April 11, 2010

Nearing the End

Posted in University at 11:25 pm by ryushin

It has been a long long time since I visited my own little space over here. To be honest I’d imagine that more than a month had pass from my last post, but apparently not. Gosh it felt like such a lengthy period of absence. Some of you might have already known the reason. Why does this have to happen every semester, that I really wished I had a time machine or a clone of myself.

Where was I on Good Friday? Camping in a corner of school with 5 other unfortunate souls tackling our project. And not only that, I was in fact spending countless hours in school or even outside of on Sundays just trying to meet unforgiving deadlines. What can I say? There are probably busy people around, but it is already a testing period of fortitude and patience for me. If everyone work towards a common goal and contribute in whatever ways they can to the best effort, then it is still a pleasant experience at the end. But NO. That was not to be, for every module at least. Why do I get at least one person every semester who have remarkable contributions towards group graded assignments/projects/whatever.

That is one reason why I absolutely like lighter individual assignments better. At least I control my own fate, even if I deliver rubbish. Anyway I think I’m awesome. HAHA oh gosh self-flattery. Even in trying and difficult conditions, I can manage to revise for finals test in as little as 6 hours, and I think I can get very respectable grades for that. Alrighty I should avoid getting conceited.

Hmm, one thing I can be disappointed in is my performances in presentations this semester. Felt like I let myself down… I know the do and do not in presentations but can’t really execute it the ideal way. It was a long fall from grace from the blasting form I had in biz comm. Ah the confidence and poise, I need to recapture that sense. 2 more semesters to make things right. While on that, I better make sure to friggin’ start working on my projects/assignments early next time to avoid the inevitable period of mess when everyone seems to be crumbling under intense pressure.

Tralala I intend to slack tonight for some much needed rest. 2mr is back to making sure I tidy up 3 more reports, 2 more presentations, 1 more finals test, and a couple of assignments. Can you believe that there is supposedly only 1 more routine week left? After all this mess I can relax by coping with 2 exam revisions at my jolly pace (which is essentially a lets try to figure out the content 1-2 days before the exam). 😀