February 2, 2011

Freakalicious Long Time

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Felt like eons since I last posted. Of course that is some serious exaggeration over there but it does seems that way. As far as the last semester of my Bachelor Degree goes, I say there are some good and bad. Taking 3 modules, 2 of which at this point is really easy for me, probably will be for the whole semester. We’ll take 1 step at a time and see. The bonus is that I’m taking it with one of my best-est buddy, one of few whom I can talk all sorts of nonsense and intelligent issues with. Makes all the horrible 8-am lessons a lil’ bit alleviated. Oh well, something nasty happened in my 3rd module. Maybe not nasty, but something which I definitely do not take pleasure in. Why does this kind of irritating shit happens to me almost every semester. On top of those 3 modules, I actually have my final year project, which is the real deal that’s taking the piss out of me. Terrible terrible stuffs over there that stumped us.

Anyway, I am not mugging too hard btw in case all of you who dunno are wondering why I MIA so long. The usual suspects are games, dramas, movies. Particularly a game is taking a hellavu lots of time outta me. Lemme go thru them quickly. Lets start with the watchables first. Given the long period since my absence, I must say that the list below is shorter than what I would expect, or some people would expect. Mostly it is populated with good shows because well, I have taste 😀 Looking at the list, oh manz, I must have really missed out quite a number of good shows down the road that I had to catch up on, and still plenty more to go.

诱情转驳 (2010)
大丫鬟 (2010)

苏乞儿 (2010)
Zombieland (2009)
Ghost Rider (2007)
The Lookout (2007)
Million Dollar Baby (2004)
28 Days Later (2002)
City of God (2002)
A Beautiful Mind (2001)
The Patriot (2000)
阿虎 (2000)
Face Off (1997)
Heat (1995)

But alas a certain Dragon Age is putting me off from dramas and movies for time aplenty. Game of the Year 2009, of one of the, anyway. Totally hooked now, and still barely a third through the original game, with expansion to follow. I have already decided to use the easier difficulties to breeze thru the game for the plot now rather than use a mod to give the enemies an obscene amount of life. People who enjoy rpgs should definitely try it if you have not. Particularly to get the feel since Dragon Age 2 is coming out in a little over a month’s time! I’ll leave the Guild Wars ramblings to next time I guess, there will be a chance.

P.S. spent quite some money recently catching up with various groups of friends and having decent food. But I shudn’t go into detail bcos it doesn’t exactly captures interest, and I wanna post this before midnight. You know, this will be my final post before the new Lunar Year kicks in. My resolution is to…


August 1, 2010

That Time of the Year Again

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If you are wondering, its the bidding period for NUS, my local uni, for the latest semester to be. For me, this shall be the 2nd last one of my undergrad life. Being the master bidder that I am (heh!), I still managed to secured just about the modules I want, with some (not many) points remaining to mount a final assault in the last semester. I know of many people in my faculty who has major major problems trying to get their mods, or any for that matter. It boils down to a couple of key decisions of the school management that have compounding (negative) effects on my cohort’s bidding ability. There should have been retroactive actions to help us tackle the situation, but no. All the faculty keeps doing is to provide insufficient vacancies and resort to appeals to put (most of us) through to the modules we need anyway. More work for both sets of people, BUMMER. Something needs to change man.

Not much happening for me over here, as I nowadays mostly hide at home to watch dramas and play games. I have not finished the latest drama I started since a couple of weeks ago. Soon, soon, the epic finale is coming soon. If they even bothered to show all the rightful battles, sequences, major plots, and all important figures accordingly, I reckon it should be at least twice the length now, maybe thrice. Hic I guess I’ll go into it some time next post, if I remember.

Oh yes my bro has got a job now. Hoorah. All teh allowance shalt belongz to moi 😀 Meanwhile, I did clear a couple of watchables recently, but I had yet to watch Inception… bahness.

枪王之王 (2010)

谈情说案 (2010)
蒲松龄 (2010)

July 8, 2010

New Month, New Experiences

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Post name conveniently borrowed from jh 😛

July is here! hahahaha. And with it comes quite a number of new stuffs for me. Lets talk about the usual stuff first. Even if you are not an avid fan, you should know that world cup fever is still on. And now that it is going into the final stages, the matches are typically more exciting, though Spain-Paraguay turns out to be pretty crap. Has enjoyed Germany the most, though Paul the Octopus gave an unnerving warning recently.

The big big thing going on from this month onwards is the restructured public transport fare scheme! Been hearing complaints, from the same group of ppl, coz these are the ones that usually talk to me online on a daily basis. Seems like generally, most of our trips become more expensive, and some by a huge percentage spike. Since it is distance based now, those of us using bus trips on the expressways, welcome aboard, we are pwned! I do believe that bus hopping is a reasonable move now for those without concessions if the buses travel along same routes, since the total fare should be the same.

