June 27, 2010

Summer Break 7

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Oh nos… I am quite pathetic at predicting the outcome of matches in this particular World Cup. Sure enough there are some upsets here and there. But why always upset me? Haiz. The African teams generally looked disappointing, but I do admit that some of the best players there missed the tournament due to unfortunate injuries. Now that Ghana is the only African team left in the tournament, never underestimate the power of an entire continent behind them, but Uruguay will surely prevail, no? I can be proud of the Asian nations as well, with South Korea and Japan both making it through to the round of 16. While South Korea soon crashed out, now Japan enjoys the “power of an entire continent” as well, and Asia is bigger than Africa hahaha!. I just hope this stupid thing might be true, doh. So far the South Americans have looked impressive, and I am of the impression that at least one of them is bound for the finals. Keep it up!

Met up with francisca and peihuang yesterday for a dinner. Its been 2 years, hmm. And its so cool. The first person I know to be a dealer in a casino. You are playing with your patrons everyday man! Had a great dinner at Bakerzin. Thanks francisca!

Hmm I finally finished watching 美人心计. At 40 eps it is definitely longer than the typical dramas I watch. But man, can I say I’m impressed. Particularly after something as good as 宫心计. It is said that this show would cover 4 generations of the imperial family in the Han Dynasty. Indeed so… When the story starts, the main character is but a child. Right at the end, she is a grandmother already. The entire succession line of the emperors, wow… I think there were like 5 emperors in total in the show by the time it ended, but the focus is of course the strife between all the concubines for the seat of empress. While fictional elements were no doubt in play here, there were ample historical facts strewn all around the show. Nice! I finally know abit more about the Han Dynasty, other than Liu Bang.

Of course, to end it off with my latest watch-list.

The Karate Kid (2010)

美人心计 (2010)


June 18, 2010

Summer Break 6

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Has been some time since the last update. No prizes for guessing what I’ve been doing recently. This latest world cup has sprung quite a number of surprises thus far, and the underdogs reign supreme. Ok that is overdoing it, but the number of upsets has been pretty high lately. France, while being a traditional powerhouse in soccer, is getting ready to go home now after 2 lackluster displays. If I had to stick my neck out, I’ll say Uruguay and Mexico will progress from their group. North Korea displayed an overwhelming performance to almost upset Brazil, while Switzerland did the impossible to upset Spain. A couple of other disappointing displays include England and Cameroon (I say Paul le Guen is largely at fault). What would be a thrilling affair (Portugal vs Ivory Coast) also turns out to be a bore.

There has been some great entertainment as well from a few selected matches. Argentina and Brazil springs to mind, as well as Chile and South Korea. Germany has a brilliant opening match, but found themselves loser against Serbia thanks in no small part to luck (rather the lack of) and the referee. What goes around comes around, remember Cahill?

Oh well, thanks to the world cup, I didn’t watch too much dramas and stuffs this time round, so nothing on my “watch-list” yet 😦

June 10, 2010

Summer Break 5

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Birthday was just another day for me, a day spent watching drama at home. Of course my family doesn’t really place much importance on birthdays. 35 people reminded me that I’m a year older. Went for a mini gathering of sort with some uni mates the following day, at Bakerzin @ Paragon. The food was pretty decent, unfortunately spicy isn’t spicy! But that’s just me. Well, at least the one I ordered has 6 prawns, big ones. Should try some other food when I have the chance.

Humorous enough, gary and I were contemplating just why some people have a special fondness for taking photos wherever they go. And that goes to susan who is ever so enthusiastic in snapping shots, and having her shots snapped, despite being down with a prolonged illness. Hahaha.

As I’m typing this, 23 hours remain before SA 2010 kickoff! Wootz. Go Mexico! No love for African countries from me here. Maybe Ivory Coast will pack some punch, but I don’t like Drogba on a personal level. As usual for now, Spain remains the hot favorites to lift the trophy. And I kind of like Serbia as a dark horse. Go team! Unfortunately, little love for England as well, because their fate lies thinly on like 3 players? We shall see.

To end this off, it is time for the “watch-list” again. Btw Memento is so awesome I wonder why I only caught it recently.

Slumdog Millionaire (2008)
Memento (2001)

铁马寻桥 (2010)
碧血盐枭 (2009)

June 4, 2010

Summer Break 4

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All right, now time to recap on a couple of things. Remember my hope for fantastic grades? Hurhur, that was a bit premature. I could have done better with the selection of modules in the semester, but that was not to be. Oh well, I can still rest easy knowing that most people would be dying to exchange their grades with mine, though my chances of a First Class Honours is effectively dashed now (still possible mathematically but…). I shall take things as they come, and I can say I slacked my way to a Second Upper 😀

On other news, AIA is looking to employed me as their financial consultant… That is kind of unexpected. Anyway, talking with people doesn’t seem to be my forte, and I definitely don’t see myself in this career at the moment. The cash flow sounds lucrative if you have a stable recurring client base, though with the throngs of such consultants around, what are the chances?

Finally, I must remember that I ever went to Peach Garden @ Thomson Plaza on this fateful Wednesday with jh and dom. Ken would have been there if not for an epic disastrous location and timing forecast, but he gets to save some money. The restaurant is definitely quite expensive! I must admit some of the food is quite delectable and of course you see crabs, prawns, scallops etc all around the menu, but the portions were erm… how should I put it, modest. It doesn’t help that we didn’t wanna part with too much money despite our gargantuan appetite. So we moved off after that for some carrot cake, so much cheaper! If I am rich in future, I will be more welcoming of these elite restaurants. Until then…