May 30, 2009

Great Disappointment

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Well, the results for yet another semester had been disclosed. And I must say I feel regret over what I had been doing during much of the sem, including the period leading up to and even during the exams itself. Sometimes I do wonder if it is worth it to try too hard to achieve the impossible. While other people are looking for easy low level modules to fill their degree requirements, I had been competing with the elites from another faculty in the pursuit of a difficult minor. I think I can take a step back now to reformulate my plans. My result in those modules are crappy enough to sway my will, and this is the time to stop, yes… after going through 4 painful modules without an A and wasting 2 of my precious S/U options…

I feel horrible. It’s an emo period. None of my fellow captains achieve their expectations. Sometimes life can be full of surprises. The modules I had A+ never were the ones I put much effort in, yet the same effort can result in something half as good. Time to take a big long break now, and refocus when the going gets tough. I must do it. Need to embrace the glorious feeling again.


May 28, 2009

《短暂的生命》 (2009)

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a very short life

This is a Cat III movie, yes… I watched this. For nudity, sexuality, abusive violence, gore, coarse language and erm… well, thats about it I think… Actually when I first got this I was thinking along the lines of seeing whether its truly Lelia in the nude 😀 but then its impossible to know lah. I think that was performed by a double.

Anyway the theme is quite unsettling… And maybe makes people think, alot. In fact it is apparently based on a true story, and yes I can imagine it to be so. I don’t know why but I do feel abit of heartache as I watched this. Much of the first half of the show takes place into an interrogation room, and you can see what kind of techniques is employed to question the suspect… ouch…

And even though I’m a guy, I do hate all the people like the bastards that are in the show. Blast them to oblivion.

May 27, 2009

Yet Another Outing

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This is another reunion with Mark! For the second time within a week, I went to Cineleisure. Well at least the activities are different. Lunch was pretty normal, at the food court, which I had not been to in eons. Had originally planned for something more exotic, but… ——–.

We then went to E2Max to enjoy ourselves, which was the point of the day. Mark wanted to play Left 4 Dead, and there seems to be quite the commotion about it, so we see how it was really like. To be fair, I think its pretty good once you actually know what to do. And perhaps a little map of some sorts would have been useful, or at least some kind of indication on where to move. Seeing as we didn’t really progress much, we didn’t get to anywhere with bigger weapons to try out on the side of the survivals. But I thought it was kind of cool about the helping hand system and the sort of features less seen in other FPS. The zombies had a more direct objective, which is to prevent the survivals from being their namesake. On that day itself, I just fiddled with the controls trying to learn how to use each zombie. I didn’t know that each zombie that were granted control to the players were special, because without knowing how to execute the moves meant that it appears like they only have a moronic swiping attack. But finally I learnt how to use the Hunter, hahaha, very cool to pounce onto a survival and rip him to shreds.

The second part was more lame… when we tried to play Team Fortress 2… wth downloading map takes eternity? And the frequent dropouts… The network seems abit crappy and spoils our fun at the crucial moments… bah. We went to play Wii next, more specifically, Bleach: Shattered Blades. Most of the characters had not been unlocked, which denied us the opportunity for more lame experiments. Speaking of which, jh shows that he is the local expert in vs games in this clique… and of course, also for enlightening us on the true hero(ine) of the characters available. Orihime please stand up! Healing, invulnerable shield, super wonderful pair of fists, great speed, and homing projectile. What more could you ask for?

Finally, went to BK for dinner, and noticed they had a new spicy burger of sorts that I tried. Actually its not too bad lah, quite nice 🙂 It should become my standard BK meal until a new thing springs up. Oh yes… There is this weapon and accessories shop in PS, argh I didn’t take note of the name… Which sells life-sized swords and katanas and the such. The most expensive piece I saw was the Phoenix Tachi, and elaborate and exquisite Japanese sword. Looks damn cool! Cost in excess of 4000 bucks. Would love to have that, but I don’t have the cash to spend like this. Hahaha…

p.s. Swensens remind me of the impending doom that is awaiting me on Friday…

May 23, 2009

《保持通话》 (2008)

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I’ve actually watched this way back, and so only retain some foggy memories of the little details. But in any case, I found out this was adapted from an English film (Cellular) which basically has the same overall plot. I didn’t watch the original version so I can’t compare, but this Chinese version wasn’t bad. Well, I kind of like how it was presented, and it probably has to do with a not too overused theme about an unlikely hero (except that this guy seems pretty crap after all).