There are only a few places I travel frequently to, and so far I have only spotted 1 trip to be less expensive. And that is to my university, by a mighty 1 cent! I would probably use concession during school terms, but for the sake of illustration, here is an example. My previous route would be to take a certain bus 1 stop before an interchange, and transfer to another bus opposite a certain educational institution, dropping at my school. This move would cost $1.30, and under the new scheme cost $1.33! So where is the 1 cent saving I talked about? Fret not! The power of cost reduction now lies in bus-train transfers, or train-bus transfers, whatever. So at the very start of the journey, I can replace 2 bus stops with 1 LRT stop, and then hop onto my so called first bus, and follow the same routine. That move would have cost me $1.48 previously, but now it stands just at $1.29! See where this is heading? Cross-mode transports ftw.

Now for another convincing example. Yesterday I made a visit to my friend’s home. Here’s the deal. Typically, I would have walked 2 bus stops distance to reach one that has the direct service to his home. That used to cost $1.31, now $1.29. My alternative routes now would be to take a service for 2 bus stops to that bus stop for transfer, old price $1.50, now $1.29! Practically free. The new system presents many opportunities for us to try to salvage the usually increased cost, by coming up with some perhaps weird routes that never came to our mind before, coz those might seem to be expensive. But now hopping is the way forward.

Well, as stated above, I went to my friend’s home. And that is the first time I touched a ps3. So suaku! Me and ken were getting our asses royally owned by jh in ssf4, but I did manage to rake up some wins! Good considering I never played vs games for probably a decade. We also tried GT5 prologue, and of course it wasn’t easy. Again, experience proved to be priceless as jh once again owned us. I may not be the best person to execute flawless driving moves, but generally I am much more aware of quirky shortcuts and possible tools to gain an advantage in games. Me ftw! Finally we looked at the system for ff13. As I don’t own any high end consoles, I must say the graphics and audio are pretty solid, and the battles are fast paced and nifty. Looks like something I would play if I had my own. One thing bothers me though, the Eidolons, more commonly known as Summons, put me in quite a surprise. Probably has something to do with the context of the story, which also makes it that 1 person only has 1 Eidolon… they look… weird. I think it destroys the very essence of those spiritual entities. The Eidolons become more like Transformers… Weird, just weird.

Finally, dom joined us for dinner at Din Tai Feng. Had some xiao long bao, shrimp dumplings, sliced beef, and a main for each of us, which I chose some pork ribs noodles. The food is pretty savory, but of course we are not willing to part with too much $$$, so that was it, not full. We walked around aimlessly for quite some time before going in to Mac for ice cream and some sides. The 4 of us played World Combat in zone-x for some casual fun, with only 1 credit each. Amazingly, amazingly I tell you, it played out kind of in reverse for us. Our real-life sergeant was the first guy to lose all his lives in the game. Dadah… The second guy to die is the one who barely passed his range (live shooting – rifle lah) in the army. Dadah… The next person to KO is the guy who has had serious arm injury problems, and is excused from rifle in the army. Dadah… Amazingly, amazingly I tell you, our last survivor goes to da dom, the PES E elite administrative staff in the army who has no need ever to go outfield or handle weapons. Dadah… What a surprise.

I have not watched any drama since the last update! Oh nos… better start soon after the world cup. Though, I did managed to set aside some time for movies outside of my football manager campaign. The Green Mile is exceptionally thought-provoking and well… remarkable.

叶问前传 (2010)
撕票风云 (2010)
The Green Mile (1999)

March 7, 2010

Avatar (2009)

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The film with one of the largest budget to date, and planning/production time. I suppose given the record smashing gross, many people will have watched this already without me advocating, not like there isn’t already enough positive buzz on the net. But whatever, I just wanna say 3D looks impressive, or maybe the visuals in the film itself is already impressive even in 2D.

This is just a visual treat, at the awesome backgrounds, floating mountains, luminous plant life and a vibrant throbbing fantasy planet in itself, complete with realistic looking and primitive savages as well as a relatively intelligent lifeform. Blue feline humanoid ftw.

Ok I’ll do away with the superlatives since you probably already watched it. Now just to highlight some things that I felt could be improved, or maybe I am just slow and didn’t catch it. When the space shuttle first arrived in Pandora, the place where they landed, was it supposed to be inside some kind of special boundary or what? How come they are apparently not subjected to the harmful atmosphere of Pandora down there? I’m also amazed at how fast Jake got used to the Avatar body, which structure is somewhat different from a typical human in terms of dimensions. Being a marine used to technology assisted highly dangerous training, is still vastly different from a primitive way of life where you depend on only your limbs for acrobatic travels. But I must admit those maneuvers are very cool to look at. One thing I hope to see in the show would be how Jake managed to tame the giant crimson Toruk. He just leapt on it and screen fades… Well they could afford to offer much longer screen time for the taming of the much more common Banshee, hahaha. Speaking of taming, it wasn’t clear why the panther like looking beast submit to Neytiri in the final showdown. It was supposed to be the most fearsome land predator to the best knowledge of the scientists. A pity it met with eventual demise.

