July 29, 2009

More School Updates

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Well, as it goes, every semester there is this mad bidding period on CORS that we have to endure through. But at least this time I got all the mods I want again! And overall for lower than the expected amount of points. But then again the bidding in my faculty this sem seems abit bonkers, totally out of expectations. Its a good thing I still have a healthy balance of points to continue the battle in future sems.

I should also be relieved that there is no classes I am sitting in alone, though hopefully project teams formation will be free and easy too. I think I have to work extra hard this sem. Hopefully a couple of motivations from all around will help to push me towards my goal. Felt that I had let myself down over the recent past few semesters when I could have done much better.

Jiayou everyone as a new semester dawns upon us.


July 25, 2009

A Little Update

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Oh well, with the impending start of a new school semester, I guess I’ll give a lil update of what had gone on for me during this rather uneventful holiday. First of all, for those who notices the respectable amount of shows (both movies and dramas) that spring up in this blog over here, yes, that is one of the primary activities I have been involved in for much of the holidays πŸ˜€

Actually not much went on other than that besides routine boring activities like facebooking and chatting, with the occasional outings here and there. Something more significant would be a personal project I had finally accomplished, which is to put my jc clique into a drawn piece of lineart of superior warriors, which can be found over here. On the other hand, there are other stuffs which I had originally intended to do which I didn’t quite worked on much, including a personal novel which had been in my mind for years. I merely managed to write out parts of the first chapter this holiday before I got preoccupied with other stuffs…

I also spent quite some time towards the recent half of the holidays tinkering with timetable, and planning what modules to take in the upcoming semester, which is by no means an easy task to go through, given the number of synchronisations that one hope to achieves in different respective modules. I am so envious of ppl whose faculty gives them MPE… If only I had that, perhaps I will be pulling my hair less. Worrying about whether I have enough points to secure all the module slots I want is especially exasperating.

July 23, 2009

Ice Age 3: Dawn of the Dinosaurs (2009)

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ice age 3

Well, judging from what you see in my blog, I think its pretty obvious to you (if you areΒ  regular reader) that I don’t really watch animated films, so this is one in a very long time indeed. Well, I suppose I don’t expect it to be deep, sophisticated or philosophical in any case. It’s more for enjoyment and laughter.

Anyway, as I had not watched the prequels, I have no idea about the various main characters in the show prior to this, so there is nothing much I can comment on. Well, it turns out that these buncha animals in a herd are living together, and Diego, a tiger, has recently lost passion and wants to seek adventures, while Sid (whatever animal he is) feels kind of left out, as the 2 mammoths are going to have a baby of their own and kinda focus more attention on that.

So it happens that Sid accidentally stumbles upon 3 eggs that he carried home (mistaking that they were abandoned). That wasn’t exactly a smart move as they hatched into 3 baby T-rexes. Even at this age, they already pose a danger to the small animals in the herd, haha. When the mama T-rex comes scouring for her babies, Sid was caught too. The rest of the herd went after to try to rescue him, and they discovered a whole new dinosaur world beneath the ice they had been living on. Well, now the mammoths (which originally are somewhat largest) are so puny in comparison. Down there, they meet a swashbuckling weasel who calls himself Buck who lead them on their greatest adventure to rescue Sid, coming face to face with a great white beast that they call Rudy, something which is even larger than the T-rex.

There are quite a large number of jokes and comical elements in the show, which I think will suit well for the target audience and age group. There are a large number of families watching when I did, and imagine the giggles and small talks all the little kids make. Well… they are pardoned. Young kids are adorable. I only hate idiots who behave moronically and turn out to be a disturbance.

Pretty average show, great for laughs and relaxation though. A pity didn’t watch it in 3D projection.

July 20, 2009

Knowing (2009)

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This is another rather sci-fi-ish show. Though how scientific is knowing the future is rather questionable. So what happens is there is this girl who wrote a sequence of bizarre random numbers, which is put into a time capsule to be opened 50 years later. In the present time, a renowned physicist discovered to his shock and horror that this entire sequence of numbers are not so random after all, and he could clearly trace them to information related to major disasters worldwide, only that some of them had not occurred yet. In the face of impending odds, what could he do to combat against the prophecy?

