October 27, 2009

《白银帝国》 (2009)

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empire of silver

Watched this randomly without knowing whether it is good. But I guess its pretty decent, with some learning points to pick up. The only thing is that it is really not flashy, little action and is really just story. I kind of like the personality of the main lead, (well at least eventually) I think it is truly remarkable of the sense of love for the entire society when you belong to this mega rich banking family.

For an idea of how rich they are, I think their banking business expands even out of China into Russia, Mongolia, Japan and parts of South East Asia. It is literally their empire of silver. But towards the end, when the Western Allied Forces started to carve up China, this empire starts to crumble. And the main lead which never was looked well upon by his father, had to step out and make big decisions.

Another thing about this show is the portrayal of a not too pleasant relationship in the family, particularly father and son – and the woman stuck in the middle. In my own opinion, I do disapprove of many of the father’s action. The son is more a gentleman and worthy businessman.

p.s. (I ran out of drafts again! Actually I had watched 1 more movie but had not have the mood and time to sit down and draft the entry properly)


October 21, 2009

Se7en (1995)

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1995 acclaimed mystery thriller. With not so pleasant imagery all around and some coarse language.

This story follows two police detective, one retiring soon, and one aspiring veteran wannabe, as a series of bizarre murders catch their attention. Very soon, it is revealed to be a diabolical attempt at championing the act of God by a serial killer, who chooses carefully his targets to represent a sin, the seven cardinal sins. And die they will to the very sin that consumes their life.

I guess the story is presented in a riveting fashion, albeit sometimes too slow and moody. And it is always fun to guess how the next victim will die once you realize the fascinating and creative ways some of the earlier victims were murdered, but for others it doesn’t exactly have a parallel, so I wondered if it could have been done even better. (No I am not sadistic, sorry)

But as with such stories, sometimes it gets a bit too predictable. I mean, look at the title, you know you will witness 7 of it by the end of everything. So it is just the long wait for the finale. This is a bit unpredictable. Well, when I watched this I figured someone close to the main characters would be involved somehow, as with most such thrillers coming up with a twist. But I was wrong in how they came into the picture, and the end of it all, caught me by surprise totally. And then it ends, all 7 deaths.

It is supposed to contain quite some philosophical thoughts about the way of life. But I suppose humans are humans… with their own innate flaws and vulnerabilities. Does anyone have the divine right to exact divine justice upon another person? I will leave that to faith and law, and enjoy movies when they come along 😀

October 16, 2009

Moving On

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It is time to move on with life, no matter what happened… no matter what. Easier said than done, but I must admit I probably had it better than many peers. Those people who stumbled onto obstacles now and then, hold strong and keep going. I guess this is life.

I always regret the little stupid things I’d done. I’m always afraid to spurt out retarded stuffs in class, I guess that must be the reason why I keep quiet most of the time. And yes, I HATE presentations, because it represents one of the prime candidate for allowing me to let out utter nonsense without thinking. I/A presentation, ouch, I felt stupid back then. The only consolation I can offer myself is to be convinced that the case isn’t straightforward and that most of the class was probably not any clearer. And now I’m starting to worry about looking stupid for Corp Fin case presentation.

Maybe I have too much ego. Why the hell am I in biz? Hurhur… Anyhow, I finally finished all my midterms this semester. Didn’t seem all too bad. In fact, great to know that I happen to be in the top quartile for FM. Unfortunately, it isn’t the case for some people. Sometimes I wonder if I let down my group mates in terms of projects/cases/presentations/whatever. I usually really hate those stuffs unless it is like certain quantitative stuffs that really get me going (certainly not all quantitative stuffs as evident from massive finance distress). Maybe I have a large buffer eventually from written tests, but hey they don’t. Please put in more effort Mr slacker. Tackling 5 level3000 sectionals is definitely not easy though, especially when luck plays a little joke on you and decides to focus a heavy concentration of workload within a short timeframe. Much as I wish the worst is over, horror weeks appear to be in waiting still.

On the bright side, I see renewed hopes for finance. I had seriously contemplated if I should continue a major in finance recently when the going got tough. I got the niggling feeling that it was such a huge mistake to take on the 3 essential finance mods together. It invited responses like “siao ah”, “he’s mad lah!”, “omg”… I didn’t know what was the problem, in fact many people do the same thing. I already have to start worrying where to slot in level4000 modules, so 5 level3000 is actually not a bad case in any sense. Oh yea I was deviating from the topic. Back to finance, I must say that I have pretty good lecturers. Sometimes the workload may be heavy, sometimes the content is tougher. But hey, you want to extract something out of it when you finish the module don’t you? So yes, it reaffirms my philosophy of picking lecturers instead of “favourable” timetable which usually doesn’t turn out pleasant anyway because of the wonderful things we call project.

Speaking of lecturers, perhaps I should some effort to interact more on a personal level with them. Some of them are really nice people, and its a whole big world out there, the insights they offer you and I guess sometimes it helps to ease their boredom with a refreshing chance to talk to students about non-academic subjects. Mabel is really really nice to the class. I mean wow, if you had ever been in her class before, you know, its not easy finding another such considerate, observant, encouraging and cheerful lecturer. Btw I do address her by name, while I find it quite difficult to remove the salutations for most other lecturers. On hindsight, Ruth Tan isn’t as intimidating as she looks! Thanks for providing the class with snacks after some horrendous life-draining weeks. It always feel good when lecturers/tutors remember you. Oh yea I don’t think he even knows me but, this semester I saw Ishtiaq once. Coming out of office one fine day, he was walking plenty of steps in front of me, about 5. After opening the glass door and stepping out, he actually waited and held the door open for me. I just wanted to say that was a great gesture. The world would have been much nicer if more people did little things for others to make their day.

So what does all this mean to me. Reflect reflect… Perhaps I should try harder to bestow people with whatever little happiness I can offer.

October 11, 2009

Protected: Full of Regret

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October 3, 2009

Equilibrium (2002)

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7 years old movie, hahaha. But anyway this movie is set way into the future, after a hypothetical World War III, after which the world seeks to prevent another war, for the planet will not survive another more devastating war. World leaders congregate and decided that emotion was the primary cause of such conflicts, and hence drugs were developed to suppress emotions, and all emotional stimulating content was banned.

What is it to live in a world devoid of emotions? You talk to your peers on totally professional grounds. You talk to your family as if it is just a random group of strangers. Hell, how do you even start a family? This is exactly what is portrayed in Equilibrium, where a highly authoritative council controls, or rather removes all emotions from society, at least the portion where they oversee. To achieve the goal, a special task force of Grammaton Clerics skilled in the elusive martial art of Gun Kata was established. To witness the impressive feats of Gun Kata, watch the movie 😀 (though I must say this looks very impossible in reality). The Grammaton Clerics remain the weapon to eliminate “sense offenders”, people who has succumbed to emotions.

All throughout the time, there exists “The Underground”, a resistance movement that fights against the council, without much success. The turning of the tide occurs when one of the most deadly First Class Grammaton Cleric missed a round of emotion-suppressing drug, and couldn’t retrieve a replacement at a distribution centre. Emotions start flooding him day by day, and he starts to believe in the power of emotion. Thus begins the quest of a Grammaton Cleric to destroy the council that gave rise to his prominence, and to seek emotion liberation for the world.

Personally I think this is a pretty good watch. Although it feels dark and brooding at times, there are some cool visual displays to see, including wondering how the hell one Grammaton Cleric can survive under massive fire while returning precise lethal shots. And this film tells you to never never abandon your emotions.