August 11, 2010

Gonna Work Hard

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A new semester rears its ugly head again as I ponder over whether to finally start working hard from the get go so that I can avoid (or at least alleviate)  the torrid trials of fortitude and sleep deprivation when the going gets rough. I know it is going to, more than any other semester thus far. Who tells me to attempt 5 modules together with a Consulting Practicum, 2 of them being Level4000 no less. It is all for a better last semester I suppose, when I could also afford more time to tackle the CP. Actually I can already slack for any module which only has individual component, just of course cannot fail it.

After having gone through 1 day in school, I must admit that the lazy bones in me are still dominant. That usually is the fact though, but hopefully it will dwindle in time. At least I managed to stop myself starting any new dramas now (but a healthy dose of movies is acceptable!) and going all out to secure a copy of Starcraft II. Getting back to topic, the first lecture I attended is the one that I didn’t intend to take. But come on, it is a Level4000 module, it went for 1 point (lol you can figure this out by retrieving the correct info if you know where). A very practical action to justify a very practical need to do enough Level4000 modules in order to graduate. For a first lecture, yes it is boring. It didn’t capture my interest, but it is a very huge class, something like 60 students supposedly. Being able to see so many familiar faces is great, and meeting new people as well. But the problem starts here, when more people than necessary is looking to join your group. I seem to have a mighty influence on who gets to join in these situation! Hahahaha (bashes self for egotism)…

Oh yea, the chicken rice stall @ The Terrace seems to have been replaced by a Korean Cuisine stall. It definitely ranks as one of the more expensive stall here, but considering the not bad taste and decent portion, and being “Korean”, it is reasonable, just don’t feel like eating too much of that. Spicy isn’t spicy anyway, not just me, even Gary says so! On a side note, Felicia Chin not yet spotted. Apparently she already had her first lecture yesterday. To all you juniors out there, I wonder if it is a boon or bane to be in the same class as her.

In other news, I’m looking forward to the new soccer season. My team did great to lift the Community Shield, and with the display on show, it might give the manager some headache ahead of the season indeed. I think I will neglect my fantasy team again when the school term starts to get really busy. Hmm indeed I had my best season while I was still in NS, hurhur… the times when there is no take-home work. Hope my team can win more silverware this term. Javier Hernandez looks totally exciting.

Next up, my usual have-watched list. Haha shudn’t put a lengthy Three Kingdoms review here because that would be totally out of place. Maybe next time, if i bother, or have the time even :p

三国 (2010)

Inception (2010)
Insomnia (2002)


July 8, 2010

New Month, New Experiences

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Post name conveniently borrowed from jh 😛

July is here! hahahaha. And with it comes quite a number of new stuffs for me. Lets talk about the usual stuff first. Even if you are not an avid fan, you should know that world cup fever is still on. And now that it is going into the final stages, the matches are typically more exciting, though Spain-Paraguay turns out to be pretty crap. Has enjoyed Germany the most, though Paul the Octopus gave an unnerving warning recently.

The big big thing going on from this month onwards is the restructured public transport fare scheme! Been hearing complaints, from the same group of ppl, coz these are the ones that usually talk to me online on a daily basis. Seems like generally, most of our trips become more expensive, and some by a huge percentage spike. Since it is distance based now, those of us using bus trips on the expressways, welcome aboard, we are pwned! I do believe that bus hopping is a reasonable move now for those without concessions if the buses travel along same routes, since the total fare should be the same.

There are only a few places I travel frequently to, and so far I have only spotted 1 trip to be less expensive. And that is to my university, by a mighty 1 cent! I would probably use concession during school terms, but for the sake of illustration, here is an example. My previous route would be to take a certain bus 1 stop before an interchange, and transfer to another bus opposite a certain educational institution, dropping at my school. This move would cost $1.30, and under the new scheme cost $1.33! So where is the 1 cent saving I talked about? Fret not! The power of cost reduction now lies in bus-train transfers, or train-bus transfers, whatever. So at the very start of the journey, I can replace 2 bus stops with 1 LRT stop, and then hop onto my so called first bus, and follow the same routine. That move would have cost me $1.48 previously, but now it stands just at $1.29! See where this is heading? Cross-mode transports ftw.

Now for another convincing example. Yesterday I made a visit to my friend’s home. Here’s the deal. Typically, I would have walked 2 bus stops distance to reach one that has the direct service to his home. That used to cost $1.31, now $1.29. My alternative routes now would be to take a service for 2 bus stops to that bus stop for transfer, old price $1.50, now $1.29! Practically free. The new system presents many opportunities for us to try to salvage the usually increased cost, by coming up with some perhaps weird routes that never came to our mind before, coz those might seem to be expensive. But now hopping is the way forward.

