December 21, 2010

One More Sem!

Posted in General, University at 7:21 pm by ryushin

In a world when we all say 1 more game, 1 more ep, today is the time for me to say 1 more sem. Gonna be graduating soon. In fact I felt very slack this sem except for 1 module, which was absolutely taxing on my soul. And it didn’t do as bad as I imagined would appear on my results slip. Hoorah for that! Not sure if it was lenient marking or there was some other factors out there, but I’m still glad, in fact its not my worst module. The worst for me this sem is something which I didn’t bother to read everything. In fact everything is an overstatement. Only God knows if i had managed to eyeball through 20% of the readings. But a pass is a pass, and a solid pass at that.

What did come expected to me was possibly the easiest module in my uni life, a level 3k module, interestingly. I think the lecturer might consider enhancing the module, at least I feedback that idea 😀 I just hoped that I can shift the little + sign to the grade of another module if there ever was such a thing.

Didn’t spend much this hols, perhaps partially due to the hefty group project I’m still involved in, and a renewed interest in DotA. I hate projects really, especially these kind of large ones.

As a little update to what I’ve watched, pathetically little, thanks to aforementioned game and project. Again I spammed chinese dramas.

读心神探 (2010)
巾帼枭雄2 之 义海豪情 (2010)
刑警 (2010)


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