June 23, 2011

Big Fat Update

Posted in Food, General, University at 10:15 pm by ryushin

I have been away from this blog for quite long, considering that most of the time spent in this interim period is in my cozy room. I guess it is due time for an update before flying to a foreign land. Those of you who know me probably have an idea of where I’m going, otherwise there should be some updates after the vacation. Perhaps I shall write about it in Chinese just so someone can brush up their skills, or give up trying.

I had just collected my graduation gown, along with it multiple bags of pretty useless stuffs and promotions for plaques and graduation photos. To be fair, most of those random scraps of papers will never find a way into my use-list. They are more appropriate to serve as wonderful bone carriers for the fantastic stuffs that I will be eating. As commencement draws near, I can’t help but reminisce about some of the issues long past.

In the past month gone, I went for group outings a couple of times (typical me), most of which are with the same concentrated bunch of cool guys. Well, we had the traditional semester-ly food hunt, which was quite disappointing this time. I’m not going to name it, but it is a western style restaurant with 3 outlets in Singapore. Portions were decent, which kind of little for us. After all, we had buy 3 get 3 free for 5 persons. I find the price quite expensive even with the promotions on hand, and it would be outrageous otherwise.

Zong helped me to get a new computer at a very good price, without the all-important graphic cards yet. Should be able to get one for better value when the need arise (read Diablo 3). But otherwise, it is very powerful right now. 8 gig ram ftw. What can I do with it now? Not much idea. Don’t really have anything to test the capability of this new monster yet. Time will tell.

Met up with another group of friends for dinner buffet at 2D1N Soju Bang, a Korean outlet serving delicious marinated meat. It is very very good for the price, $22 nett (I went on a weekday). Not sure if its more expensive during the weekends, but it might not, considering the epic queue already in place everyday. That would be one of the three bad things to point out, which we neutralized by being among the first to turn up. Second of which, despite being fabulous for meat, it didn’t have much variety otherwise. I feel fat eating too much of those. Finally, expect to smell like BBQ roast pork upon leaving. I believe we spent a good three hours there, so the smell is quite obvious. Nonetheless, do try it for yourselves if this is new to you.

What more to say? I have an interview offer now, scheduled 1 day after getting to know of it, and 1 day before flying. How great. But I shall put in my best effort now, minus a maximum of 2 proper DotA games. Here goes.

p.s. I should stop updating the movies and dramas I watched because it is pretty pointless at this stage of life.