November 28, 2009

2012 (2009)

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Yet another end of the world type of movie. There was quite abit of hype over this because it is based upon the end of a Mayan long count calendar ending sometime in 2012. Well, I don’t know if it is true, it better not be, but some thoughts must be given to how massively advanced the Mayans were as an ancient civilization. Could they really have the power of foresight? Hah… why the significance of having their calendar ending at this time then?

Well in the show one main cause of the catastrophe happens to be solar flare, which is the basis for causing unprecedented heating of the Earth’s surface, causing massive crust displacement, tremors, floods, quakes, volcanic activities and more, which plunge the world into chaos. While the degree of the disasters shown could be said to be too exaggerating, I think solar flares, or at the very least, heating, is becoming a very real issue.

Plot wise, I would say it is very typical. The upper echelons of the world know what is coming up, and prepare to deal with it, or rather to escape from it without being able to save everyone. So what goes, only the capable (read rich, smart or political clout) will be able to eventually gain access to one of 4 humongous arks. The construction of the arks was a secret operation aimed to relieve the upper echelons from impending doom. Where is the love for the common public ohhh… (If you don’t have 1 billion euros, prepare to emigrate to the Cape of Good Hope) An interesting thing to note is the reference of China being the production workhouse (this is my own interpretation and not stated by the film) depicted by the fact that the construction of the arks are basically outsourced to them

Story mainly follows 2 main group of people. First of all is a scientist who was alerted to the coming doomsday by his friend. Planning was then done under the veil of secrecy with the U.S. top leaders. The second follows the story of an estranged family of 4. This is more interesting and it actually shows ample development or rather rediscovery of bonds between them. The father, who is just any normal guy, unknowingly stumbled upon the secret. Thus begins the extraordinary race with time in an epic struggle to save his family.

I would say some stuffs can be foreseen, and the visuals are impressive indeed. It has got a heartwarming story too (believe me the strongest thing on Earth is the human spirit), but otherwise not too special as with all these end of the world shows. Given the massive marketing and the intriguity of the concept itself, most people should be edging to watch this. It’s not a must, but it will be well worth your time πŸ™‚


November 25, 2009


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Finished my one and only exam for this semester yesterday actually πŸ™‚ Its one of the rare times ended amongst the earliest in my cliques. Quietly hoping to get some respectable results this sem. I’m feeling positive, lets hope its not a false hope again.

Even though I was really really tired yesterday after the exams (I think I merely slept about 4 hours or something maximum), there was a pre-planned outing already so I began dragging my zombie like body around to join the rest. Met up with gary huixin susan alan for lunch and kbox, though I must say I sux at that. Surprisingly I’m still quite awake at this point. I guess the temperature and the sound level must have helped.

After dinner we caught 2012 (wait for details of it on a new post obviously), only 3 of us left though. Now this was the time I began to start yawning uncontrollably. Not that the movie is bad, its my own fatigue, hurhur.

Now that my holidays officially started, I can begin to start enjoying all the goodies in life again, or I can mull over not having 1 billion euros and contemplate emigrating to the Cape of Good Hope.

November 20, 2009

γ€ŠδΌ€εŸŽγ€‹ (2006)

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This was quite a hit when it first screened, and highly hyped too. I would say yea it was pretty good, and some really artistic presentation of it too. But otherwise I didn’t it was anything special. Other than Takeshi, the rest of the cast didn’t feel like they have much development. They seemed 2D. The second gripe I have is they revealed too much at the start, so there wasn’t the oomph factor when you tried to play detective alongside. Basically, no suspense for viewer, the only thing left is to wait and observe how the in-show characters uncover the truth.

As the title suggests, pain. It isn’t going to move towards a happy ending anyday, so if you are the sort to cringe at a sombre theme, maybe avoid this, but I supposed I’m such a laggard that everyone else who wanted to probably watched it already hurhurhur… Yea I didn’t know what else to say, don’t have much wow factor with me.

(p.s. oh nos I’m starting to indulge in lots of relaxation before my exam is over)

November 16, 2009

3:10 to Yuma (2007)

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This is the 2007 adaptation of a short story penned by Elmore Leonard. Well apparently there was an older movie adaptation back in 1957, but obviously I didn’t watch that. So no way to compare, but this version in itself is pretty decent.

