September 25, 2010

A Very Late Update

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Whoops, it had been quite some time since I posted something over here. Man I even forgot if I had anything of significance to share that slipped by. Actually the past week had been a recess week for me, that is the 1 week break in my university term time for us to prepare for mid-semester tests and what not. However, I must admit that I hadn’t been doing much academic stuffs, but instead indulged in gaming, drama, movies, and all the fun little stuffs.

In fact, as I go over my archive, it seems like I hadn’t spent too much time on dramas recently, and they are all uncompleted as yet, so this update will show nothing at all for that, and it seems like I hadn’t spent too much time on movies as well! Oh gosh, all the time wasted into games.

Oh well, I think I better do some mugging while there is still time… Cya’ll later.

Have watched

Salt (2010)
Edge of Darkness (2010)
The Game (1997)


September 7, 2010


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