August 25, 2009

Mixed Bag of Updates

Posted in Blog, General, University at 8:54 pm by ryushin

I’m starting to feel the heat! I mean the amount of onslaught I will receive from all the wonderful projects and case studies that will start to haunt me now. One major accompanying crappy moment comes in the form of group formation I guess. There were some disappointments there. Oh well, time to move on, less fun definitely, but hopefully constructive work gets done at the end of the day. Well, not all groups have been formed yet, but I’m already positive that not one went according to plans out of five. How’s that for luck eh?

Before I forget this, maybe I should talk about a lil incident this morning. The first bus I was on to school just stopped in front of a traffic junction. The engine died, and revived… and died… and revived. It went on for some time and we were like DAMN. Until the next bus actually came, and we were all sent off onto that bus. Consider that I need a bus transfer to another service with horrendous time variance, it could very well mean that I would miss the next service. Yes I’m talking about 151. I barely made it in time before lesson starts today. Had it happened tomorrow instead, in which case latecomers have to submit a 1-page bonus critique of a case, you will bet how pissed I’ll be. I hope the lecturers can be more understanding that it is not always our fault to come late.

One more thing, I am running out of drafts to buffer the inactivity that will bound to come in due to reason outlined in the first paragraph. So I guess there will be a dearth of entires soon over here, in which case you don’t really have to keep coming back. In any case I noticed the visitor rate dropping since school term starts, and I don’t think it is a coincidence, even though I dunno who is reading this blog (which just seems to be endless streams of blabbering text).

Finally, I’m in the mood again, for more nonsensical chinese crap.


p.s. sorry rachel didn’t know you can’t read chinese text on whatever you are using, but some things just can’t be replicated nicely otherwise



  1. chipz said,


    now and then.. haha

  2. ryushin said,

    Ok haha, loyal reader, now and then.

    Anyway your blog is like private again right?

  3. jh said,

    another loyal reader here =P

  4. chipz said,

    haaha yaa… it’s private again.. cos of some unpleasant stuff.. jiayou with sch orh!!

  5. lildrhini said,

    Sry for commenting OFF TOPIC but which Word Press template are you using? Looks interesting!

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