August 24, 2008


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MORE RANTINGS!!! The dreadful part of school is gonna start… you know, tutorials and labs. It isn’t helped by a not so desirable timetable. Haven’t been blogging much, because, yes… I intend to do even better this semester. An angel fallen from grace is in need of proving himself, once more. Please let me continue to soar in the heavens above. Adieu


August 17, 2008

Beijing 2008

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This Olympics hold much significance. Very much… As a Singaporean, the 48 years wait for a Olympic medal is finally over. When I watched the Women’s Team Table Tennis semi-finals a couple of days ago, it was a little bit emotional. Hahaha… Seriously, the one thought on my mind was why do the Koreans have such irritating slicing shots. It was a nail-biting hard fought win. And then we proceeded to the finals in emphatic style.

That we did, and so silver we shall claim. Hurhur… no one in the right frame of mind should bet against China powering their way to a routine win. I watched the finals today. It was cool. As it stands, even though we still got thrashed, we are already the best of the losers (even managing to bring the match to 1.5 hours when China downed all other oppositions within an hour). So we can be proud.

Next, who can forget the focus of this entire Olympics? All eyes cast down on a single person, the one person whose medal tally towers over most nations. I am truly blessed to be able to witness the exploits of Michael Phelps, clinching an unprecedented 8 gold medals in a single Olympics, a feat that will stand for decades to come. When the United States won their Men’s 4 x 100m Freestyle Relay courtesy of an otherworldly performance from Jason Lezak, I had a niggling feeling it was a divine act from above. The stage was set, Phelps will get his golds. Once again a miraculous event took place in the Men’s 100m Butterfly again. A monumental display from Phelps powered him from 7th at the halfway turn to emerge victorious… barely… by 1 hundredth of a second. Euphoria sets in, I knew he will get his final gold by this time. The world witnessed an awe-inspiring record, truly… magnificent.

Outside the pool, in fact atop the running tracks, there is another epic performer. He will never have as many golds as Phelps, but his performance may be no less impressive. Hail the (newest) fastest man on Earth, Usain Bolt. Can he push human limit further? Round 1 heats, taking it slow baby, 10.20 seconds. Round 2 heats, getting into gear, 9.92 seconds. Semi-finals, now that’s more like it, 9.85 seconds. And then, the epic moment of the event. A new world record has to be set, smashing his own previous record, in a monster 9.69 seconds. And he eased off in the final 20m or so and started celebrating because no one else was even near him!!! Considering that 5 other racers dipped under the 10s mark, they were no slouches as well… Just imagine how much faster Usain Bolt could be in full gear… With a display like this, who can go against him in the 200m? Hahaha, we shall wait and see.

August 14, 2008

《精武陈真》 (2008)

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陈小春 饰 陈  真
董  洁 饰 方志欣
尹子维 饰 柳生静云
楚轶男 饰 许艳茹
刘子豪 饰 方志威
唐一菲 饰 千  代
徐少强 饰 佐  藤
刘  永 饰 许砚浓
王飞鸿 饰 路大安
郭圣然 饰 霍东觉

This is a direct sequel to the drama 《霍元甲》starring Ekin Cheng. To be honest, that was the very first reason why I decided to watch this. But at the end of the day, this is in itself a pretty good drama.

It has its fair share of action (duh), notably impressive martial arts choreography, bits of romance here and there & some mini political exchanges. Sometimes it makes me feel patriotic, hahaha… For some reason or another, its just a feeling. Looking at chen zhen in this drama against his character in huo yuan jia, one can see that he has really matured alot.

Plot-wise, it is quite simple to understand and see. A conflict of interest between mainland china and the japanese in Bei Ping. Then its also interesting to see how the 2 parties involved approach and tackle different problems, and the schemes they put into motion to gain an upper hand over the others. (No offence to modern japs) It is obvious how the japanese are usually the ones using underhanded means to try to attain their goals.

Another cool factor in the show is how a couple of the guys in this show display exemplary faith in what they believe in, and deeply entrenched respect/love for certain people and the distance that they would go for that… And in many cases, heart-wrenching decisions… So its got the oomph that tugs at my heart.

I actually watched this some time ago but didn’t blogged about it until now. So I haven’t had an idea of what I really wanted to say! hahaha… but watch this if you like wushu dramas.