Well, as stated above, I went to my friend’s home. And that is the first time I touched a ps3. So suaku! Me and ken were getting our asses royally owned by jh in ssf4, but I did manage to rake up some wins! Good considering I never played vs games for probably a decade. We also tried GT5 prologue, and of course it wasn’t easy. Again, experience proved to be priceless as jh once again owned us. I may not be the best person to execute flawless driving moves, but generally I am much more aware of quirky shortcuts and possible tools to gain an advantage in games. Me ftw! Finally we looked at the system for ff13. As I don’t own any high end consoles, I must say the graphics and audio are pretty solid, and the battles are fast paced and nifty. Looks like something I would play if I had my own. One thing bothers me though, the Eidolons, more commonly known as Summons, put me in quite a surprise. Probably has something to do with the context of the story, which also makes it that 1 person only has 1 Eidolon… they look… weird. I think it destroys the very essence of those spiritual entities. The Eidolons become more like Transformers… Weird, just weird.

Finally, dom joined us for dinner at Din Tai Feng. Had some xiao long bao, shrimp dumplings, sliced beef, and a main for each of us, which I chose some pork ribs noodles. The food is pretty savory, but of course we are not willing to part with too much $$$, so that was it, not full. We walked around aimlessly for quite some time before going in to Mac for ice cream and some sides. The 4 of us played World Combat in zone-x for some casual fun, with only 1 credit each. Amazingly, amazingly I tell you, it played out kind of in reverse for us. Our real-life sergeant was the first guy to lose all his lives in the game. Dadah… The second guy to die is the one who barely passed his range (live shooting – rifle lah) in the army. Dadah… The next person to KO is the guy who has had serious arm injury problems, and is excused from rifle in the army. Dadah… Amazingly, amazingly I tell you, our last survivor goes to da dom, the PES E elite administrative staff in the army who has no need ever to go outfield or handle weapons. Dadah… What a surprise.

I have not watched any drama since the last update! Oh nos… better start soon after the world cup. Though, I did managed to set aside some time for movies outside of my football manager campaign. The Green Mile is exceptionally thought-provoking and well… remarkable.

叶问前传 (2010)
撕票风云 (2010)
The Green Mile (1999)

June 27, 2010

Summer Break 7

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Oh nos… I am quite pathetic at predicting the outcome of matches in this particular World Cup. Sure enough there are some upsets here and there. But why always upset me? Haiz. The African teams generally looked disappointing, but I do admit that some of the best players there missed the tournament due to unfortunate injuries. Now that Ghana is the only African team left in the tournament, never underestimate the power of an entire continent behind them, but Uruguay will surely prevail, no? I can be proud of the Asian nations as well, with South Korea and Japan both making it through to the round of 16. While South Korea soon crashed out, now Japan enjoys the “power of an entire continent” as well, and Asia is bigger than Africa hahaha!. I just hope this stupid thing might be true, doh. So far the South Americans have looked impressive, and I am of the impression that at least one of them is bound for the finals. Keep it up!

Met up with francisca and peihuang yesterday for a dinner. Its been 2 years, hmm. And its so cool. The first person I know to be a dealer in a casino. You are playing with your patrons everyday man! Had a great dinner at Bakerzin. Thanks francisca!

Hmm I finally finished watching 美人心计. At 40 eps it is definitely longer than the typical dramas I watch. But man, can I say I’m impressed. Particularly after something as good as 宫心计. It is said that this show would cover 4 generations of the imperial family in the Han Dynasty. Indeed so… When the story starts, the main character is but a child. Right at the end, she is a grandmother already. The entire succession line of the emperors, wow… I think there were like 5 emperors in total in the show by the time it ended, but the focus is of course the strife between all the concubines for the seat of empress. While fictional elements were no doubt in play here, there were ample historical facts strewn all around the show. Nice! I finally know abit more about the Han Dynasty, other than Liu Bang.

Of course, to end it off with my latest watch-list.

The Karate Kid (2010)

美人心计 (2010)

June 18, 2010

Summer Break 6

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Has been some time since the last update. No prizes for guessing what I’ve been doing recently. This latest world cup has sprung quite a number of surprises thus far, and the underdogs reign supreme. Ok that is overdoing it, but the number of upsets has been pretty high lately. France, while being a traditional powerhouse in soccer, is getting ready to go home now after 2 lackluster displays. If I had to stick my neck out, I’ll say Uruguay and Mexico will progress from their group. North Korea displayed an overwhelming performance to almost upset Brazil, while Switzerland did the impossible to upset Spain. A couple of other disappointing displays include England and Cameroon (I say Paul le Guen is largely at fault). What would be a thrilling affair (Portugal vs Ivory Coast) also turns out to be a bore.

There has been some great entertainment as well from a few selected matches. Argentina and Brazil springs to mind, as well as Chile and South Korea. Germany has a brilliant opening match, but found themselves loser against Serbia thanks in no small part to luck (rather the lack of) and the referee. What goes around comes around, remember Cahill?

Oh well, thanks to the world cup, I didn’t watch too much dramas and stuffs this time round, so nothing on my “watch-list” yet 😦

August 16, 2009

It’s Here Again!

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HOORAH! The new soccer season has started! (Actually many had alr, but I am referring to the Barclays Premier League here) Has been many months since the last season, and I wondered if many people have some kind of withdrawal symptoms. Apparently suicide rates were higher in the off-season due to a lack of soccer… WTF? Can’t imagine what kind of fans these are.

