September 27, 2008

Panic Mode!!!

Posted in General, University at 2:21 pm by ryushin

I am officially going into PANIC MODE. 1 week of break… what have I done? Countless tutorials left untouched. Revision barely in the frame of my agenda. It was a week that I had thrown down into the depths of an abyss myself. Well… there is still the weekend, and its up for guesses whether I can put myself down to work.

So I had had a good start to the semester in terms of assignments. So I was happy, resting on past glory perhaps. In this recess week, I spent abit of some a fair portion of ALOT OF time indulging in personal pleasures.

What am I gonna do now… I still have more mega cheat-sheets to prepare, more textbooks to read, more presentations to prepare amidst the all-important upcoming midterm week. Say relax relax… you know, I don’t think I will do too badly for any module. But recalling the earlier aim I set myself, with ongoing results suggesting that it is very much achievable, its gonna be a waste to watch it all go down the drain now. Lets hope somebody somewhere knock some sense into me to somehow do something sometime before the real crunch sets in.


September 14, 2008


Posted in General at 11:10 pm by ryushin

Dear readers, I am going into a mini hibernation of sorts.

For those of you wondering, no… I’m not spending ungodly hours late into candle-lit night “burning” my books. I’m hardly doing tutorials even. May osmosis work for me (my bookshelf is next to my bed).

What I have been really doing is wasting all my time away on dramas and games (and will continue doing so in the short run). And generally having fun. And no, mugging is not fun. My aim of a good SAP looks far-fetched now. haha…

September 5, 2008

I’m Still Here

Posted in General, University at 10:59 pm by ryushin

Btw, this puny blogger is still alive! No I didn’t get abducted by aliens, nor vaporized by the Earth’s molten core, nor become a victim of 10,000% unemployment rate. I also wasn’t stuck in the toilet. Last I know, the human race ain’t facing extinction either.

What really happened was the onslaught of work that my modules threw at me this semester. I have to tackle with many unfamiliar groups of people in unfamiliar classes because guess what? My original clique have their joyous common tutorials and stuffs which wasn’t just meant to be for me. Outside of that, why do I have to keep picking up the leadership mantles whichever classes I end up in. It burns the life out of me. Now besides that, I’m also jostling for grades with the PRCs, Vietnamese and Indians over some maths & programming modules (the general consensus being they perform better in these subject areas). But no… I need to crush enough of them down to secure my grades. This semester is my best shot at achieving my most ambitious SAP. Only time will tell…