August 12, 2008

The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor (2008)

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This film, is a bit of a disappointment. (At least I watched it free) There is Jet Li, plus it rides on massive reputation of 2 previous titles, and then it falls into an abyss.

1) The plot is very very predictable. You almost know what’s coming up next, or at least within inches once the story casts start talking about plans or whatever. Basically there is no element of surprise, thus you cannot feel the oomph that should come with a blockbuster.

2) There are quite a number of illogical moments in the film. The emperor is claimed to have mastery over the 5 (chinese) elements. The word “mastery” shouldn’t be randomly used. If he is really that powerful, why don’t he just make an effort to make sure he kill those people in the know, instead of say oh, have a little fun with them and let them have the freedom to gather assistance and firepower to crush his regime later. On another note, when Michelle Yeoh was stabbed early in the show, it was discovered much later that Yetis saved her. They supposedly hail from the mountains of Tibet (as portrayed in the film). Michelle Yeoh was escaping from the forbidden city or something like that, basically the palace. That is nowhere near Tibet. We see later that the site is very very near to a portion of the Great Wall, a structure primarily erected to protect against northern barbarians. Trust me, its friggin’ far from the Tibetan mountains still, and with sprawling expanses of desert in the way, those Yetis shoudn’t be found anywhere near to save her.

3) While we are on the topic of location. I remember vividly when the emperor is turned into clay. Fastforward 2000 years later, when he is discovered in this tomb. It is obviously in a different location, and he is miraculously now atop a war chariot.

4) Most of the jokes are downright not funny. And there ain’t witty comments or stuffs in the movie to engage the more intellectual audiences.

5) 2 conflicting points in culture. The dragon emperor eh… He is a goddamn chinese emperor. The chinese dragon is a symbol of the mandate of heaven, hence the name… But no, the friggin’ emperor must think that a three headed western dragon with huge flapping wings look more cool. Next, way early in the show Michelle Yeoh placed the cursed in Tibetan tongue. Way later when she raised the army of skeletons, she actually used English. Those arcane spells she learnt should have a common origin and so should have been in the same language. Even if you did argue otherwise, using English is really wrong as well because clearly those skeletons don’t understand English, as evident from the messy conversation between them and our protagonists. So how then do you respond to a summon when you have no friggin’ idea what the other side is talking about?

There are more negatives, and few positives. For one, it doesn’t live up to the hype and reputation. For those who have not catch this show, I suggest you don’t unless you have a really really burning desire for some reason or another.

August 9, 2008

It’s Finally OVER!

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At long last, Battalia ’08 came to an end. Months of hard work, it did pay off. Thankfully. It is heartening to know just how much some of the freshies, and indeed, ogls, appreciate the efforts we put into this. Months of toil (and turmoil) brought together into a blistering week.

To be honest, there were dubious characters in the committees. It really escapes my comprehension of them joining if they didn’t have enough passion in pulling off an eventual brilliant outcome. Kudos to the rest of us who possess such fortitude, creativity, endurance & willpower to deliver. I will remember the hours we spent, sometimes past midnight, making sure everything is in place & preparing the equipment & cracking our grey masses coming up with ingenious ideas & bitching about stuffs & more. We literally shed sweat and tears (from lack of sleep) together, and sometimes blood. And we brave the heat of Sentosa & the coldness of CRE together… hahaha. And most appreciation to logistics whom we (outdoor) work most closely with.

These are times when stronger bonds are forged, and it is always nice to think that we are there for one another when things screw up. It sets me thinking about the true essence of our theme, Battalia. What is it that you seek in battle? Of course, to win and have a desirable outcome is always an agenda. Then again, I think the process is more important, something not everyone can appreciate, that we brave through all the shit as an indomitable team. Thanks guys & gals for giving some positivity to this thing… (yea yea if you asked me again I would probably not choose to do this again)

There are still wonderful people around. And it definitely diminishes the chances of working with unknown people in future, be it in random project groups or other misc activities. To end off a memorable week, we bizaders are champions for Rag & Flag ’08. Like AGAIN 😀 Wooza… till next time.

August 5, 2008

Random Musings (Again)

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You know what… Orientation Week for my juniors started yesterday. Our hard work over the months finally put into fruition. Slept like a pig last night… Afterall I barely had 1.5 hours of sleep the “night” before. Seriously I dunno what to post down here. Still in a half-spinning mind. And still busy for the days to come. So expect more stuffs after that… Till then