August 31, 2009

Do You Feel the Heat?!

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I am crushed under a shitload hell of workload. Need to take a step back to ponder whether trying to handle 3 finance cores in the same semester is a good idea. Apparently, early signs suggest it is NOT!

I’ve practically burnt my entire weekend on 1 module. ONE

Tutorial 1 of FIN3xxx due 12noon 31/08/09.

And so it begins… from 26/08/09, different group members started working on different questions. Eventually it is hoped that each question would be attempted by more than 1 person. Guess who did everything, or tried to do everything.

29/08/09 – There were some signs of some good work being produced, but laden with many many many errors. It is impossible to efficiently facilitate discussion online, or worse still, through email. Due to difficulty of discussion, it was suggested that some of uf meet up, and there was the nudging feeling to leave it till then. Since I already have most of the answers… I decided to eyeball soccer at night. It was a bad bad decision.

30/08/09 (10am) – I woke up to the sound of my alarm clock, feeling annoyed that I’m going out for project on a Sunday so early in the semester. Eyeballed soccer results, felt happy (but the satisfaction level didn’t last as the day went on).

30/08/09 (11.30am) – Set off to HX’s house with GT. Ate lunch, chit-chat abit. Started work on FIN3xxx tutorial 1 in the last final attempt to collate and come to an agreement of all answers.

30/08/09 (~3.30pm) – Lunch2 break. Chit-chatted more, maybe shouldn’t have. Plus all the intermediate short gossiping and self-sharing sessions. Resumed work on FIN3xxx tutorial 1.

30/08/09 (~8pm) – Dinner break. Chit-chatted more again… bad move again probably. But by now substantial stuffs had appeared, but believe me figuring out how to best present your answers to the tutor is one of the harder parts. Resumed work on FIN3xxx tutorial 1.

31/08/09 (~12.15am) – Answers were out, but super messy, and obviously indicative of the handiwork of different people. So HX decided to reformat and stylise the whole thing, while GT and I made our way home, via cab…

31/08/09 (~1am) – Started re-eyeballing our product while HX is doing her editting on the other side. Thankfully found errors which I informed her to correct.

31/08/09 (~3.45am) – HX was elated with finally completing the whole piece of crap. When I received the file, it was exactly the same as the pre-edit version. Holy shit something wrong has gone off somewhere. GT had slept, we were feeling like the biggest piece of crap ever. Didn’t know when K will print out whatever latest version he see for the tutor. HX decided to went for 1 last superhuman effort to go through the painful edits AGAIN. I slept.

31/08/09 (~5.30am) – HX finished it, finally. I applaud the effort, greatly. HX slept, I woke up. Re-eyeballed the whole piece of crap again. Found some things I felt compelling to change. Did so.

31/08/09 (~6.50am) – I finished the goddamn final copy. FIN3xxx tutorial 1… 14 questions, 32 page answers.

31/08/09 (~7.30am) – I slept again after a light breakfast.

31/08/09 (~11am) – I woke up to ensure that the right things get delivered to the tutor on time. I saw IVLE, FIN3xxx tutorial2… 11 questions, due 07/09/09 as of last known.

And that is 1 module… well done. I have 3 case studies to prep by 03/09/09. Can someone teach me the esoteric art of time manipulation?


August 28, 2009

《神话》 (2005)

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成龙 饰 Jack / 蒙毅
Kim Hee Seon 饰 玉漱公主
梁家辉 饰 William

Can you believe it? I only watched this now, like 4 years after it went on the big screen. Hahaha… I can imagine all the faces of disbelief right now, but indeed I had waited for the TV premiere in my home country.

By now everyone who wanted to watch it had already done so, at least I assume that. So there is not much point in any kind of review from me! So I’ll make it short and sweet. Number 1, it was hilarious looking at Jackie Chan donning heavy chinese ancient armours and using sword stances as opposed to his usual opportunistic acrobatic arts. The latter is still present in the portrayal in the present life, but I thought he looks kinda funny in those clunky past life moments. Still, on the overall, there are still some pretty impressive action sequences, though they are by no means as good as those of his older Chinese blockbusters. Don’t blame him though, age indeed catches up with him.

Number 2, the whole fantasy part about the whole floating mausoleum thing is fresh, but kind of illogical. I guess the team just wanted to produce a unique experience staging the final fights in an area with zero gravity. But think about it this way. If the court officials and princes wanted to get rid of Emperor Qin, why bother leaving him with such an elaborate heaven on earth? Just friggin’ hog the meteorite for awesome displays of power so you can trounce Liu Bang and Xiang Yu isn’t it? Thus, I find it a moot point.

