May 31, 2010

Summer Break 3

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This is it, the night before the important day of the month. While awaiting for my fabulous results of the latest semester, I felt a lil bit panicky, wondering if I could indeed achieve the grades I expected, which of course would be a fantastic one. For this summer, I didn’t achieve much, even though almost 1/3 of it had just gone past. Actually, I didn’t get the internship that I contemplated, and then there are sooooo many others that didn’t sync with my goal. SAD!

Talking about how much I didn’t achieve this break, most of my time ended up going towards movies and dramas, in addition to the odd gaming and trying to exercise my brilliant optimization in gaming applications. All right, I guess I might have more to share in the coming week, but for now lets review my “watch-list” again. Of note is 宫心计, which is merely 1 year old but considered very late because of the huge exposure it had, and man doesn’t that show rocks?

锦衣卫 (2010)
District 9 (2009)
The Hurt Locker (2008)
The Great Debaters (2007)
Das Experiment (2001) – German

宫心计 (2009)


May 22, 2010

Summer Break 2

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Pardon the lack of creativity in the choice of post title. But I don’t really care about that. It has been a while since I last blogged over here. Must have been the games and shows taking up my time.

The IM2 double did indeed come true, though on 2 different occasions, with mostly the same bunch of people. Anyway I remember when we went to watch Ip Man 2, we got seats at the side, but still not too bad. Indeed there was a lot of expectations for the show because of the hype built up since the prequel. Some people say it made it seem like the prequel was better. I just feel there may be a bit of problem in the power chart. Recall in part 1 Ip Man was just sheer ownage, and the Japanese general was merely akin to a punching bag in their final encounter. Having shown so much of how powerful Wing Chun is, what more could they do in the sequel? Yes, introduce tougher, stronger opponents. I personally feel that it seems to distort the balance. So the Japanese general in part 1 who was one of their most powerful martial artist has only so much in him? Hardly believable. Ok I do admit that boxers who are super buff and rely on pure muscles are hard to take down (Huo Yuan Jia apparently had the same problem, but I think historically he didn’t fight the Russian? boxer). Other than that, on the whole, it is indeed very watchable. Awesome action sequences (but there are more wire work here than the prequel, which is almost purely achievable with real martial arts).

After we scattered with the end of the movie, amazingly I had to see my bus abandon me before I could reach the stop… it always happen! But that coincidentally made me meet Marcus who was also on his way back home. That was so cool, we were just email-ing each other recently about catching up. Talked about some old stuffs and forward looking stuffs. Seems like he have not settled down on a job yet.

Even more recently, the same gang of dudes + 1 more went to watch Iron Man 2. Again, the thing this time was once again the prequel is better. It largely boils to the fact that the first part is more fresh, and Tony Stark actually seemed quite heroic back then. He seems very much like an anti-hero in part 2. And I personally think there wasn’t too much fight sequences. Most of the opponents were destroyed by letting them fly into obstacles and blowing themselves up. How cool, mind boggling speed, but lacking in how much arsenal the Iron Man suit has. And after some research, I realized that in the comics world, his suits has so much more going that makes for much much more potential in his power ownage if there is ever going to be yet more sequels, with Iron Man 3 apparently already in preparation for 2013 release.

To conclude this post, here is a short summary of the various stuffs I’ve watched the short past month, since the last last update. Seems like I need to clear more dramas in time!

Iron Man 2 (2010)
叶问2 (2010)
Clash of the Titans (2010)
十月围城 (2009)
杀人犯 (2009)
连环局 (2007)
Out of Sight (1998)

神鬼八阵图 (2006)

May 10, 2010

Summer Break

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Well, the holidays have arrived quite a number of days back for me. It is cool and uncool to be at this stage of my life now. What an idiotic way to put it this way, but whatever. Kind of retarded for me to be engrossed with games before my exams ended and suddenly feel less passionate about them after.

Took a trip to Esplanade after my exams with a couple of classmates, and of course visiting the casino at Marina Bay. More specifically, we went to Marina Bay Sands and watched curiously as people enter the casinos. As none of us wanted to part with dearest 100 bucks, we are unfortunate not to be able to look at the interior first-hand.

Skipping a couple of days forward, it is time for a rare class (somewhat) gathering by the bunch of uni alumni mates which kind of scattered after year 1. Went to Mind Cafe for some (not so cheap) lunch and board games. Actually, there wasn’t exactly much of board-gaming there as we wasted quite long periods of time just waiting around. Essentially the number of people around was 1 obstacle to getting reasonable games. I think 13 people went, not really conducive to playing small games, but it was a nice moment to catch up with some people and just joking around. It took some time after  the session to figure out where to go next, and have our dinner. Eventually settled for Popeyes and more chatting. Well at least that was kinder on the wallets.

The very next day was Mother’s Day over here. We just went out and had a simple dinner. Nothing much, but mummy don’t have to cook, hahaha. Anyway, my aunt intro-ed me to forex trading and actually opened a demo account for me. Bummer. Don’t think this is for me though, I’ve never lost money so far (overall portfolio) for all the virtual trading I have done. Still, not to get cocky. I wouldn’t have the same risk-appetite if real money is at stakes over here. We’ll see how it goes.

May 5, 2010


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Wow, I have been nearly away for a whole month. I think I no longer have the same passion for writing the random stuffs and the ‘reviews’ anymore. Perhaps it is more a case of other items drawing attention away, items that I have far greater passion in! Thus I should probably only update this when I have something of more note to share. For old fans, fret not… you will probably still know what films/dramas I indulged in.

Since the last update, I think the following is an exhaustive list of that.
Movie: The Bank Job (2008)
Drama: 徽娘宛心 (2006), 神话 (2010)

So pathetic… I didn’t watch any movies in the theatres recently. BUT this will change this holidays, like yea finally. IM2 double anyone? Hmm… anyway I have some rather interesting thought about 神话, so I guess it might receive its own glorious post in the future.

So, what have I been doing? Not mugging (not a lot at least), but playing games!!! wheeeeee…. The more pertinent one was an old Chinese game that brings back nostalgic memories. I had basically, to the best of my memory, remember that I completed one part of it, but not the expansion. So I went back to replay it, at the hardest difficulty level due to my awesomeness. 超时空英雄传说2 – 北方密使. I played the original series 2 non-expansion in primary school. Haha, yea man… there were some terrible Chinese words for me to digest, with 繁体字 somemore… Never begin to wonder where I learn all my Chinese… yea… games rox.