June 28, 2009

Random Post

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On a random night, with a random group, had a random talk, about random girls people, stirring random memories, driving random thoughts, grasping random hopes



June 26, 2009

Random Outings

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Lol and behold, first up I had a get together with moi JC clique yesterday. Its the New York New York trip, something that we had already been contemplating on for quite some time but never got to go. Look, we had been going for semi-regular buffet trips, + I actually think most of us eat alot more than our size suggest, but alas, this is the one epic time we failed! But a glorious fail nevertheless. jh you did damn great for attempting the epic $32.90 yankee burger challenge. When jh fails, all else fail. Everyone of you who knows me, please stay far far far far away from the challenge in case you have not seen my msn nick. (4 people sharing is ok though hahahaha)

Who: jiahao, ken, dom, zong, me
What: Makan session
Where: New York New York @ Citylink
Cost: ~17 sgd (my share)

How do I describe the monstrosity that jh decided to whack? 8-inch beef patty burger with a MOUNTAINLOAD of fries. This is damn sick, so sick that many heads were turned when the plate came out of the kitchen. So sick that many passersby pointed here and there and gasped in awe. So sick that jh couldn’t finish it, nevermind the 1 hour limit. We sat there more than 2 hours, and still many french fries survived the horror of getting crunched between teeth. I still cannot imagine seriously. Dom had some salmon thingie which looks quite small to be honest, ken had eh wassat, fried fish fillet izzit. And I shared a meat platter with zong. Most of it was pretty normal, but I like the lamb steak, its nice. (I had a mini phobia when I saw Mac for the rest of the day…)

Next up, thanks minyao for attempting to organize a class outing, lol… though it turned out to be like a 3-tenth class outing. Its my first time eating at Breeks. I love peppermint ice cream 😀 hahahaha. I had some fish and prawn fritters in dunno what sauce (whoops sorry my memory is crap). It was quite an appetising meal, albeit not too filling.  Most of the main courses are of relatively small portions. Aye next time go somewhere nearer lah… all live west side…

Who: minyao, gary, weeboon, soonhui, jiening, peihuang, hidaya, me
Where: Breeks @ Taka
Cost: ~23 sgd (my share)

Until next time, ciao

June 23, 2009

《三国之见龙卸甲》 (2008)

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First of all, I’ve watched this pretty late coz I didn’t when it came out. And when it came out, there were some pretty huge bashings about Maggie Q and the costumes. I’ll join in the bashing here too. This is definitely so unlike the chinese military armor in the three kingdoms era. So factual marks minus, and its not like it is especially flashy and cool anyway.

Ok onto the plot 😀 I know adaptations mean changes from history (or even the novel) and rehashing the same thing over and over again is just boring, but I just wanna gripe haha… First of all, Zhaoyun was already an established general by the time Liu Bei fled from Cao Cao southwards. The movie however portrays him as a little soldier at this point and earned big credit after the rescue of ah dou. I felt it was quite lame really, you don’t send a little dude for this kind of mission. (In actual fact you don’t even send your generals, zhaoyun was the one who made his own decision to recover the lost family without letting anyone know)

Next! As everyone knows Cao Ying is just a fictional character but I don’t really care, at least it adds some female role into the show. I really forgot much about what was shown, didn’t pay too much attention. Zhang Fei’s death was wrong in the movie because they wanted a more honourable death for him hahaha.

Zhao Yun did not die in battle, he did not die in battle. He was rescued in Feng Ming hill by Guan Xing & Zhang Bao. And he did lose battles… just not many. Nobody is invincible lah hahaha. I also disliked the fact that Guan Xing Zhang Bao have that kind of rivalry in the show, coz I think they are supposed to be good buddies like their dads.

Zhao Yun had 2 sons, who weren’t outstanding in history. So might as well be good it wasn’t in the show 😀 He looks sad in the show, don’t even have a spouse. Manz, of the 5 Tiger Generals he had the best end.

Now onto the positive parts. This is a show to immortalize Zhao Yun, hahaha. I kind of like that. He rightfully pwned the 4 sons of Han De (as in history too) and solo ride to rescue the family of Liu Bei. That was THE shining moment for him, and his horse. Alas they didn’t pay more attention to the horse. I would have liked it to be white (by popular folklore his horse is called White Dragon aka Bai Long, and is pure white and majestic) and cool looking. But in all it is still a quite watchable show. Sorry that I’m a three kingdoms buff 😛

p.s. The imba Zhao Yun in novel is the amalganation of the historic Zhao Yun and Chen Dao (another brilliant general).