Number 3… what else? +1 for Kim, hahaha… beauty!

August 25, 2009

Mixed Bag of Updates

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I’m starting to feel the heat! I mean the amount of onslaught I will receive from all the wonderful projects and case studies that will start to haunt me now. One major accompanying crappy moment comes in the form of group formation I guess. There were some disappointments there. Oh well, time to move on, less fun definitely, but hopefully constructive work gets done at the end of the day. Well, not all groups have been formed yet, but I’m already positive that not one went according to plans out of five. How’s that for luck eh?

Before I forget this, maybe I should talk about a lil incident this morning. The first bus I was on to school just stopped in front of a traffic junction. The engine died, and revived… and died… and revived. It went on for some time and we were like DAMN. Until the next bus actually came, and we were all sent off onto that bus. Consider that I need a bus transfer to another service with horrendous time variance, it could very well mean that I would miss the next service. Yes I’m talking about 151. I barely made it in time before lesson starts today. Had it happened tomorrow instead, in which case latecomers have to submit a 1-page bonus critique of a case, you will bet how pissed I’ll be. I hope the lecturers can be more understanding that it is not always our fault to come late.

One more thing, I am running out of drafts to buffer the inactivity that will bound to come in due to reason outlined in the first paragraph. So I guess there will be a dearth of entires soon over here, in which case you don’t really have to keep coming back. In any case I noticed the visitor rate dropping since school term starts, and I don’t think it is a coincidence, even though I dunno who is reading this blog (which just seems to be endless streams of blabbering text).

Finally, I’m in the mood again, for more nonsensical chinese crap.


p.s. sorry rachel didn’t know you can’t read chinese text on whatever you are using, but some things just can’t be replicated nicely otherwise

August 22, 2009

《仙剑奇侠传三》 (2009)

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胡   歌 饰 景   天
杨   幂 饰 雪   见
刘诗诗 饰 龙   葵
霍建华 饰 徐长卿
唐   嫣 饰 紫   萱
黄志玮 饰 重   楼
林子聪 饰 许茂山

All right, how should I start? First of all, this show is adapted from a computer game, and as such many plot points will be followed through in RPG-esque style. They even show a funky “world map travel” when the characters travel to major destinations, hurhur… What is even more hilarious is any semi-important character will come with an introduction pop-up that comes with a face portrait, brief description, and battle stats!!! Not sure how they come up with those values, and I certainly don’t agree with many of them, but funny to say the least and bring up kneejerk reactions. And anyway I didn’t play the game before, so I can’t exactly tell you the differences, but there are definitely some major changes here and there.

Secondly, this is a prequel of sort to the first part in the series, as the story here actually takes place 50 years prior to the start of the first part. (The second part is not filmed as they say it isn’t quite suitable to be filmed as a drama series) And yes, I’d watched the first part before. That game was very well received and became a key factor in keeping hold of fans in this 仙剑 franchise. Well the first part was pretty lame in terms of presentation, having obvious “level up scenarios” for the main character as the story progresses etc… But this part totally owns that in terms of lameness. I totally cannot believe the super unlikely actions and behaviors of characters here in many instances. I know its supposed to be light-hearted but the lameness just goes way off the spectrum here. Still good for a laugh sometimes though, especially with the comical sound effects and funky jokes they put inside.

As for storyline, I think you shouldn’t really expect alot. Its a very typical RPG-esque style of fetching quest (retrieving important items so you can move on) in order to achieve the final goal (of defeating those final bosses), with distinct location-hopping at each story arc interval. Usually the entire character party also move in tandem together much alike what you expect from a RPG. But of course each major character has the screentime here and there where the story arc focuses on their backstory.

Finally I’ll talk abit about the cast list. 胡歌 as usual did well in his role, be it serious moments or lighthearted ones. One thing I hate is him being abit immature and mean in the show, although I can’t fault him as its the scriptwriter’s fault 😛 杨幂 is the one I like most. In fact I think I’m starting to fall in love with her hahaha… She is so adorable and cute yet abit wilful. She exudes magnetic charm and bring the character to life (at least for me :D). I also thought 刘诗诗 did pretty well due to her character having a dual personality that are vastly different, one of pure innocence and the other filled with some destructive inclination. 霍建华 has a pretty cool role in the show, but I get the feeling that it is a bit unnatural. Don’t really like him in ancient/fantasy shows. 唐嫣 is another up and rising pretty face 😀 I’m so glad there are many pretty faces in this show to ease the many moments of lameness hahaha. Besides the main cast, there are some notable names that appear in their respective story arcs including 袁弘, 刘晓洁, 邓立民, 韩晓.

