August 28, 2010

Our Gold Medals

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Wow, I’m slightly impressed by my own frequency of blogging here recently, judging by my less than remarkable record over the past few months. In the spirit of applying what knowledge I have, the frequency of my blogging is a function represented by various explanatory variables. The level of leisure addiction (to gaming activities, dramas etc), the intensity of academic workload, the amount of time from the next exam pretty much sums up the bulk of the correlation in the short run. With the idea of parsimony in mind, that should be a reasonable relationship.

Surprisingly, leisure addiction is actually pretty low now, partly explained by a lack of Starcraft2, and a refusal to indulge in many dramas I came across. The amount of time from the next exam is obviously pretty far away. And that leaves the intensity of academic workload, which can be concluded to be still very manageable. Why am I even talking about this? To get into the state of mind primed for tackling my modules… economics, optimization, regression. No matter how I look at it, Nation-Building doesn’t fit in anywhere. The next time I figure out the optimal way to model a regression analysis of the marginal benefits and costs associated with Nation-Building, I’ll let you know.

Tutorials start for me next week, and I can already say I won’t enjoy them! I have 2 tutorials in fact, and 3 sectionals. 1 sectional as already mentioned previously is not so enjoyable from what you can conclude yourself. At least the real tough problems have not emerge from there. The scope of the other 2 sectionals should be pretty much aligned with my interest. Unfortunately, just up till now, the level of challenge is amateurish for me (hope this doesn’t backfire!). Yep, I’m learning probability trees and decision trees now in advanced level modules.

Well at least I get to play with Excel. And I’m sure the challenge will come soon from what I can see in a particular module, given that the problems we tackle each week is absolutely tougher than the examples he use. A more specific source of delight comes from the 2 gold medals we have secured under our belts. Yes we wondered if the lecturer is on a high with the YOG that took place not so long ago here. 2 assignments 2 gold medals, I’m proud of my team. Surely he doesn’t have platinum, mithril, adamatium or whatever funky medals! Not sure how he award the medals, but here I am convincing myself it would be quite lame to distribute gold medals frivolously, so ya you get the point πŸ˜€


August 24, 2010

I’m Feeling Tired

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Tralala it is all starting to come in already, like so helluva fast. Projects, assignments, whatever. It is not easy being in year 4. It is even worse if the lecturer assume we know stuffs we don’t. Is he smart? I bet. Can he teach? I’m not so sure. From the look of the faces of the distraught class, I would say no. I have no motivation at all to attend this class… I just need a pass. To compound on that exceptional exasperation, a growling stomach makes for a very sad day! Well it is funny for some people to hear it… wow, thought got thunder! Where got so loud sia… Do you seriously like expend more energy trying to digest what the hell the lecturer is babbling about? BOO. Speaking of which, 2 members in my group dropped out of the module, and 2 more joined in, this is a bonus for those of you who know.

As for SS… sometimes, I say sometimes, it can be interesting to listen in on the discussions and opinions of various topics. But I don’t definitely feel like indulging in the tutorials, and of cos exams. I’m an Excel person, and so thankfully there are some Excel stuffs to play around with this semester to capture my attention, not that I am not already applying the best use of it in my games.

Anyway, it has been a long time since I had an overnight-er, sleeping in interrupted sessions totaling 5 hours the following day. It must have affected my physiology somewhat this week as I felt kind of lethargic. Met Joseph & co. for dinner at Soup Restaurant, Century Square. Nice! Chatted alot about various random topics, oh the nostalgia. Watched TV @ Joseph’s house before realizing his TV was starting to act weird with wonderful displays of beautiful lines that are not supposed to be there. Felt abit sian cos that means we won’t probably get to touch his console. So then Joseph drove Zhonghan home before we get a mini-drive-past-tour of Xuekun’s lab, Genome @ Biopolis. We found time to have a drive-thru-tour of NUS as well, for those of them who don’t study here. Still had time to make our way to PSA for bak kut teh, which is quite ex lah… somemore is pepper spam. At this point of time, Xuekun has amazingly endured over 4-5 hours past his usual sleep time. The rest of the uneventful day was spent back at Joseph’s house with card games. Worthwhile day, quite some fun, lots of catching up. What do an all-guys group talk about for so long? You make your own guess, hah.