For the most part, this show can be followed very easily, and there are some moments of suspense (not too much in the sense of the horror genre) and some science behind (not too much actually) the sun. Well, there are also some weird strange beings that wasn’t exactly revealed to be what even to the end, though guessable, and they play a very important role in the entire scope of things. But well, I can’t say I enjoy the ending. Hurhur, just another okayish average show to waste your time πŸ˜€

July 17, 2009

War of the Worlds (2005)

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All right, another movie which I only watch like 4 years after release. I think this is adapted from a novel (of the same title) by H.G. Wells. No doubt usually in such cases, the original novel would be better (even though there is a lack of visual representation). As the name suggests, one can imagine there to be some high tech stuffs at hand. After all, clashes between entities from different worlds would have to mean that at least some of them are high up enough on the technological frontier to navigate between worlds (and attack).

And so, yes this is a sci-fi story about some alien invasion of earth in their brutal extermination of human life. The destructive and wanton nature of them sweeping across the landscape is sooooo spine-chilling, more so the way they extract human blood for whatever reason, to sustain their own life? It almost seemed quite impossible to combat these monstrosities (who are actually not seemingly powerful but) which operated massive droids with weaponry such as massive laser attacks and heat rays, as well as force fields which can stop a missile in its track.

For the large part of the show, hence, it was about fleeing, hiding, finding out a way to avoid these massive weapons of destruction. The end was a little corny. It could be the way the movie had presented it, and I believed maybe the novel might have done it better. Apparently the aliens were susceptible to pathogens in earth’s atmosphere which resulted in their demise, but the movie just ended it quite fast while briefly touching on it, and if I turned a head I would have missed the reason. Besides, much of the content towards the end seems rather rushed, like they were running out of time to end off the show. Lol… Shrugs, maybe it could have been done better. Too many end of the world kind of show and you need to thread on it carefully to craft a unique, engaging and non-anti-climatic one. Just my thoughts.

July 15, 2009

The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe (2005)

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This is yet another show that I didn’t catch (no surprises to people who know me well enough) when it came out. Can’t say it’s bad, just not exactly my cup of tea. But well it does serves as an enjoyable entertaining film following the adventures of 4 kids, who by stumbling into a magical wardrobe find themselves in an all new magical world of Narnia. I can’t say I would enjoy having such a wardrobe but its interesting nonetheless haha.

Story wise, I suppose it followed the novel. A typical good vs evil kind of story. But it is quite visually pleasing. There are some rather impressive scenes that just feels enchanted, something you just want in a magical fantasy story. Since I’m pretty much one of the laggards, I think I don’t need to say much! For the other movies in the series, I think I will as usual wait for them to pop up on the tv.

P.S. There is a subtle focus on the growth, maturity and development on the 4 kids, and that is the important part πŸ™‚

July 12, 2009

Happy Birthday to Another Friend

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Celebrated another birthday yesterday, but it was quite in advance, seeing as the actual date is almost a week away. Oh well, it turns out that the organiser has another event at the same location yesterday so yea. It was a spike in money spent again in a relatively short time, but at least I think all these are gotten out of the way now. (Our joke of the day, don’t have too many good friends, spread their birthdays out, reject when quota is met! HAHAHA)

Anyway this time we went to JP Yaki-Yaki Bo, another jap cuisine outlet. Opted for some value set meal (there are choices of either chicken or beef) and I upgraded the rice to garlic fried rice. Overall there is like the rice, miso soup, salad, fried egg tofu, fruits, bean sprouts, and either chicken or beef atop a slice of toasted bread. Actually I can’t actually comment too much on the worth of it. Perhaps I was quite hungry and erm it didn’t feel filling at all. Hurhur… But of cos this time the extra food was reserved for the birthday guy, which includes his mini cake, and a chawan mushi. The cake has some Ben Ten picture on top, gosh I must say we must feel old now. Totally dunno the guy is a cartoon series hero, hah…

Who: minyao, gary, susan, huixin, clarissa, sherlyn, me
Where: Yaki-Yaki Bo @ Jurong Point
Cost: ~21 SGD (my share)

Oh yea, something to add. I think there was a Raymond Lam autograph session down there yesterday or something, dangit. If only I can see him… My idol leh. Well anyway after that Clar has another erm session with her family members to celebrate her dad’s birthday, at the same place, lol… Yep I was talking about that just now. Rest of us decided to watch Ice Age 3, and we have like 45 minutes to spare. So we hopped down somewhere to treat ourselves some ice cream, at BenTen Cafe. I got a Blueberry something and mine was the last to come and it was a respectable size, though quite ex at 5.80 prior to extra charges. So I had to gobble it down and voila, after that it was movie time, but sadly, 2nd row thanks to last minute-ness and gosh… I must say I enjoy the theatres at Cathay much better.

It was an enjoyable day, and I think this clique might sort of maintain a longer term relations that most others, which kind of slowly drifts away.

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