I dunno whether to recommend this haha… It is hilarious yet can be a major turnoff at the same time. I suppose enough hardcore fans of the game will watch it anyway.

August 19, 2009

The Inevitable Rambling

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Finally as of this morning, I had met all my lecturers/tutors for my 5 sectional classes. Having only gone through at most 2 classes each, it is still early days and I wouldn’t pass judgment that quickly. Though I must say the feeling is mostly positive, and I’m glad to have followed through and nabbed my modules for over higher points instead of succumbing to the allure of 1 pointer. Well, the more unique thing (for me) this semester would have to be 5 full sectionals. It may seem a very very short work week, just 15 hours, but I’m sure the cases and projects will start haunting me soon. The good thing, which is just a fleeting moment of panicky nail-biting in front of the pc waiting for tutorial allocation result was non-existent this sem. Oh the nostalgia!

I can see a shifting trend in the level-3000 modules, and more lecturers are actually trying harder to involve students more. But I felt there are still far too many passive listeners. I mean comeon… how can you do worse than me! Okok… I’ll try to crank up those class participation points more if I have constructive things to say. But sometimes I tend to talk nonsense, and try to make sense of the nonsense I just blabbered, and had to make instantaneous effort to repackage my nonsense. Not bad for a way to force hyperthinking eh?

As usual, I think I have not much constructive things to say, (that I can say over here) so… I guess this marks the end of the entry.

August 16, 2009

It’s Here Again!

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HOORAH! The new soccer season has started! (Actually many had alr, but I am referring to the Barclays Premier League here) Has been many months since the last season, and I wondered if many people have some kind of withdrawal symptoms. Apparently suicide rates were higher in the off-season due to a lack of soccer… WTF? Can’t imagine what kind of fans these are.

Well, I’m not going to make bold predictions this time round about the final standings, as I usually make myself stupid in that sense. So I’ll just list some of my thoughts. Chelsea looked like an ageing squad brimming with central midfielders, but seriously lacking width. Hull City was very very unlucky not to come away with a point after a battling display of grit. Villa succumbed to a Wigan side which many thought lost some of their key players, though they have themselves lost Barry to Man City, which looked pretty crap in the first half. They do indeed pick up pace in the 2nd half, but Blackburn must be gutted to slump to an unlucky defeat. Sunderland and Stoke both look decent at the back now and time will tell if they can keep up the trend, while Portsmouth expectedly lose to a Fulham side built on solid defense. Finally, West Ham welcomed Wolves back to the harsh reality of premier league life.

As of the time of writing this, Everton has just started entertaining Arsenal, and I’ll keep my mouth shut on any predictions.

August 13, 2009

《学警狙击》 (2009)

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吴卓羲 饰 钟立文
陈键锋 饰 李柏翘
苗侨伟 饰 江世孝
谢天华 饰 梁笑棠
江若琳 饰 江悠悠
梁嘉琪 饰 花若葆
周海媚 饰 程若芯

This is a continuation of 2 previous series by TVB, namely 《学警雄心》 and 《学警出更》. Unfortunately, I’ve watched neither, so you can say I am new to this. When I watched the first ep, it was like very very normal. Typical cop show. But then again since it was so highly rated there must be something going on later, and indeed. It escalates quite nicely into an epic plot. I just couldn’t stop watching hahaha. And there are some pretty faces to boot. For best viewing pleasure, you must watch the entire series without any spoilers.

Anyway, for brief information, this follows the story of 2 outstanding cops in their own ways, albeit with vastly different personalities. I think they are the main leads in the 2 prequels as well. At the end of this, I’ll leave it to your judgment who is the most outstanding cop in the show 😀 I have no doubt in my mind of my choice. With deepest respect.

And since I’m not supposed to spoil anything, I dunno what else I can comment on here. Just… this is a definitely must watch, whether you usually watch the genre anot. Oh yea 1 more thing, I am disappointed by the mentality of some of the characters in the show, haiz… should have known better what to do and what not to do…

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