November 7, 2008

《搜神传》 (2008)

Posted in Drama, Entertainment at 5:54 pm by ryushin

钟嘉欣 饰 蓟彩芝
陈浩民 饰 石敢当
陈锦鸿 饰 晏喜
欧锦棠 饰 干将
胡定欣 饰 迦楼罗
谭小环 饰 无极天尊
惠英红 饰 草忘忧
李思欣 饰 石敢言
姚乐怡 饰 龙女
陈思齐 饰 蒋倩

Ok this is a ancient fantasy period, loaded with comedy. Some humourous, others trying too hard. At first I kind of look forward to this show, but soon its a matter of wanting to get it over and done with (its not a long drama so I didn’t ditch it halfway). Sadly though, even though its already short, and lacking substantial plot development, it was super draggy towards the end. It was like trying too hard to have something there to keep it going, but that something is friggin’ boring.

Overall, I find that this is weak on the plot, and almost the whole thing is kind of illogical. In fact alot of things doesn’t make sense. You are forced into accepting thats the way things work… So if you are particular about that, stay far far away. And because it is much rather a light-hearted comedy, it doesn’t exactly demand alot on the acting part. By that I mean the actors being deeply immersed in the personality and emotional portrayal of the characters. So unless you find some burning reason to watch this, or just wanna have something light to destress, I suggest you find other better alternatives.