Oh yea I think its uber cool for the natural world to outfight capitalism and their giant machines. Also, the blurring of consciousness of Jake between his real life who lost the use of his legs, and his dreamworld inside the physical body of an avatar, probably played a relatively major role in Jake’s eventual decision. When you lose something important, it is worth all the more when you get it back, and more.

Anyway, I am so looking forward to the 2 more sequels that are now very probable 🙂

February 28, 2010

《意外》 (2009)

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Maybe it isn’t very hyped, but I found the concept to be quite refreshing, and deserves a mention. When something unfortunate happens, is it really an accident? Or could it have been an elaborate murder execution in disguise. Some things are not so readily obvious.

Watch as a team of professional killers do their job. The long long process of planning and waiting for the right opportunity for everything. It is definitely not quick and dirty, like the usual 1 man assassin who are supposed to do a clean job. No matter how clean it is, the obvious thing is that is murder. So what these bunch of ppl wanna achieve is to have everything turn out to be accidents. And man are they good? Not once have they been found out, or is that really the case? Watch the show to find out yourself. I can’t say it’s a happy ending. Actually it is kinda depressing. Boo

p.s. (For my uni mates wondering how the hell I have all the time to seemingly watch so much stuffs during this apparent hectic period, I don’t… unfortunately. These are all the wonderfully stocked up drafts for rainy days like this.)

February 21, 2010

The Pianist (2002)

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Many years ago, I wanted to watch this, but I didn’t have the chance to. Recently (meaning a couple of months back), I finally watched this, and did it leave an impression on me? This film is so powerful, so emotionally-charged, that it will be sure to leave a mark in the memories of people who see this.

This film recounts the encounter of one talented pianist, Wladyslaw Szpilman, an unfortunate Polish Jew who happen to live in the Warsaw region during the horror years of WWII. It quickly descends into hopelessness and brutalities the Jews face under the harsh Nazi regime. It was terrible, it was mind-wrecking. I am not ashamed to say that I shed some tears in the duration of the film. Yes I know we have grown accustomed to deaths on screen. But whatever you see on this film couldn’t have been further from the truth of what happened those fateful years ago. The Holocaust…

Poland, where the story takes place, is the worst hit area by Nazi extermination of Jews. The minority who survived, like Szpilman, is truely one based on sheer determination, luck and a continuous dance with death. You witness the atrocities of the Nazi regime, and the abuses the Jews are subject to, and you can’t help but wonder how those bastards can take pleasure from such things.

My heart goes out to all the victims of the Holocaust, and all those who survived without a complete family as well. Yes this includes director Roman Polanski. Of course due respect have to be given to the righteous people, including the non-Jews who risked their lives to save Jews. Particularly one true figure was depicted in this show, and it sent a warm feeling to the heart knowing that such people exist. German military officer, Captain Wilm Hosenfeld, is worthy of our respect. This was a man who was disillusioned with the atrocities of the Nazi rule, and assisted in hiding many refugees, yet he couldn’t save himself in the end.

P.S. No offence to Germans. I have shown my stance that not all Germans are the same, and that it all happened in the past anyway.

February 12, 2010

《Laughing Gor 之变节》 (2009)

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This movie is actually partly derived from the drama 學警狙擊, when the character Laughing is so popoular that it spun off a story of his own. And so we get a prequel of sorts to the drama depicting the early life of Laughing. I rate the drama highly, and I rate this movie highly. Laughing is a complex yet simple man. After all the respect he garnered in the drama, this movie serves to amplify the respect you will give him.

The plot is simple yet complex. You never know who to trust. Undercover is a thing of the past. How about ex-undercover cop turned triad boss? Or a cashier turned triad undercover turned double agent turned cop undercover? Now what happens if you are in a romantic relationship with a girl whose triad boss brother doesn’t want his sister to be attached to a triad member? Or how about an undercover for a triad boss sneaking into the ranks of another triad boss, but you never know if anyone is really an undercover cop? Hahahaha… Nevermind all of that, at the end of the day, it all pans out, and there is only 1 thing to be sad about… oh my Fala…

Granted, it must have been a way to explain why her character did not appear in the drama, as with all the rest of the important people who are promptly eliminated. But thats where the consistencies end. We know that this Fala as Karen is his girlfriend, but he had a different one in the drama, who also conveniently did not appear in the movie. Plus the scene and context of his entering the police academy is soooo different between drama and movie. Had they been able to get rid of these inconsistencies, it would have been perfect imo (hardly easy considering the “prequel” is produced afterwards).

The ending has a nostalgic feel to it, when our protagonist probably first met Ron Ng and Sammul Chan in their cameo roles as patrol cops on the beat (the 2 stars of the drama series), as well as him muttering about approaching a prominent triad boss that feature in 學警狙擊.

If you like the drama, watch this too! Btw Fala rocks my world.

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