Christian Bale (as Dan Evans) and Russell Crowe (as Ben Wade) gave magnetic performances in this movie. Bale plays a small time rancher who had lost one of his leg, struggling to meet ends and feed his family. His big chance for wealth comes with an unlikely encounter with Ben Wade. Wade is the boss of an outlaw gang who starts to be disillusioned with his life. While he seeks a peaceful life down south, authorities clamp down on him and successfully nabbed him with Dan’s help. Wade is scheduled to be sent to Yuma prison with the 3:10 pm train from town of Contention. Thus begin the journey of a small escort group with Wade’s gang in pursuit. Dan, in need of money, offered to be part of the escort on terms of reward on successful delivery.

Throughout the journey, we discover more about Dan’s and Wade’s character, and the subtle ways in which they are similar. Wade also unsuccessfully psychoed Dan to leave and free him. At the town of Contention, with time ticking, the outlaw gang surrounded the building Dan and Wade is in. The rest of the escort had either died, or gave up. Against all odds, Dan insisted on completing the job no one else dared to. Someone has to deliver Ben Wade to the train station, and time waits for one man…

It was all great until that point, but there are some rather ridiculous stuffs afterwards. Like how Dan can move with such alacrity with a wooden leg when earlier in the show he seemed to have a little trouble. The more shocking stuff is Wade’s reaction to the whole incident, in which he probably see a mirror of himself. What happened towards the final scene brought many audiences to a state of disbelief. Just a moment before THAT happened, you can figure out that it is coming, but it just doesn’t make too much sense. But all in all, the overall package is an impressive film that deserves to be watched.

November 11, 2009

γ€Šηͺƒε¬ι£ŽδΊ‘》 (2009)

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Let’s see what do we have here. Another cop show, yes, but a much fresher perspective. The focus over here is on covert operations, as suggested by the title, specifically audio spying or whatever you call that.

This whole show is a blast, epic might I say. I really enjoyed it. To be fair it didn’t have the kind of action sequences like gunfire fights or close combat awesomeness, but the cream lies in the plot. Very often you feel a kind of heavy tension between characters, and you sense the dark brooding feeling, never knowing what to expect next.

Also, the question of how moral the cops are in handling what they need to, and what they want to, is raised through specific incidents along the show. I kind of like this. It is human, it is realistic. Shouldn’t reveal too much for people who had not watched this. Please do catch this, it is friggin’ cool.

November 4, 2009

Reaching the End of the Tunnel

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I am finally beginning to see some light at the end of the tunnel. Most projects are now over for this semester, though there are some pretty big ones yet to be due, plus who can forget the awesome finance finals that are going to come so soon. On the contrary, the entire recess week that will come after that seems too much for a single module I have exam for. Another major project down today. It is great to be working with such a closely bonded group. We had much fun together (minus the consecutive sub-5 hours sleep nights mornings we had while enduring early morning lessons).

Thinking back, it is really fortunate to have classes with a bunch (actually different bunches) of good friends here and there this semester. People who you can really depend on when the going gets tough. I’m not even sure if these people view the blog, but here goes anyway.

Thanks alot Gary for enduring sleepless nights with me, especially for finance. Otherwise, I think perhaps I might really crumble under the sheer weight of it. Chicken pox jokes aside, great job for finalizing corp fin. It is a massive relief to have you around listening to all my demand, nonsense and expectations, and delivering respectable output. Btw, pls don’t be so nervous during presentations. You have awfully obvious hand trembling for a guy hurhur.

Thanks uΔ±xΔ±nΠ§ for sweets and sandwiches (and sharing sleepless nights too). I think you are really really hardworking, and a fun person to have around. Cheers to our memorable topics and secrets, hahahaha. Mood-lifting in the face of the crushing workload. Sorry for being fierce at times. Frustration kicks in with a lack of sleep & food. Jiayou, don’t give up.

It is so wonderful to have Joi and Susan back for 1 module. So much more natural to work with you people. We can all do the most retarded stuffs and say the most retarded words and have a good laugh over it. I think we have a great range of complementary skill sets. Thanks for sweets too, and lots of lame jokes.

Thanks Cherie for lending me your textbook. I need it one more time πŸ˜€ And also appreciate all the wonderful people around who made my day in this horrendous semester. It is coming to an end soon enough… Hang in there dude. I think I really deserve a tight slap if I delay working on projects and major assignments next semester.