There are big big twists in the middle of the story that leads you to a big ouch… I kind of forgot how the spouses of Louis Koo and Barbie Hsu left/died/whatever, but the thing is they are now alone. Louis has a son and Barbie has a daughter. And a twisted accident with an enigma of epic proportions left Barbie kidnapped, and her only hope of survival was through a random phone call via ingenious wiring to a stranger, an unlikely man to rescue her and her daughter. So this begins the story of a debt collector agent in a chase around the city to save someone he never ever saw before, and in the end, this is zero turned hero 🙂

Unlikely I know, but sometimes it is still nice to dream. What would you do if you were put into such a situation? Receiving a mysterious phone call pleaing for help and not getting the assistance of the cops.

May 22, 2009

《火舞黄沙》 (2006)

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林保怡 饰 阎万曦
陈豪 饰 宋东升
蔡少芬 饰 焦玉
佘诗曼 饰 家春分
黎姿 饰 计明凤
锺景辉 饰 阎国业
王贤志 饰 阎万天
黄德斌 饰 宋东阳
卲美琪 饰 舒朗月

陝北一带,一个荒芜的高原之上,住着寥寥无几的居民。 阎宋两族三代的恩怨情仇在此展开。 依太祖遗训,两族人应唇亡齿寒,互相扶持,但在争权夺利的局势下,争执在所难免。 人生匆匆数十年,到底是什么信念让你继续活在那艰苦的环境里? 在这小小的阎家铺,女人卑微,被所谓的贞节压得喘不过气,更为达成相夫教子和延续香火的责任而烦恼。 阎家铺老板手握大权,族规严明,在一次惩罚通奸的意外中,一段复杂的故事开始了。

阎老板看似冷血无情,咄咄逼人。 在那心高气傲的表面下到底隐藏着什么不为人知的秘密? 往年侥幸活命的奸夫再度返回山上是否已展开了雄伟的复仇大计? 势力单薄的宋族当家焦玉,一介女流却要压抑群雄,为自己儿子铺路,防备对当家之位虎视眈眈的宋族长老,下场究竟会如何?

什么听天由命,什么逆天而行。。。 在这么一个艰苦的环境里,就有四个不认命的女人为了毕生幸福而筹谋,亦有无数的男人争夺权位。 一生活在仇恨里,一生活在骗局里。。。 到头来一无所有,发现原来最珍贵的东西一直都没有离开过。。。 问世间情为何物,直叫人生死相许。。。

May 19, 2009

Birthday Gathering

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Lol hahaha not my birthday. We celebrated Eunice’s and Gary’s birthday at JP, Fish & Co to be exact. Gary was abit caught by surprise its so funny. In any case Eunice got the New York Fish & Chips. Been always hearing good things about it, and haven’t tried so far. A pity cos my mission is to challenge the spicy items on offer (not that Fish & Co is an expert on that). So I eventually settled for some sambal fish, which the waitress says is huge. HAHAHA… ERMZ? They quite stingy with the sambal sauce, hahaha. I’m not gonna upload any pics here. Anyone who knows enough will know where to find the pics. Huixin eat so little, really sick and tired of seafood le eh… After I conquered my prey for the day, I helped her and susan finish their platter, together with Gary of coz, whose salmon looks pathetically small lol.

The birthday cake is quite cute wor, I also dunno beforehand. Gary has a few photos that look emo-ish as he cut up his own erm face? And he keeps wielding his saber the wrong retarded way. Either that or he keeps self-stab or attempts to stab me -.-” Hurhur, but there is nothing much on a monday night for us to do afterwards… So I can get home before my mum screams at me for not phoning her again 😛

May 15, 2009

Angels & Demons (2009)

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Watched this as soon as it opened over here, haha. Well I’ve read the novel before, and it follows closely, with only minor differences. Plus it all felt too fast because of the required compression to fit the length of the film. So sometimes I felt that the interim between each location didn’t feel like there was enough tension and urgency.

I seriously don’t know what to write much about it here because there are too much spoilers for people who do not know the story. When it begins it surface that there is an apparent secret society who call themselves the Illuminati, meaning the enlightened ones, that seems to be pitting itself against the Church, and the story soon takes place in the Vatican and across Rome, including many locations of monumental significance. I felt it was better than Da Vinci Code (the transition to the big screen) relatively.

Anyway, symbols play a considerably pivotal role in this plot, specifically, what they call ambigrams. Ambigrams are words in artform that are readable when you rotate them 180 degrees, often the exact same word. Interested people are able to search on the web easily for the ambigrams found in the story. The film is only going to make them more popular 😀 Oh yea, just something to note, the final brand in the film is different from what is illustrated in the novel, which is the Illuminati Diamond. Another thing I found interesting is the eye of illumination, the “all-seeing eye” on the USD. Was it referenced in the show? I kinda forgot. But I know Dan Brown did say something about it. Hahaha… You are under the scrutiny of the enlightened ones…


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