2.5 hour: Still on msn with the clique. I didn’t feel any sense of tranquility at all. My heart was like bubbling (with panic and anxiety) For many times, I told myself… BELIEVE! Not this time, I had a really really negative feeling…

D-1.5 hour: I should have left home. I had not. Thought I was gonna be late. In fact, everything suggested that I will be late. I still had to walk to purchase my bus concession travel, and backtrack. Until… I saw the bus, and ran towards it (my usual regular exercise?), evading some people and a cab on the way. Well, thanks to the driver who was nice enough to wait.

D-0.5 hour: On the dot of time, I reached the destination at our agreed meeting time. Saw Dom, Zong and jh. Well well, Ken is the latest one! hahaha. Nvm, at least I remembered to superpoke jh’s tummy this time.

D hour: That was it… the moment of revelation, despair, and sorrow. What grief and agony! There were mixed feelings, but the negative one was hugely dominant. The passages of time I cannot command, moments of folly forever entrenched.

One mod was staring at me right in the face, and it struck me like a thunderbolt. Dude… wake up… you got a B- for sleeping in lectures AND tutorials… What more could you ask for? THAT, exactly, was the problem. Solo-ing a mod is painful, with double 8am lectures no less. I was complacent… no… I was ARROGANT. It was painful, very painful, to score less than people who should not have been. Hurhur… I guess, congrats bro, you have won me in Maths for the first time in your life. But now an important decision awaits me… this mod, I cannot S/U it if the pursuit of that minor remains in my agenda. It pulled my CAP down. S/U-ing it will pull my CAP up. Wow… what a big difference. Decisive moment, not to be enshrouded in folly again…

On other modules, I’m very very disappointed in another too. I’m supposed to have an affinity with numbers… you know, but I guess balancing numbers are more difficult than manipulating numbers? Hurhur… Crap, it has to stand side-by-side with marketing in my grand scheme of results, utter crap! To my 2 dearest group mates in this mod, so sorry coz I think our project didn’t manage a desired standard.

The rest was good. I actually got better than anticipated in the mod that you can bring a mountain of text into the exam hall. Guessed what? I read those 3 textbooks in 3 days, haha… marvelous I say (I’m less qualitatively-inclined). But then, my strongest mod this sem was a surprise! I had wanted to get it over and done with and have nothing more to do with that department. It probably still stands that way, but wow… I actually scored higher than the other mod which I didn’t feel much need to study at all. Sometimes life is so full of uncertainties…

After numerous cussing, unhappiness, and gloom, Zong & Dom went to play 2 rounds of bowling each. I was still moody… Well, what came next was talking nonsense, some stoning, and dinner. After that, home sweet home. Was tired… and slept on the bus. Got informed that OG outing is scrapped, poor attendance… yea man. But it was actually as strong as my JC clique number wise (but not as bonded bah). Hmm, just missed the chance to see why people say she has the party & naughty look. Whoops, imagine I didn’t type that.

Finally, like OMG. I am gonna work? That is interesting (and unbelievable). I’m like a natural born slacker lah…


May 30, 2008

More Songs

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More random songs that found its way to me. No doubt, knowing me, its Chinese songs, haha, and of course dominated by female vocalists. Lastly, lots of unknown names here I suppose.

2女 – 嘿
廖隽嘉 – 花之恋
廖隽嘉 – 我爱萧邦
林子娟 – 表白
林子娟 – 我想我也有错
林子娟 – 心一半
林子娟 – 只为你
沈丹丹 – fly
沈丹丹 – 魔法爱
沈丹丹 – 你爱的是那个她
沈丹丹/郑源 – 幸福恋人
张信哲 – 残念
张信哲 – 逃生

陈慧琳 – 抱歉柯德莉夏萍
陈慧琳 – 我的脆弱与坚强
陈慧琳 – 最好给最好
关心妍 – 爱简约
关心妍 – 三心人
何韵诗 – 万花筒
何韵诗 – 韵律泳
钟舒漫 – 红茶易冷

May 28, 2008

《八大豪侠》 (2005)

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陆毅 饰 “杀手之王” 平常
黄秋生 饰 “刀剑双绝” 阎铁心
范冰冰 饰 “神盗之女” 湘湘
陈冠希 饰 “智勇双全” 谢家麒
林子聪 饰 “大发明家” 东郭仁
郑晓东 饰 “侠盗飞贼” 风一阵
李冰冰 饰 “凤舞九天” 凤来仪
董璇 饰 “医毒双绝” 扁素问
刘松仁 饰 “狂诗绝剑” 关玉楼
李小璐 饰 “智女骗神” 乐千千
韩晓 饰 “毒黑寡妇” 狄三娘

