May 5, 2010


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Wow, I have been nearly away for a whole month. I think I no longer have the same passion for writing the random stuffs and the ‘reviews’ anymore. Perhaps it is more a case of other items drawing attention away, items that I have far greater passion in! Thus I should probably only update this when I have something of more note to share. For old fans, fret not… you will probably still know what films/dramas I indulged in.

Since the last update, I think the following is an exhaustive list of that.
Movie: The Bank Job (2008)
Drama: 徽娘宛心 (2006), 神话 (2010)

So pathetic… I didn’t watch any movies in the theatres recently. BUT this will change this holidays, like yea finally. IM2 double anyone? Hmm… anyway I have some rather interesting thought about 神话, so I guess it might receive its own glorious post in the future.

So, what have I been doing? Not mugging (not a lot at least), but playing games!!! wheeeeee…. The more pertinent one was an old Chinese game that brings back nostalgic memories. I had basically, to the best of my memory, remember that I completed one part of it, but not the expansion. So I went back to replay it, at the hardest difficulty level due to my awesomeness. 超时空英雄传说2 – 北方密使. I played the original series 2 non-expansion in primary school. Haha, yea man… there were some terrible Chinese words for me to digest, with 繁体字 somemore… Never begin to wonder where I learn all my Chinese… yea… games rox.


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  1. jh said,

    and where would your passion lie?

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