April 19, 2009

Still Slacking

Posted in General at 1:36 am by ryushin

On a day I’m supposed to be doing revision for end of semester examinations, I had indeed been up to something else. Ah lets see how it turns out. Nice! Oh man… it seems as though I have no mood for revision. Anything but studies…



  1. jh said,

    nice picture.

  2. ryushin said,

    Kindly inform me if you know anyone who looks like that 😀

  3. chipz said,

    yoz..this pic really very nice. did you imagine it or was it from some wu xia xiao shuo character?
    haha, anyway, good luck with exams~

    • ryushin said,

      Ah, thanks.
      Its erm not totally a fabrication of imagination. But I dunno if any fictional character looked like this. I had something for reference when doodling this.

      • jh said,

        who/what did u use as reference?

      • ryushin said,

        Gah… can only have 3 layers of comments…
        Anyway, its not a who, otherwise I don’t need to find, lol…

      • jh said,

        if too many layers… the Nth layer will be soooooooooo tiny, then the comment will become very “long”

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