October 31, 2008

《射雕英雄传》 (2008)

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All right, I have actually finished watching this quite some time ago, and only blogged about this now. First of all, some general views. I’ve always been fascinated by jinyong’s novel, so this was a show I had to watch. The good thing was the stellar cast here, which of course adds weight to this wonderful plot. Actually most Chinese-speaking people should know about the story already, me included. But somehow the passion and drive is still there to keep me interested and watch it.

Well, what is interesting is this serious yet enjoyable wuxia story is a semi-idol drama in disguise! At least that is the feeling I got. But at least it is not that soapy and overly unrealistic portrayal of romantica you find in many taiwan idol dramas nowadays. (Supporters of those please don’t flame me) Lets do a bit of mini analysis of the major characters.

郭靖 – 胡歌 饰
A suave guo jing, hahaha… now that’s different. And kudos to hu ge for being able to make himself look really retarded at times, to the erm, intelligence level of our protagonist. Secondly, guo jing is the ultimate portrayal of the virtues you need to find in a hero. Unwavering faith, indomitable spirit, filial piety, loyalty, compassion and almost all the good things you want to find. You find an example of such utmost justice when you watch 神雕侠侣 and witness how he wanna punish guo fu for the deed on yang guo, hahaha. But of course, one has to compliment his selfless spirit shown on many ocassions, and the noble deed of patriotism that he exercised until the end of his life. Now now, hu ge can give me that kind of image, because of the various roles he played over the years.

黄蓉 – 林依晨 饰
Now for the person guo jing cannot do without for the rest of his life. It is amazing how fate brings the two of them together, and in fact, it was all down to the good upbringing of guo jing that enable huang rong to see just how good of a person guo jing is. Otherwise, it is rather impossible to imagine how this mischievious little spoilt little mistress of Peach Blossom Island will fancy such a dim-witted dude. It is worth noting that for all the 海誓山盟 pledged throughout so many relationships, this is actually one genuine one. For all the hardships that the 2 protagonists endure together, it will turn out that in 神雕侠侣 they actually fulfilled the vow of 同生共死. Regarding the casting, I actually thought Ariel Lin wasn’t a bad choice. At least she looks adorable, and sometimes deviously scheming and can actually make you detest her for the not so pleasant deeds huang rong does in the earlier part of the novel.

杨康 – 袁弘 饰
Sworn brother at birth to guo jing, a destiny weaved between the two before they were even born. But fate often makes a mockery out of such things. Turns out that they are worlds apart in terms of upbringing and personality. There is alot of room for this character to express himself, and yuan hong did it brilliantly. I do feel more empathy towards this yang kang than other versions. You could almost feel the inner conflicts and agony that this guy goes through, like transparent strings tugging at your heart. No matter how… even though this guy landed himself in a sorry plight, its partly down to forced circumstances, but also his own wrong choices. Anyway, this version editted the ending of this character, so its not jinyong canon in that sense, but it gives him abit more honor, and finally bring him back onto the path of light 😀

穆念慈 – 刘诗诗 饰
The devoted, selfless wife of the above-mentioned. Good gracious we have her to thank for not giving up. (otherwise there won’t be the all-conquering yang guo later on) Liu shi shi gives me the impression of a soft-spoken demure lady. And that is exactly a strong point in this casting! The supportive trusting spouse of a traitor, hah. As it turns out, she begins to have doubts over the character of her husband, and half-heartedly trying to convince herself, to much grief, that yang kang is still equipped with the original purpose and mindset of being a spy behind enemy lines. So once again, the union didn’t turn out to be as happy as hoped for, a tragedy in fact. What you can enjoy though is her pretty face, and her dancing background actually enabled nice fluid martial arts move in the show.

Those above are of course the 4 major characters in the novel. Otherwise, the supporting casts are also great. I’m particular fond of 黄秋生 as 黄药师. He has abit of that 怪癖 look, and exudes the kind of cold aura, befitting of 东邪. 徐锦江 as 欧阳峰 is yet another brilliant casting. He gives the impression of a focused personality, very straightforward, and I somehow feel his look meshes friggin’ well with the 武痴 feel of 西毒. 梁家仁 as 洪七公 is also marvelous. He completely acted out the carefree attitude and heroic nobility of the 北丐. These are 3 very experienced actors, and you can see I like them. 2 other good ones are 李解 as 欧阳克  and 郭亮 as 完颜洪烈, though I feel this is partly attributable to the script giving them more depth.

