March 26, 2009


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这是残酷的现实,还是多疑的猜测。 我度过了多少漫长的孤独日子,一次又一次遇见了让我心酸的片段。 难道我就如此失败,就连在你们生活中拥有一个配角的价值也没有? 双眸闭上偶尔的美好回忆也只不过是过眼云烟。 那微淡的记忆毕竟是无法演绎的历史,如风飘去。 也许我只是你的避风港,也许我只是你的救生圈。 就只因为我的理想造成了时间的疏散,我只会是遥远的局外物吗?




March 15, 2009

《溏心风暴之家好月圆》 (2008)

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夏雨 饰 甘泰祖
李司棋 饰 锺笑荷
关菊英 饰 锺笑莎
米雪 饰 殷红
陈豪 饰 甘永家
林峰 饰 甘永好
杨怡 饰 孙皓月
黎诺懿 饰 甘永圆
陈法拉 饰 甘咏庆
温家恒 饰 甘永中
锺嘉欣 饰 于素心
徐子珊 饰 路嘉美
黄宗泽 饰 凌至信

I don’t watch a lot of modern period dramas, but this one caught my attention due to the amount of hype, and the sheer impressive ratings out there. And wow… not only were the cast here very strong, the plot totally blew me away. When I think of the kind of family disputes plot my local media produces, it was just on another level really.

This show made a simple plot so engaging, so natural, so exasperatingly heart-chilling. Just how much scheming self-centered people are prepared to go to, and just how much fortitude does each individual member of the broken family possess in trying to piece back their household again. It is the battle of titans between two great mothers (oops one of them is not great in the correct sense).

I don’t think I have much to say, it culminates in one thing -> watch this. It is the experience that is most impactful. And don’t expect to have much to laugh about.

p.s. (I like raymond, tavia, fala, linda)