Well, I’m not going to make bold predictions this time round about the final standings, as I usually make myself stupid in that sense. So I’ll just list some of my thoughts. Chelsea looked like an ageing squad brimming with central midfielders, but seriously lacking width. Hull City was very very unlucky not to come away with a point after a battling display of grit. Villa succumbed to a Wigan side which many thought lost some of their key players, though they have themselves lost Barry to Man City, which looked pretty crap in the first half. They do indeed pick up pace in the 2nd half, but Blackburn must be gutted to slump to an unlucky defeat. Sunderland and Stoke both look decent at the back now and time will tell if they can keep up the trend, while Portsmouth expectedly lose to a Fulham side built on solid defense. Finally, West Ham welcomed Wolves back to the harsh reality of premier league life.

As of the time of writing this, Everton has just started entertaining Arsenal, and I’ll keep my mouth shut on any predictions.

August 17, 2008

Beijing 2008

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This Olympics hold much significance. Very much… As a Singaporean, the 48 years wait for a Olympic medal is finally over. When I watched the Women’s Team Table Tennis semi-finals a couple of days ago, it was a little bit emotional. Hahaha… Seriously, the one thought on my mind was why do the Koreans have such irritating slicing shots. It was a nail-biting hard fought win. And then we proceeded to the finals in emphatic style.

That we did, and so silver we shall claim. Hurhur… no one in the right frame of mind should bet against China powering their way to a routine win. I watched the finals today. It was cool. As it stands, even though we still got thrashed, we are already the best of the losers (even managing to bring the match to 1.5 hours when China downed all other oppositions within an hour). So we can be proud.

Next, who can forget the focus of this entire Olympics? All eyes cast down on a single person, the one person whose medal tally towers over most nations. I am truly blessed to be able to witness the exploits of Michael Phelps, clinching an unprecedented 8 gold medals in a single Olympics, a feat that will stand for decades to come. When the United States won their Men’s 4 x 100m Freestyle Relay courtesy of an otherworldly performance from Jason Lezak, I had a niggling feeling it was a divine act from above. The stage was set, Phelps will get his golds. Once again a miraculous event took place in the Men’s 100m Butterfly again. A monumental display from Phelps powered him from 7th at the halfway turn to emerge victorious… barely… by 1 hundredth of a second. Euphoria sets in, I knew he will get his final gold by this time. The world witnessed an awe-inspiring record, truly… magnificent.

Outside the pool, in fact atop the running tracks, there is another epic performer. He will never have as many golds as Phelps, but his performance may be no less impressive. Hail the (newest) fastest man on Earth, Usain Bolt. Can he push human limit further? Round 1 heats, taking it slow baby, 10.20 seconds. Round 2 heats, getting into gear, 9.92 seconds. Semi-finals, now that’s more like it, 9.85 seconds. And then, the epic moment of the event. A new world record has to be set, smashing his own previous record, in a monster 9.69 seconds. And he eased off in the final 20m or so and started celebrating because no one else was even near him!!! Considering that 5 other racers dipped under the 10s mark, they were no slouches as well… Just imagine how much faster Usain Bolt could be in full gear… With a display like this, who can go against him in the 200m? Hahaha, we shall wait and see.

June 22, 2008

Random Thoughts

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Well well… Looks like I’m blogging less now that I’m working isn’t it? It probably accounts for 70% of the reason, but not the entirety. (Lets talk about the rest later) Regarding work, it is amazing how the short 3 weeks so far, it was good, much much much more enjoyable than the kind of work I spent doing in the 1.75 years in you know where. Colleagues are nice, and there will be random talks here there on various random topics. The manager is nice too, and sometimes gimme lil’ bit of munchies here & there. The supervisor is nice too, and the person I’m helping is nice too! Ok, there are more females in the dept but that was not the point, hah! Even the guys in there are generally nice, approachable and they don’t treat you like a puny temp staff to be thrown all the shit. Its great to know people remember your names, and I will remember names (if I get to know them in the first place) I’ve been thru many things, and even as a puny temp staff now, calling people by their names still receive great reception. Hey… here is someone who will remember you.

On other news, why am I so busy now? Hahahaha…. Well, I’m re-addicted to DotA. Spent quite a bit of time honing back whatever skills I had in the game, and establishing new mindsets and strategies. Had some fun with my bro 🙂 I’m definitely not a professional gamer. But I think amongst the casual gamers, I tend to always fall above the average. Yea man… I have a knack of learning games. (Sometimes it is also because I have a big ego… which can be a weakness really… I play to win, ’nuff said)

Finally, about Euros 08, the hot topic now eh… For a soccer fan I had been really quiet about this. None of my supported club’s players are left in the tournament… Many of my predictions went kuku… In fact this do not only apply to me. I mean… so many favorites are now out of the tournament… Portugal… Croatia… Netherlands… To be fair, Russia looked like a dark horse ready to pounce, unbelievable from them. That Arshavin looked like a special little player. Lets continue to watch… Will Germany or Spain now have their way on the glorious path, or will more giant slaying await us?

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