这部戏演员阵容强大,故事内容也还精彩,暗藏玄机,是部不容错失的好片。 片中主要故事阶段如下 (名称是本人自己编出来的): 擒红花盗,神火飞鸦,买凶杀子,四大财神,真命天子,不死军团,豪侠内奸,直捣黄龙。

南宋年间,皇上听信谗言,让宰相秦桧在岳飞头上定下莫须有的罪名,在风波亭处决。 此后,秦桧屡次迫害忠臣,意图把持朝政,并且收买朝中文武百官,只手遮天。 且外,秦桧也买通了各路门派,并收集武林高手为以自用,包括座下四大高手: 鬼影子,幻刀,铁抓鹰王,血蝙蝠。 最难对付的是秦桧义女,狄三娘。 她深谋远虑,武功非凡,又是用毒和仪容的高手。

眼见奸人当道,前朝诸位元老聚集款项,设立一个秘密组织,号称“豪侠”。 豪侠个个忠肝义胆,侠心仁义,背负着报国的重任。 当然,他们时常与秦桧属下正面交锋,斗智斗武。 秦桧眼线遍布天下,以仅仅数人之力实在难以对抗。

结局实在叫人心酸。 难道好人就这么难当吗? 非常鄙视那个皇帝。 唯一的不变数就是秦桧注定被世人唾骂,遗臭万年。 岳将军也受世人敬仰,成为精忠报国的典范。 人生自古谁无死,留取丹心照汗青。 再次鄙视皇帝。

May 27, 2008

Lost My Hair

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Well well… what do we have here in this lame post? Yes, the most blatant useless piece of fact I’m going to post is… I lost my hair (ok not all of them…)

Said goodbye to my longest ever hair thus far in my life. Do I miss it? I don’t think so. It doesn’t really matter. Several reasons prompted the visit to the hairdresser. 1) My hair is getting out of control… certain parts curling against my wishes and er… some “outstanding” strands of hair… 2) Aunt thinks I’m turning into a hippie… 3) The weather is friggin’ unaccommodating, and I can use less shampoo too…

So ok… my hair… I still kept it relatively long, but already lost about 7cm of hair at the back. Opps 😀

May 24, 2008

Outing Day

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Hmm, haven’t actually went out with the jc gang for quite long. So… we had a mini gathering on one of the past few days. Lunch was the very sian part. Jousting with office workers for seats. But oh well… The next activity is some fun at pitstop cafe, hurhur. Tried a few games. Forgot the name of the first, was some lame reflex game bah. Apparently dom haven’t “woke up” from his arduous champions league viewing. Anyway I also didn’t see the name of the 2nd game we played, hahaha. But its like and RPG-ish AD&D style card game with semi-cooperation and backstabbing. Its not bad, we met many interesting monsters with funky abilities… The 3rd game we tried took the breath of out us… took damn long… And a hugely challenging cooperative game of King Arthur and his knights. At the start it looked like we are all gonna suffer devastating losses. Somehow, we turned it into a quirky victory! lol… Didn’t have much time left so we just quickly tried another tower-ish game. To end it off bah, didn’t quite get into the mood, coz after that, we need to rush off for dinner.

And where is Mark when we need him? Gosh… waited for him… wait wait wait… And never even bothered to pick up our calls… bleahz. So we finally… went first and left him to find the place himself. Its a erm, ala carte buffet dinner at WAH! Noogee House, $26 nett which unfortunately did not include drinks (we found out the hard way) But other than that… I hoped we are not blacklisted… hurhur. So it went that we ordered rounds and rounds of items (nicely plopping our butts down in the seats from 6:50 to 10:00 pm. Eventually… there were diminishing returns on the quantity and quality of each dish they serve us… bleahz… At least one of the waitress got the abit of sian look… Did we eat too much? lolz… wtf I dunno, Hey guys how much did we eat ah? I reckon at the end of the day, they served over 40 plates/dishes? oh, excluding drinks and desserts, hahaha, that is still an achievement for 6 guys I guess. Should have skipped lunch, bleahz.

May 22, 2008

The Final Hurrah!

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In the greatest European night of the year, for a team who only 3 years ago, looked to be a crumbling empire, it was a fitting moment for them to savor the glory, a win they deserved truly.

Before the match, the tension already built up. Half a century after the Munich disaster, and talks of this team potentially being Fergie’s greatest. Plus the stage was set up for Cristiano Ronaldo to strut his talents, after an all conquering season driving Man Utd to the domestic league title. On the other hand, there is Chelsea, one of few opponents the team actually display that bit of fear. Their first shot at a trophy that will determine their direction. Add to that the fact that Chelsea narrowly missed out on the domestic title added more tension.

