October 14, 2010

At Long Last

Posted in General, University at 8:11 pm by ryushin

A couple of things finally came to an end recently, with much delight. There is great relief in the completion of a not-so-friendly project that my group didn’t really handle too well, but at least its over, and all that is left for the module is to mug very very hard for the finals. On that note, I really need to work hard for some other modules too before I face the music…

Now secondly, I finally in sooooo many months went out with my jc clique for movie and lunch. Watched Detective Dee, and I wasn’t disappointed. Not sure about the rest, but the entire feel of the show is solid. Heard from some friends that Chen Zhen on the other hand wasn’t nice. Oh well, think I can give it a miss then. Oh yea I think I’m a bit suaku… but I also patronized Carl’s Jr for the first time. I am really thrifty or stingy depending on how you see it.

Finally, like duh so finally, being a business student in NUS, I saw felicia chin in person for the first time. Ok now that the ‘excitement’ is over, its time to treat her just like any other student.

Have not watched too much stuffs recently thanks to projects and assignments. Need to enjoy more!!!

强剑 (2007)

狄仁杰之通天帝国 (2010)




October 6, 2010

A Tale of Two Worlds

Posted in University at 9:35 pm by ryushin

Well well what do we have here? In the short span of the past 2 weeks, I had 2 very contrasting outcomes for my midterm tests. By all proper measures, they should be my worst and best tests ever (in uni context).

First up, this is a great disappointment. With or without negative marking, I really should not have done so badly, even for a test that I speed revise in a day. For those who dunno me, that is how I usually revise, and get very decent results anyway. But it seems like I kind of failed this particular test, which every generally does badly in. The top scorer having a mighty 65/100 and the bottom scorer a pathetic 4/100. At least I have double digit scores, but lets not fool anyone. This is time to wake up my bloody idea. This module is difficult, and so I must treat it with respect.

There was of course something to probably lift my mood a little bit. I got full marks for a midterm test! I think it is my first time. I’m not sure, but I know I definitely have missed it by just 1 or 2 questions (for mcqs / short structure test) on multiple occasions. Cannot chill, work harder, must maintain this sorta results. I need to feel mighty time to time.