January 31, 2010

Clique Gathering

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Yesterday, I went to Le Le Pot for the second time, which is the first time with my uni clique, after much recommendation from Joi. It turns out that only the 2 of us knew about this hidden gem of a place deep in the heart of Tiong Bahru. I remembered the last time with my jc clique, we can only have 2 soup bases. Rejoice, for now we have 9 people, bringing the allowable soup base tally to a grand total of 4. We got the herbal chicken, laksa, tom yam, and chrysanthemum coconut soups. Nice! I finally got to try the 2 more exotic (in terms of steamboat) flavors.

I wouldn’t do anymore review-esque thing for this place again, but I was under the impression that their crayfish was under the unlimited menu, but is now in the extra-charge menu. Sadly, but then again my clique doesn’t seem to be big eaters of seafood, and some of them are also not exactly big eaters of meat. Cannot get value out of this! Consider this the first time some of them see me eat big time. Actually I can still eat but I will feel paiseh with 8 people waiting for me. So to preserve my fine image and blend in with the other 4 guys (who are more or less big-sized relative to me) who had stopped, I refrained from going for another round. Oh well partly because the original plan was to catch some kind of movie.

But apparently it was deemed late enough that people suggested returning home, so we did. Might as well have skipped the movies cos there are no blockbusters at this time anyway.

Roll-call: gary, susan, joi, huixin, clarissa, minyao, shiawyan, ray, me


January 26, 2010

《ID精英》 (2009)

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郭晉安 饰 方浚杰
鄧健泓 饰 歐順風
曹永廉 饰 鄭柏宇
姜大偉 饰 麥啟銘
黃德斌 饰 胡傑琛
蒙嘉慧 饰 葉安琪
唐詩詠 饰 葉安兒
黃智賢 饰 鍾志榮
梁靖琪 饰 鍾志欣
陳展鵬 饰 麥子軒
姚嘉妮 饰 張思敏
陳國邦 饰 梁智倫
蔡子健 饰 韓永年
朱慧敏 饰 程佩嘉

This is a very nice drama with lots of twists throughout the plot. Btw the ID in the title stands for Immigration Department, which you will know just after the opening theme song (if you pay attention to the screen). Otherwise, you should know early in episode 1 anyway. Hey I guess it is a refreshing change after all the types of police shows we have been exposed to.

Dealing with illegal immigrants is a core focus of the series, and much to my surprise, not a single personnel in the unit is equipped with a pistol. Can you imagine what might be smuggled in aside from illegal immigrants? Maybe drugs, and what about firearms? Whether or not it occur in the show is irrelevant, but amazingly for a unit which may sometimes be the first point of contact with dangerous criminals, they have no sort of firearm to defend themselves.

Next, there are really some complicated relationships in here, as well as non-standard family structures. Nonetheless, to no surprise, the entire story meshes well together. You can observe many logical emotions here, despair, hopelessness, pride, fear, agony, rage, and more. Along the way, there are pretty steep growth for some of the main characters, accompanies by the tear-jerking heart-wrenching moments neccessary.

After all the twists in the show, so you think you know who is good and who is bad? Maybe you really do, or maybe I’m trying to kid you? Btw don’t go around finding spoilers otherwise it will destroy the essence of this good show. Meanwhile, as you go along, you can also guess who will end up with who eventually given the not so simple webs of love-hate relationships.

Definitely watch this.

January 21, 2010

《八仙全传》 (2009)

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郭晋安 饰 韩湘子
贾   青 饰 艳   彩
康   华 饰 何晓云
何中华 饰 吕   岩
郭羡妮 饰 白牡丹
毛林颍 饰 蓝彩和
邵传勇 饰 张   果
王妍苏 饰 罗美卿
朱海飞 饰 曹景休
陈大伟 饰 花   龙
施   羽 饰 汉钟离
吴岱融 饰 铁拐李

Finished this series on my miotv. Pardon the relatively long cast list. I thought its unfair to just list the few more famous actors/actresses. In fact, I admit I dunno most of them, as this is a collaboration effort between Hong Kong and China (maybe more). But as I saw the pretty very high ratings on some chinese webbies, I decided to give this a try. After all, I only watched a crappy version of 八仙 before, which happens to be a local production of my domestic tv station.