When all is over, the rest is history. Many teams suffocated under the extravagant wealth of Chelsea, but Manchester United emerge victorious! Cristiano Ronaldo (while he would later on miss an agonizing spotkick), turned up on his greatest match of his career so far, and scored a stunning 42nd goal of his brilliant campaign, a feat bettered only by the best of the best strikers, only that Ronaldo is not even a striker! To add to the celebration, the man himself said in an interview, that he is gonna stay on at the club 😀

And then veteran Ryan Giggs, on a night shattering the appearance record for Man Utd, possibly a feat never to be outdone again, scored the winning goal of the penalty shootout, a fitting reward for one of the best players ever.

And then, Rio Ferdinand, while impressive, had a little off-form in this match. You could feel the tension, at the start of the spotkick, after he got the decision from a coin-toss, had to consult Fergie on whether to go first or second. It was a decision he couldn’t afford to make.

His partner in defence on the other hand, was in imperious form. Nemanja Vidic kept Drogba in his pockets throughout the match. The frustration was clearly seen towards the end when Drogba went to slap Vidic, and deservedly got the marching orders.

Credit to the new signings too. Tevez, Hargreaves, Nani & Anderson all converted their spotkicks. Especially Anderson, who is yet to score for Man Utd in open play. That boy must have balls of steel, as the penalties went into sudden death, to duly convert.

Of course, the big man in goal is a focal point today. Time and again he denied Chelsea (with a little help from the woodwork). More importantly, in the final moment, he parried a Nicolas Anelka spotkick away, to win yet another European medal, a good 13 years after his last one.

And last but not least, the most credit goes to the master tactician, none other than Sir Alex Ferguson. ’nuff said 🙂

May 18, 2008

《太极》 (2008)

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Hmm, I’ve been slacking in the hols so far. And what other things can I do other than watching shows and playing games (aside from the not so frequent gatherings… draining a hole in my wallet) So the next series to be completed is tada…

赵文卓 as 巫马, 吳美珩 as 桑青
林峰 as 段晓星, 胡杏兒 as 言子規
馬國明 as 米豐年, 李詩韻 as 言翠翹

Ok I shall use english >< Basically, this is the story of the maturation of 巫马, who was orphaned at an early age when his parents were murdered. He was adopted by a tai ji master and taught abit, but his master soon abandoned him. He grew up in the forest next to a village, with a semi-barbaric lifestyle, filled with hatred. Only 豐年 in the village doesn’t fear him, and his life story begins to change when the two of them decides to make their mark in the capital.

After a couple of events, 巫马 meets his master, and begins training proper. Gradually you can see him evolve into a semblance of tai ji master himself (truly evident towards the end of the show) Of course things don’t always flow smoothly, and a couple of things will keep bugging him. (1) persistence in avenging his parents (2) complicated love-hate relationships with girls due to his natural slowness in such issues + a combination of factors (3) a strong martial arts rival in the mold of 段晓星 (4) political conspiracy threatening to swallow him up

Talking about 段晓星, his daddy is the leader of this number 1 martial arts clan in the capital, 苍龙派. And eventually, he took over leadership. He is faced with the task of upholding the reputation of the sect and bringing it to higher levels, but one 巫马 (who is being manipulated) stands in the way. Initially, as a hot-headed & proud (& abit dumb) guy, 巫马 was never a match for 段晓星, who had good foundations and training from his prestigious background.

Driven by the passion to promote tai ji, (& initially to prove himself), 巫马 eventually grasp the essence of it, and he never lost again. But what stood out was his compassion, and his 武德.

Ok anyway… below are some principles of tai ji advocated in the show. Very abstract, and well… whatever
What tai ji is about is 任憑巨力來打我,掀動四兩撥千斤, idea being 以柔制剛,借力打力 / 太極之道,不在爭勝,而在不爭先 / 不丢不頂,剛柔並濟 / 以圓破直,借力打力 / 拳未到,意先到,拳不到,意亦到
It is somewhat understandable, but how do you actually get it to work in a duel, especially in a life & death situation, to remain in absolute tranquility and execute all those you have learned. I have no idea. The character did it in the show. And it shows you how he manage to thrash all other people with a matter of months of training. Hurhur…

Oh yea, one major bad point was I think the ending part wasn’t nicely done. The way certain things wrapped up was like rather slipshod and hastily done. Like almost everyone else had a grudge with 巫马 which just suddenly disappeared overnight? And how certain decisions turned on its head because the script says so. Other than that, the show rocks in the sense of the martial arts choreography.

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