August 19, 2010


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I’m feeling abit emo now. Maybe abit is an understatement. Yes I’m whining here over teammates. In case any of you future teammates happen to see this, I harbour no negative feelings about you, but just the way this whole thing panned out.

You know, I am really pathetically unlucky. In a class of 58 in which I prefer to work with 14 of them whom I personally know, what are the odds of landing yourself in a project group of strangers? Practically zero if we were allowed to form our groups. And no, this lecturer chooses to throw us a bomb with the overly-cliched excuse “do you think you get to choose your team in the business world?” I do not refute that statement, but does it imply performance? Should it be used? How does it affect group dynamics? People come into your seemingly difficult module together, some with little confidence of their proficiency in statistics, and then boomz… And you didn’t even try to randomize it but took the alphabetical order just because it is so convenient. How about the fact that certain races or nationalities of names tend to have some common starting names. Someone should just show that self-formed groups when you are in year 4, and thus have strong bonds with some of your classmates that you chiong together with, tend to have higher performance and efficiency with statistical significance.

And I am emo because what is the chance of me landing in a group of total strangers, said group being 7 or 8 members large. Recall again that I know a quarter of the class. At just a pathetically small 15.87%, I managed to hit it, how unlucky that was. I can have other gripes. I know both the last person in the previous group and the first person in the next group. All it required was a shift of the smallest magnitude, but… this is destiny.

Can I live with it? Yes. But its really bad to have to spend time getting to know one another when we are all so busy now in our final year. Hope they are great people, yay…

August 14, 2010

Gonna Work Hard 2

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After about 1 week of my new school term now, minus what I would have on Monday thanks to our wonderful nation’s birthday. So I will only get to meet a new lecturer this coming Monday. From what I perceive, that could be a pretty interesting course, and only Level3000 so hopefully I can afford to slack (despite this post name on top whoops).

Lets talk about the others. I’ve been pretty impressed by one of my lecturers so far. Poised, precise, and good time management (so far). There are already a couple of assignments and a presentation for my group (and some other groups) due the next lesson. But I’m totally in love with this subject matter, so much so that I completed them the very same night, hahaha…

That, however, is not the case for SS. Personally I really hate SS, but as students of this institution, we all have to take at least 1 SS module. I can already imagine the tons of readings awaiting me. Actually, I already have 2 stacks of a possible 12 stacks, and I hate it. I cannot stress enough, I hate it. Somehow I found enough impetus to read the 1st stack carefully just before National Day, but that sort of short-lived enthusiasm is well placed to last exactly 1 week.

And for Macroecons, my lecturer is quite hip and upz lah. Not only playing music before class and during break (he actually has some excellent choices), but also the way he interact and talk. Hope this will be a good class, seen quite a number of biz students taking this module. Aiming to have an easy one with our already un-precluded version of Macroecons back in our home faculty done and dusted. I assume there will still be some differences, but what more could you ask from a module with 1 point when you have basically gone through much of the content before?

On a sidenote, I had lunch @ The Deck one of the days, and it seemed like the Sichuan stall had been replaced by one selling roasted items, like char siew, chicken, got duck I think. They also have non-roasted stuffs like pork ribs etc etc. Basically, HUGE variety, and very reasonable prices too. I think I may find myself eating there pretty often this semester just for that. Just brings back the not-so-nostalgic memories of the pretty pathetic chicken rice stall that used to sit in my home faculty canteen. A further thing to note would be the set-to-be-open-god-knows-when new cafe (The Reeds… supposedly) in MRB. I figured there should be some hefty price tags anyway, but still, curious to see what would be on offer for hungry students not wanting to climb 3 flights of stairs, plus an agonizingly long walking distance (if time constraint is a factor) to the canteen.

