February 28, 2010

《意外》 (2009)

Posted in Entertainment, Movie at 7:13 pm by ryushin

Maybe it isn’t very hyped, but I found the concept to be quite refreshing, and deserves a mention. When something unfortunate happens, is it really an accident? Or could it have been an elaborate murder execution in disguise. Some things are not so readily obvious.

Watch as a team of professional killers do their job. The long long process of planning and waiting for the right opportunity for everything. It is definitely not quick and dirty, like the usual 1 man assassin who are supposed to do a clean job. No matter how clean it is, the obvious thing is that is murder. So what these bunch of ppl wanna achieve is to have everything turn out to be accidents. And man are they good? Not once have they been found out, or is that really the case? Watch the show to find out yourself. I can’t say it’s a happy ending. Actually it is kinda depressing. Boo

p.s. (For my uni mates wondering how the hell I have all the time to seemingly watch so much stuffs during this apparent hectic period, I don’t… unfortunately. These are all the wonderfully stocked up drafts for rainy days like this.)


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  1. jh said,

    i wish there were more rainy days in our real world =P

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