January 20, 2008


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Ok, for those of you fellow bloggers using wordpress as well, you will no doubt know about this wonderful spam filtering service, only that it isn’t that wonderful…

To date, I have noticed some normal comments being marked as spam, most notably from my dearest friend Mr jh. But now, a comment from another person has been unsuccessfully identified as spam… much to my frustration. I’m not sure what criteria they use… but time and again, the “spam” is of the same content as a “valid” comment that eventually got through. So, I really dunno.

For all you kind people who leave messages on my blog, don’t worry if you do not see your comment appear. I will de-spam any decent comments, probably within 2 days 😀


August 26, 2007

My Lazy Bones…

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I woke up at 10.30AM today, which is like the latest ever time I woke up in recent weeks. omg my lazy bones just revived themselves… Anyway, I tried to take a look at my marketing assignment, took out my textbook, scan through a few pages, and feel a sense of boredom. I wasted alot of time on youtube.

Check out what happens when you put lego, robotics and computing together.

August 17, 2007

Foobar2000 (Audio Player)

Posted in Tech at 12:13 pm by ryushin

Hmm, this is just my personal opinion on the audio player of my choice. I do not insist that you take my words for it.

I assume many people are using mainstream audio players like winamp, itunes, or other similar players. Well, I bring your attention to Foobar2000. I cannot claim that it is better than other audio players out there, but I started to use it for several reasons. The main selling point is the extremely low memory usage. I did not test it out extensively, but I think its memory usage is roughly 3.5 times less than that of winamp (at least when I used it). Full unicode support and easy to manage tabs for multiple playlists are amongst a plethora of other features. As I do not go for fanciful skins or exotic features, (Foobar2k does support some plug-ins), I am more than pleased with a stable player operating in the background taking up as few resources as possible.

There are also disputes over whether Foobar2k gives a better sound output than other players. The answer is yes and no, depending on the combination of hardware you use and blah blah. I’m not exactly well-read in the nitty gritty details of these technical issues, and I’m not really bothered by minute quality differences that I couldn’t make out. So if you are insistent, try it out yourself.

A note though, this player is currently only compatible with Windows, I believe from 2k onwards.