Now I’ll be honest and tell you, the front part is awfully boring. At that point I did hesistated, and eventually the watching of this drama was split into 2 phases. Why? Because I contemplated ditching it. In between I caught many other shows. It was THAT boring. Little action, sometimes bordering on being retarded. I mean I don’t understand how those characters think. Plus slow dialogues and plots revolving around the same thing over and over again without much important progress.

After a couple of such horrendously cringe-worthy arcs, finally things start to turn around for the better. And it is all good speed from there. More actions, the pace is faster. The characters start to show that they use their brains, though there are still those wtf moments, and it becomes a much more serious and intelligent drama. However, the good thing is the comedy element that is scattered throughout the entire series. So it has been pretty good. But then again, the ending is really really lame… and I would say, rather illogical. It seemed like it could be wrapped up more nicely.

Oh yea, there are some pretty music to be heard in here. I’m not sure if its really nice or there is some psychological influence. For those of you who know, its 韩湘子 related, in his endeavor to compose the greatest piece to give the world. Well I guess in the end all 8 of the deities are enlightened, though the process is not pretty. There are sacrifices made, and plenty of things to be upset about.

If there is one thing you can see from this here, its about how difficult it is to be selfless and think about the greater good when the stakes concerned involve items of extreme value to you, pertinently relationships, be it love, family or otherwise. If I was to be in their shoes, would I be able to do the same thing? Perhaps not… perhaps not…

January 17, 2010

End of First Week

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Tralala have finished week 1 in my newest semester now. To be honest, I have a gripping feeling that it might potentially be the most work intensive semester so far. For starters, I have already gone through some mini cases, and submitted one assignment! Okok I will not explicitly say which ones have what or anything so as not to indirectly influence other people choices in future.

Collectively wise, my timetable isn’t too bad, though to some it might be. It is a four day week which unfortunately includes Saturday. And total weekly lesson time is 16 hours, with total in between wasting hours of 5 hours, which will probably not be wasted too much afterall.

Module 1: So far nothing much. This mod shouldn’t be too tough for me. But it is hard to concentrate when the lecturer likes to laugh to herself (talk about self entertainment hur?) Hopefully my group is gonna put in enough effort to nab a good grade.

Module 2: The lecturer is super friendly! He is probably super well-versed in his area of expertise, and the downside is the workload may be quite hefty, including working with a new software and lots of self-learning.

Module 3: Assignment in the first week! But the quantitative parts are not a problem for me, at least for now. Super intuitive to me. Of course, being proficient in excel functions helps.

Module 4: Looks like friggin’ lots of work to do over here. Is already supposed to finish a whole load of readings. It doesn’t help that I dunno many people in this class and that the lecturer speaks fast with a not so easy to understand accent to me.

Module 5: So far, super boring! The lecturer is really slow. I guess part of the reason is because this is a GEM, and he hafta pace himself for the crappy students. Plus the timing of the module means that I will probably be dreaming about food, or dozing off.

So that was the initial impressions to the modules I am facing this semester. I will probably still do enough to score respectable grades, but it increasingly looks like I can afford to slack off as I am stuck in the land of in between (no point in pushing for something near impossible to achieve).

January 13, 2010

Sling Blade (1996)

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This is an award winning drama about a mentally impaired (aka retarded) man and his struggle to fit into the society. When the film just barely started, we find out our protagonist had spend decades in a state psychiatric hospital since murdering his mum and her boyfriend when he was but a child. I reckon he think them wrong and have reason enough to kill at that moment, with none other than a kaiser blade. Some folks call it a sling blade.

But after so long, the authorities decide that it is fine for our protagonist, Karl, to leave the hospital. And he begins his aimless life in the big world outside, striking up an unlikely friendship with a boy Frank, Frank’s mum Linda, and her gay friend Vaughan. Our antagonist in the picture is Doyle, a mean guy who is Linda’s boyfriend (her husband died), someone I reckon is assholish.

Early on in an interview with Karl, we learn of Karl’s response after being prompted whether he would kill anyone again. “I don’t reckon I got no reason to kill nobody.” It gets me anticipating the moment I knew would come. As the story unfolds, Karl begins to confront his dark past, including an encounter with his estranged dad, and recollections of the unfortunate demise of his little brother. We see that Karl is generally nice towards Frank and Linda, and aims to protect them. Contention comes when Doyle increasingly imposes himself on them and acts his usual self (assholish), which represents a major point of unhappiness in Frank’s life. Even though Linda is distressed at times, she still accepts Doyle for the guy he is. With that, Karl has other idea in mind, which is pretty obvious in the final few minutes of the film. We witness a calm composed and altruistic finishing act by Karl.

