May 30, 2011

End of a Phase

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I have unofficially graduated from Uni. Woooha. It is the end of a phase when I’m watching dramas while people are desperately mugging for grades. Sometimes, I do wonder if it would be ideal if I can stay in uni for a much much longer amount of time, like getting several degrees. Unfortunately, no capital to fulfill that, so there is that unnerving charge to the working world, where even more people show their ugliness yet again. Booya I’m so pessimistic. I do hope I can transform people, but much of the state of the world, in fact people, suggests to me that I can’t. So lets just do what I can righty.

When I reflect over the course of my uni degree, I can’t help but smirk (and lament) over my overly nonchalant attitude over revisions. I put in much more effort for projects… WTH, why am I helping other people to pull their grades? But it is over and who can I blame? I got off to a blasting start in the first semester and everything just go downhill from there, with a bit of plateauing and small climbs, but still generally downhill. It is down to the “that is the worst I can do” attitude. Man I need to change this………

Over this past month, I tried to chiong some dramas but apparently my endurance for drama marathons have decreased (so is my appetite for buffet). I’m getting old! I think there is no way I will ever clear my backlog as things stand, unless I take a sudden distaste to new dramas and movies coming out. I still try my best to watch only quality / highly rated shows, but don’t ask me why the odd preference for Chinese dramas and English movies. Latest trophies as follow:

Inside Man (2006)
Election (1999)

洪武三十二 (2011)
女拳 (2011)
宫  锁心玉 (2010)
惊艳一枪 (2005)