All in all, a very good adaptation (from my viewpoint) of the novel. If you don’t know the story, its a chance to watch it. Even if you do, relive the memories 😀


October 26, 2008


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I am making my way through rockslides (metaphorically), no doubt provided for by a wonderful uni life. Group projects is especially burning enough time for me to pull my hair. And everyone just doesn’t have enough common free time slots (aside from night and weekends), so the primary channel of discussion usually becomes online. It has its own problems as well, if you are one of those who have experienced enough.

There are so many things to do, so much to accomplish, so many opportunities for me to strive for better grades. But here I am, battling away with time in an eternal struggle of remorse… Yet I didn’t frequent this site as much, nor my facebook profile. What has come into me? I’ve lost it, the passion, the passion that once was burning, when I was just but a little kid. It was those times, you have great dreams, life was beautiful, and you set out on a lifelong journey to discover your purpose in the grand scheme of life.

Lifelong??? Probably not. I saw a great deal in just these little years, the many facets, and facades, of life. And the world can be so ugly. And perhaps I understood myself more. And the world is never meant for perfectionists. And so here I am today, drifting away from the drive of the early years, perhaps never to be reclaimed. Fact is… I have changed.

October 13, 2008

Culture Trap

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Realised I had not been visiting this site for a relatively long time. To be honest, half of it is attributed to heavy workload, but half of it is because there is nothing much happening in my life, except the gaming parts, so there was little I could write about. After all, I avoid tackling big issues/topics in this self-focused little space over here.

But I was getting abit emo today. Are we, as a human race, progressing? Many people will probably say yes to that question. But is technological development the sole measure of progress? Unfortunately… not… Perhaps we had taken a step back in terms of cultural development in many aspects.

Here are some really common examples I will like to highlight. First up is the “All your paths are belong to us!” mentality. Look look look… at this pathway that is clearly designed to fit 2 person side by side width-wise. And then there are 2 people approaching, friends definitely, else they wouldn’t be talking jovially to each other. It is only common courtesy if someone is on the opposite direction that you give way… (vulgarities censored) People do not have to walk in parallels to talk, and even if you do, it won’t kill you to step aside for a moment. Do you expect to step onto grass/mud/whatever to accommodate other people who refuse to shift their heavy masses of lumbering bodies? No right… so don’t for one moment expect others to do that for you.

The second situation occurs frequently as well. Its the “All your seats are belong to us!” mentality. You always see that on public transports don’t you? What is happening to the morality of our society? I cannot judge people because I know as a person, I am not perfect. But there must be a basic level of cultivation that we should have attained, do you think not?

October 6, 2008


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Finished the bulk of my midterms for this sem, and in fact got back those results. Terrible!!! Ridiculous for me. All round lower expectations. Just what is happening? Sleeping about 6 hours on avg pre-exam is just NOT ENOUGH. The fact that I wasn’t exactly revising for them is clearly a determining factor too… but having a multitude of project deadlines to spar with, (+ my usual dilly-dallying on games and dramas) meant that there wasn’t enough time anyway! hah poor excuses? Just finished a gruelling presentation today too, one that I spent so much time on in 2.5 days that i’m had chronic sleep deficiency. Not good… There is still a midterm waiting for me come friday. And then weekly presentations await… cool? No… Notice I’m talking incoherently now and there isn’t any paragraphing breaks. Hah… Wall of text indeed.

while (!asleep) self-inflicted damage ++;

October 1, 2008

First Blood

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Ok… this is crap. Had my first midterm test for this semester just 2 days ago. Conclusion: I am deeply disappointed with myself. Thats what happen when you put next to minimal efforts into revision and still daydream during lessons. Morale is super duper low. Hopefully it can be salvaged 2mr, but TWO back-to-back midterms await me 2mr… So its still crappy anyway.