Reckon this is something fresh for a hero in my heart.

January 9, 2010

Sending Off

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This entry marks the sendoff of da Zong to his wonderful American land to live his American dream have a marvelous SEP. Ok I didn’t went to send off Dom the other time, but I realised this is actually my 2nd time (I think) getting to T3. Hahaha, doesn’t matter, I’m not such an aesthetic person to appreciate the supposed beauty of the place.

Anyway, the little incident on SMRT suggests to me there are massive prospects to uncover in operations management still, which I may not have noticed if not for the moment of blurness from Ken.

Anyway, I just watched Avatar in 3D a couple of days back, like finally!!! Even after all the little kids go back to school, seatings at convenient timing and location for us are still quite scarce… ended up we hafta occupy the sides, bleah… I think it just spoil the experience abit since 3D viewing is dependent on dual lens with angled projections from the screen, or something liddat. The bad thing is I have one weekend left before the school term starts again. Roar…

January 5, 2010

The Massive Wait

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It was a day of waiting for me yesterday, many many different kinds of waiting. Early Late in the morning I woke up with no breakfast, which is good! But I had to wait for lunch.

Since it was a special day unlike many others, I had to flirt with CORS in order to secure my modules for the coming semester. It will prove to be a long day of waiting. I had my brunch, kept looking at the CORS screen, and felt the agony swelling as the number of bidders kept rising in my modules. I firmly believe I have enough points to get what I wanted, but the problem was my buddies getting to be in the same class, hahaha. I really really HATE doing a module alone. Unsurprisingly, that seems to have a positive correlation with me getting pathetic grades. It was gonna be a long long wait to the 5pm mark when the bidding would close for the day. And in the meantime, I conveniently psychoed some people to join the modules/sections I am going for, took a lazy nap to kill the long excruciating time, and woke up to continue bitching about the rising number of bidders.

It was all cool when 5pm eventually struck, though it forced me to up my bid points several times. I could then look forward to the next phase of waiting, as  a few of us had reserved a booking at Crystal Jade La Mian Xiao Long Bao to sample their buffet. But the thing starts at around 8.15pm so it was gonna be another long wait in order to start appeasing my stomach. Well I actually thought the menu was quite decent. I would say mostly all the decent steamboats will have those kind of items, so the highlight here is the xiao long bao, of which we ordered 7 portions of, which is 35 of them. I think I only ate about 8 or something, I know Gary ate alot of it. This must be one of the better items here. But we made a mistake in the soupbase. We had the normal pork bone one, and a spicy sichuan one. The sichuan soup is really really friggin spicy. Not very much in the nice spicy way because it is quite oily to be honest, so the taste lingers in your mouth and it is also easy to choke on the spice. So whenever we ate something hot, it reignited the spicy feeling in your mouth again. It is one big reason slowing down our general eating speed. Anyway, we did order a bit too much eventually. Huixin didn’t eat alot, Susan had a slow but steady achievement and lasted all the way, while Gary aside from xiao long baos seemed content to adopt a leisurely pace. All in all, a pretty decent place, but if you come for the middle timing at night, it did seems a bit rushed. Supposedly 8.15 to 10 but we dragged till around 10.30, and they allowed us to because the last timing didn’t have alot of customers.

It is worth a mention that all throughout the eating session, I was waiting for Mr jh to sms me. The agony! When I finally reached home, which was just like around 15 minutes to midnight, I realised to a mixed feeling that jh had not accidentally fell asleep. So the question then was what happened to our module allocation result. After many bitching with different groups of people and individuals, I finally decided to wait no longer. So did many people. I only personally talked to and knew of 2 who stayed up longer. The very next day, which is today, we found out the allocation result was emailed to us at 3am+. What happened!!! Oh gosh NUS students seem to have luck out recently with all the conky systems and delays.

The good thing: I got all the modules I bid for, I’m not in any of them alone.
The bad thing: Bank Management burnt a deep hole in my point reserves.
The mixed feeling: I gave up trying for a level4000 module that ended up costing higher than banking.

And now starts the long wait for me to have my first lesson in the new Mochtar Riady building.

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