June 17, 2009

Something to burn my life away

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I have been laming around too much during this break, wasting time away on something that I probably cannot hope to accomplish. So I decided to downgrade it a little. Essentially I redefine my entire project. I have now embarked on writing my own little story with some elements influenced by the little (and great) things I feel about the greater aspects of life, and the intricate and complex nature of human relationships.

It is gonna be released over time and I hope that enough divine power will fuel my motivation to carry on writing it. As of now, there is only the introduction to the introduction, which stands at merely 327 words -.-

But in any case, because this may become too sensitive, philosophical and morbid, there will be restricted access to it. So right now there is no readers! (But there is nothing much to read yet, at least for now)

June 13, 2009

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button (2008)

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This is one curious story about an extraordinary man. I don’t think I need to go into long reviews and whatnot considering the amount of coverage this has in the media being multiple winners of the Academy Awards. So I will just sum up some feelings, extraordinary feelings about this.

I don’t know how to imagine the circumstances in which a person can experience reverse aging. It may be a work of fiction (adapted from the novel of the same title), but it touches the heart. No matter what you look like, no matter what happens in the future, there are some things that will not change… The thoughts of looking at the people you love and care for grow old and die before you. The fear of what is going to go on in your life as you grow younger with the days.

This is a classic love epic that should be watched by everyone. I don’t know if I can accept the bizzare scenarios if I was put into this kind of situation…

June 8, 2009

Happy Birthday to Myself

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It is that time of the year again, the time of the year of new challenges, new ambitions, and a new IPPT window. Its kind of funny in a sense that I tend to spend this day, or the days around celebrating other people’s birthday instead. I know just too many June babies (btw we rox :D) and for the most part of my early life, its always a combined simple dinner with my family, coz my daddy’s birthday is one day before mine!

Saw ken write about birthday wishes. That sounds so foreign… I actually forgot since when did I stop bothering about that. I remember the old times when my grandma and parents kept wishing me 学业进步. Maybe it helped afterall? Perhaps I should think about making a wish this year? I wish for _ ______ ___ ________ __________ ___ ________ __ __ ___ ___ _________ _ ____.

June 5, 2009

What I Have Been Doing

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Tada, apologies if this sounds like the post title of anyone 😀 Anyway during this school break I have avoided commitments to any major activities/jobs/whatever so I can have more free time. Interestingly, I have expanded upon the variation of activities on my PC contrary to what I would have thought initially.

First up, I’ve been playing daily puzzles at kenken.com which was incidentally introduced to me by ken, lol… This seems to be a much more advanced manifestation of sudoku/kakuro, and in fact I must say I am kind of addicted. Allows me to work some brain everyday. Maybe I should just tackle the 9×9 puzzle everyday as it is the most difficult. Unfortunately, jh thrashes me upsidedown in this game also, bleah.

Another daily thing I’ve also been doing is brain exercise game thing that is supposedly developed by Dr. Kawashima. I’m not sure how useful it will be at this stage so I’m just fooling around. There are many many different kind of puzzles in the game aimed at boosting the differing functions of our puny grey mass. Three distinct sections are identified, the Frontal Lobe, Parietal Lobe and the Temporal Lobe. Seems like I need to work on more imagery as it appears to be my weakest area, hahaha. Have much more sense with numbers. In any case, lets see if I will keep going on and do this everyday. (As of the hols there is still ample free time, not sure if it can be sustained though)

I have also started some work on rebuilding fitness, though I am still very disappointed at the state I am in now. A more serious proper consistent regime should be in the workings anytime soon, probably on Monday. Hopefully this serves as a springboard for me to actually put consistent effort in physical fitness.

With mental and physical agendas out of the way, where do I place my emotional attachments? I still enjoy the usual things I do, watching my dramas here and there, movies here and there, having random chit-chat sessions here and there. But those are the usual stuffs. The more significant thing that happens is I have started my own personal mini (maybe not so mini) project that I think will probably never be completed, but I still enjoy tinkering with it.

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