Guess this is it for today. Till next time πŸ™‚

August 11, 2010

Gonna Work Hard

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A new semester rears its ugly head again as I ponder over whether to finally start working hard from the get go so that I can avoid (or at least alleviate)Β  the torrid trials of fortitude and sleep deprivation when the going gets rough. I know it is going to, more than any other semester thus far. Who tells me to attempt 5 modules together with a Consulting Practicum, 2 of them being Level4000 no less. It is all for a better last semester I suppose, when I could also afford more time to tackle the CP. Actually I can already slack for any module which only has individual component, just of course cannot fail it.

After having gone through 1 day in school, I must admit that the lazy bones in me are still dominant. That usually is the fact though, but hopefully it will dwindle in time. At least I managed to stop myself starting any new dramas now (but a healthy dose of movies is acceptable!) and going all out to secure a copy of Starcraft II. Getting back to topic, the first lecture I attended is the one that I didn’t intend to take. But come on, it is a Level4000 module, it went for 1 point (lol you can figure this out by retrieving the correct info if you know where). A very practical action to justify a very practical need to do enough Level4000 modules in order to graduate. For a first lecture, yes it is boring. It didn’t capture my interest, but it is a very huge class, something like 60 students supposedly. Being able to see so many familiar faces is great, and meeting new people as well. But the problem starts here, when more people than necessary is looking to join your group. I seem to have a mighty influence on who gets to join in these situation! Hahahaha (bashes self for egotism)…

Oh yea, the chicken rice stall @ The Terrace seems to have been replaced by a Korean Cuisine stall. It definitely ranks as one of the more expensive stall here, but considering the not bad taste and decent portion, and being “Korean”, it is reasonable, just don’t feel like eating too much of that. Spicy isn’t spicy anyway, not just me, even Gary says so! On a side note, Felicia Chin not yet spotted. Apparently she already had her first lecture yesterday. To all you juniors out there, I wonder if it is a boon or bane to be in the same class as her.

In other news, I’m looking forward to the new soccer season. My team did great to lift the Community Shield, and with the display on show, it might give the manager some headache ahead of the season indeed. I think I will neglect my fantasy team again when the school term starts to get really busy. Hmm indeed I had my best season while I was still in NS, hurhur… the times when there is no take-home work. Hope my team can win more silverware this term. Javier Hernandez looks totally exciting.

Next up, my usual have-watched list. Haha shudn’t put a lengthy Three Kingdoms review here because that would be totally out of place. Maybe next time, if i bother, or have the time even :p

δΈ‰ε›½ (2010)

Inception (2010)
Insomnia (2002)

August 1, 2010

That Time of the Year Again

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If you are wondering, its the bidding period for NUS, my local uni, for the latest semester to be. For me, this shall be the 2nd last one of my undergrad life. Being the master bidder that I am (heh!), I still managed to secured just about the modules I want, with some (not many) points remaining to mount a final assault in the last semester. I know of many people in my faculty who has major major problems trying to get their mods, or any for that matter. It boils down to a couple of key decisions of the school management that have compounding (negative) effects on my cohort’s bidding ability. There should have been retroactive actions to help us tackle the situation, but no. All the faculty keeps doing is to provide insufficient vacancies and resort to appeals to put (most of us) through to the modules we need anyway. More work for both sets of people, BUMMER. Something needs to change man.

Not much happening for me over here, as I nowadays mostly hide at home to watch dramas and play games. I have not finished the latest drama I started since a couple of weeks ago. Soon, soon, the epic finale is coming soon. If they even bothered to show all the rightful battles, sequences, major plots, and all important figures accordingly, I reckon it should be at least twice the length now, maybe thrice. Hic I guess I’ll go into it some time next post, if I remember.

Oh yes my bro has got a job now. Hoorah. All teh allowance shalt belongz to moi πŸ˜€ Meanwhile, I did clear a couple of watchables recently, but I had yet to watch Inception… bahness.

ζžͺηŽ‹δΉ‹ηŽ‹ (2010)

θ°ˆζƒ…θ―΄ζ‘ˆ (2010)
蒲松龄 (2010)