February 8, 2010

Drag Me to Hell (2009)

Posted in Entertainment, Movie at 10:30 pm by ryushin

Dadum, one of the few, or perhaps the only horror show I watched recently. I can’t really say that this genre fascinates me because alot of them are really cheesy, and are numbingly horror-ish just for the sake of it. So usually I try to wait for positive reviews to check out what are watch-worthy. Another reason is because there is no one to watch these kind of movies with me at the theatres…

Ok so this movie actually has a decent plot, and a brilliant take-home message for all of us. The movie opens with a past depiction of an encounter between a medium and something, this invisible something being the Lamia which we will learn later in the story. The story proper starts with the introduction of a bank loan officer, Christine Brown. Now the bank she is working on, there is a vacant position for the assistant manager. Brown is constantly vying with colleague Stu for the position. In trying to prove herself to the manager that she can make tough decisions in the interest of the bank, she denies a loan extension to an elderly lady who had to be evicted from her home.

What we soon find out is that the elderly lady is a gypsy (good luck Christine!) who subsequently places a curse on Brown. Brown decides to approach a fortune teller because she feels uneasy. But in their first meeting, the fortune teller seems to see something halfway and jump out of his seat, requesting that she leave. Brown encounters some horrific experience that night, and tries to seek out the gypsy who unfortunately has passed on. Desperate, she returns to the fortune teller, who now promptly inform her that she is haunted by the Lamia. The Lamia is a powerful demon that will torment the victim for 3 days before dragging the person to hell. The rest of the story shows how the people deal with this horror.

One thing that caught me about this movie is it being more gross that horrifying. Maybe it is just me. I know it is scary, and it did made me feel uneasy at times, but frequently you knew what to expect. And as usual, it is usually the music and sounds that make it scary. However, the few gross encounters with the gypsy is just eeeww. Luckily I did not have a full stomach. Anyway in the movie the Lamia is a goat-like demon (and you can see the silhouette). But based on my puny knowledge on fantasy and mythology, most portray it as snake-like instead of goat-like. Even for the goat version, in fact all versions, the upper body is a woman, so it doesn’t coincide with the movie haha. But nevermind, nobody knows for sure. Overall, it is definitely worth a watch.



  1. ignorantsoup said,

    So what’s the ending? haha

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